Best Disney Princess Cake Toppers and Cupcake Toppers

Disney Princess Cake Toppers

A Disney Princess cake topper is the icing on the cake for any little girl's birthday party. Just like your child Disney Princesses are beautiful and enchanting (most of the time) and are every little girls idol.

Choosing the perfect cake for a party adds to the whole magical experience, and what is the perfect cake without the perfect cake topper to go with it.

Cake toppers come in all shapes and sizes. There are edible pictures to put on your cupcakes, pretty miniature princesses to stand on your cake, doll cake top figures which sit on top of a cake and can be designed around ~ the possibilities are almost endless.

Disney Princess Cupcake Toppers

Cupcakes are great for kids birthdays, they save on the hassle of cutting up the cake, and as everyone gets their own individual cake there are no arguments about who gets the edge with the extra icing.

Whether you have cupcakes in place of your main cake, or as pretty additions around the cake you want to make sure they look the part ~ and for that you need cupcake toppers suitable for a princess.

Once you have your cupcakes and cupcake toppers you need something to display them on, such as a princess cupcake stand.

Figurine Disney Princess Cake Toppers

Imagine how happy your child will be to see their favourite Disney Princess on top of their birthday cake.

Or perhaps they have more than one favourite, or just love them all, if so, why not make their day with some beautiful Disney Princess Cake Topper figurines.

Disney Princess Cake Topper Sets

To make your child's cake the most magical cake possible you need the whole works ~ a Disney Princess Cake Topper Set.

Imagine her face when she sees castles, princesses - the whole magical kingdom on a cake - it'll be a wonderful birthday never to be forgotten.

Of course to make th party extra special you need great party bags and great disney princess party favours to go in them.

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