Best Ever Mud Cake Recipe

I have been a chef and cake decorator for nearly 20 years. I absolutely love food, especially sweets and I would like to share with you what I think is the best ever mud cake recipe. This recipe has won me multiple awards and the best thing is it is so simple to make. It is sure to be a crowd pleaser, one piece is never enough.

Chocolate Mud Cake

  1. 350 grams dark chocolate pieces
  2. 225 grams butter
  3. 600 ml water
  4. 3 eggs
  5. 400 grams castor sugar
  6. 400 grams self raising flour
  7. Grease and line a 23cm/9" round cake tin. Preheat oven to 170C/325F.
  8. In a saucepan over low heat, heat chocolate, butter and water. Stir frequently until melted and smooth. Remove from the heat and cool slightly.
  9. In a large bowl, lightly beat eggs. Gradually beat cooled chocolate mixture into eggs.
  10. Whisk sugar and flour into chocolate mixture, continue beating until smooth and well blended.
  11. Pour mixture into cake tin. Bake for 45 minutes or until skewer inserted into centre of cake comes out clean.
  12. Turn cake onto wire rack to cool.

*Please note: This mixture is quite runny, use a solid cake tin not a springform tin.

*Tip: Line tin with baking paper, this will make the cake easier to remove from the tin, no sticking to the sides.

Truffle Mixture

  • 120 grams dark chocolate pieces
  • 100 grams butter
  • 300 grams sifted icing sugar
  • 4 tbsp double or whipping cream
  1. In a bowl over a pan of simmering water melt chocolate, stirring frequently.
  2. Cool slightly, then stir icing sugar, butter and cream until well blended.

Chocolate Glaze

  • 225 grams dark chocolate pieces
  • 165 ml double or whipping cream
  1. In a saucepan over low heat, heat chocolate and cream, stirring frequently until melted and smooth. Keep warm.

Assembling The Cake

  1. Cut cooled mud cake into layers.
  2. Spread truffle mixture between layers with a palette knife. Reserve some mixture to finish round the edges of the cake.
  3. Position cake on wire cake rack and pour warm glaze over the top.With a palette knife to spread glaze to cover top and side evenly.
  4. Put remaining truffle mixture into a piping bag with a star nozzle. Pipe a decorative border around the edge of the cake.


  • This cake is firm enough to cover with rolled fondant if using as a wedding or special occasion cake.
  • To appreciate the full, rich flavour that this cake offers it is best eaten at room temperature.
  • This cake is suitable for freezing.


Here are some more alternatives using the same recipe

White Chocolate Mud Cake

  • Replace dark chocolate with white chocolate

Orange Mud Cake

  • Can be made using either white or dark chocolate
  • Replace water with freshly squeezed orange juice

Hazelnut Mud Cake

  • Omit 50-100 grams flour and replace with ground hazelnuts (depending on how nutty you like your cake)
  • Also add in 1/2 cup chopped hazelnuts

Lemon Poppy Seed Mud Cake

  • Replace dark chocolate with white chocolate
  • Use 400 ml water and 200 ml freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • Add a few drops of lemon essence and 1/4 cup poppy seeds
  • You may add some grated lemon zest if you like a bit of extra tang

Caramel Mud Cake

  • Replace dark chocolate with white chocolate
  • Replace castor sugar with brown sugar

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Susan Ng profile image

Susan Ng 8 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

My mouth is already watering. :) We attempted to make a chocolate mud cake following another recipe, but it came out with crunchy bits inside - sort of like sugar. Would you happen know exactly what we did wrong? :O (We haven't gotten enough courage to try it again. Hehe.)

kel11 profile image

kel11 8 years ago from Australia Author

Hi Susan,

I can't say that I have ever come across this problem before? Did you use castor sugar? Sorry I can't really help you.This mud cake recipe is very simple and tastes delicious, I hope you enjoy it.

Susan Ng profile image

Susan Ng 8 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

What is castor sugar? The recipe we followed called for ordinary white sugar. Anyway, we might try your recipe one of these days. I'll let you know if we do. Thanks. :)

kel11 profile image

kel11 8 years ago from Australia Author

Castor sugar is a very fine ground sugar, it is like a powder but it will not crystalize in your cake batter.

Susan Ng profile image

Susan Ng 8 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

I see. Maybe that's why there were crunchy bits of sugar in our cake - we used ordinary refined sugar. :O Thanks, kel. :)

Vondre profile image

Vondre 8 years ago from Columbia, SC

I have to try this recipe. That cake looks soooo good!

Thanks for sharing.


P.S. I also have a cake related Hub Page. Check it out if you get a chance by clicking on my picture.

Sonya 8 years ago

Thank you SO much. I - like you have been a cake decorator for many years and have many beautiful rich choc cake recipes that never fail. But in Australia mud cake is still the only cake people think of for their wedding cake over and over again and I've never found a recipe I am happy with. Not only is this good (and easy) but you've added all the variations that brides expect aswell. Well done!

raylene 8 years ago

hi there,

just thought i would let you know i am trying this out tomorrow night for state of orgin footy my best friend is coming and is adicted to chocolate so i am hoping she will love this cake, will let you know who it turned out


Chloe 8 years ago

Hi there:

I've had many attempts at making a really moist and dense mud cake, but have failed. Why does my cake always come out with dry-ish with crumbs instead of dense and moist?

What am I doing wrong? Any tips?

Thanks so much.

kel11 profile image

kel11 8 years ago from Australia Author

Hi Chloe,

It's hard to say without knowing what you are doing, maybe you are overbeating the batter or putting the cake into an oven that is too hot so that it is drying out before the cake is cooked all the way through. You may also want to try putting a round of grease proof paper on top while the cake is cooking, this will ensure that the cake rises evenly and also won't crack and dry out on top.

Diane 8 years ago

I need to make this cake large enough for a wedding cake - 12 inch cake tin. Can I simply increase the ingredients by 3 or 4? Has anyone else done this? Any help very welcome. Thanks.

kel11 profile image

kel11 8 years ago from Australia Author


Make 2 1/2 times this recipe to have enough for a 12" cake :)

Diane 8 years ago

Thanks Kel, Would 2 1/2 times the recipe be enough for a 4" high cake? Also, what oven temperature, and how long should I cook it?

kel11 profile image

kel11 8 years ago from Australia Author

Hi Diane,

For a 4" tin I would probably increase that to 3x recipe. I normally cook at 150-160 celsius fan forced, you don't want the oven too high because it will burn before it is cooked all the way through. This will take 1 3/4 - 2 hours approx. to cook(depending on your oven this may take a little longer) Also to prevent the top from burning and to make it rise evenly cut a round of greaseproof paper and place it on top while baking.

Diane 8 years ago

Thank you. It's a great recipe, VERY yummy! Thanks for sharing!

Christia 8 years ago

Hi there! I am an avid baker, and since I had my first son 5 years ago I have had great fun experimenting with birthday cakes. I had a friend's 40th this last weekend and was looking for mud cake recipes. I have tried various ones and by FAR - your recipe is the most AMAZING and delicious and spectacular cake EVER! I can't tell you how many times i have had to give the recipe out. I did a trial the week before last for a friend's baby shower, and it was a sellout!!! And after the 40 guests ate it at the 40th birthday on the weekend, I have to say - THANK YOU!!! I have found what I've been looking for for years!!

Buster 8 years ago

Hi, I have recently tried a friend's recipe where they used a mud-cake mixture and put it into muffin style paper packets, to make 'little' mudcakes. I was wondering if this would work for this particular recipe?

kel11 profile image

kel11 8 years ago from Australia Author

This recipe does work as I have made them into cupcakes myself. Just don't overfill them as they will spill over as they rise. :)

cakelady 8 years ago

Hi Kel, I was happy to find a mud cake recipe that looks easy, and from the other comments, it sounds delicious too!...I was just wondering, what causes the cake to harden from the edges? and you mentioned for the cake to cook evenly I should cover it with baking paper...will this tip work for heart shaped tins that are about 2 inches deep?

kel11 profile image

kel11 8 years ago from Australia Author

Hi Cakelady,

Covering the top of the cake with baking paper will work for any shape that you bake. It stops the top of the cake cracking during cooking and promotes even rising. As for the edges of the cake hardening, maybe your oven temp is too high. This cake especially is better to cook at a little lower temperature for a longer time. The edges then don't dry out and go hard and the cake is really moist.

Mary 8 years ago

By any chance, do you have this recipe converted into U.S. measurements? When I tried to convert them, some things didn't sound quite right . . . but I'm anxious to try the recipe.

Thank you!

kel11 profile image

kel11 8 years ago from Australia Author

Hi Mary,

No sorry I don't have the conversions. Usually if you go on the internet to find the conversions they are pretty close. All I can say is give it a try, you can always adjust the quantities slightly yourself if it doesn't look quite right.

nandita 8 years ago

your recipe sounds delicious and i am going to try it out soon. i too love baking and enjoy trying out new recipes

Aimee 8 years ago

i made this recipe. it was lovely. thanks!

Kelly 8 years ago


I am trying this recipe now as I type this :-) My only concern is, the mixture seems TOO RUNNY. Also it simply won't fit the 9" round cake tin that I have. It looks as though I need to make two cakes out of this mixture???? Is 600ml water correct? Thanks.

kel11 profile image

kel11 8 years ago from Australia Author

Hi Kelly,

The mixture is quite runny and 600ml water is correct. How high are the sides of your tin? Normally I would use a tin with 3" to 4" sides for this mixture. Make sure you do not use a springform tin though, because the mixture does start out a bit runny it will ooze out of the bottom of a springform tin.

Catherine 8 years ago


What an easy cake to make!!!! It's in the oven now. I will be sure to post the result in the morning. Can't wait.

I do have one question for you though. I have been told mud cake is always best 2 days old? is this correct?



kel11 profile image

kel11 8 years ago from Australia Author

Hi Catherine,

Mud cake does taste better a couple of days old, also it tastes much better at room temperature rather than straight out of the fridge.

Hope you enjoy it :)


Hi Kel 8 years ago

I just wanted to let you know that I baked the mud cake the other day and it was delicious! Yes, I was quite worried that it was "very runny", but as it turned out it was so moist and soooo delicious! I am baking another one for Friday, halloween night :-). Thanks a bunch! Cheers, Kelly

kel11 profile image

kel11 8 years ago from Australia Author

I am glad you enjoyed it :)

Vondre profile image

Vondre 8 years ago from Columbia, SC

Hello [Name],

Thank you so much for the cake recipe. It looked amazing and tasted great! It was so beautiful that we didn't wanna cut the masterpiece. Thank you so much once again for sharing.

Well, I too have a cake related hub page as well. Just click on my picture to check it out when you have time or go to to get my free cake book

Happy Baking!


marilyn 8 years ago

Hi Kelly,

I am making a friends wedding cake, 3 tier square chocolate, white and caramel mud, and went looking for a mud cake recipe and found your site. The recipe looks great and I can't wait to try it. I will do a run first so tha I can see the result. I have downloaded your recipes and would like to know the quantities I would need for each tier. Bottom tier is 27cm x27cm x8cm deep, middle tier is 17cm x 17cm x 8cm deep and top tier is 12cm x12cm x 8cm deep. I would appreciate your help as I have only ever made wedding cakes with fruit cake mixture.

How many days can I keep it once it has been decorated with fondant icing? I hope I haven't asked too many questions.

Thanks Marilyn

Elena Kay 8 years ago


Love your recipe! When freezing, do I freeze it without the icing, or can I freeze it completely finished?

kel11 profile image

kel11 8 years ago from Australia Author

Hi Marilyn,

For the sizes that you are asking about you will need 27cm: 1 1/4 mix, 17cm: 3/4 mix & 12cm: less than 1/2 mix. I normally bake 3 days prior to wedding because the cake tastes better once it has aged a little, but I would ice no more than 2 days prior to wedding. Also when icing the cake make sure it has come to room temperature before icing otherwise you it tends to make the icing "wet". Hope you enjoy the cake :)


kel11 profile image

kel11 8 years ago from Australia Author

Hi Elena,

If the cake has already been cut and you are freezing the leftovers then it is fine to freeze with the icing on. However, if you are planning to decorate the cake and then freeze until required then I would not recommend this.


Vanessa 8 years ago

Hello, I would like to try and make your mud cake for my daughters 12th birthday but alas i havn't baked much. What is the best tin size for this recipe....width/height...depth??


Marilyn 8 years ago


thanks for the advice about the mixtures for the wedding cake. I have made the cake as a trial run and everyone raved about the taste. It was yum, yum, yum. Thank you for all your help. I know now the wedding cake will be delicious.


Vanessa Iti 8 years ago

Hi Kelly

I'm planning on baking my daughters 1st birthday cake and wouldl like how much mixture I will need for a 7" round cake tin which is 3 1/2" deep? and also how long will it take to cook? And when you say place a piece of grease-proof paper on the top.... do you mean direct on the mixture or over the whole cake tin? I tried baking one today with a different recipe and it cracked up top and was uneven and then the inside was still raw!!!!!! But I will definitely give your recipe ago!! its sounds so yummy!!

Thanks for your help

Kind regards


Sharna-Lee 8 years ago


I am about to try your cake recipe and was just getting some tips off past comments. I have no clue where to start, I want to make a three tier wedding cake for 200 people could u suggest cake tin and mixture sizes please?


BurfordWife 8 years ago

This is the best cake! A mud cake you can eat a whole slice of without feeling sick!

Just a word of warning, if your cake is sloppy in the middle at the end of cooking time..don't worry, it's meant to be for a mud cake. I also find if it has risen a bit, dont take it out of the oven straight away..leave the door slightly open and take out when warm. I didn't put the truffle mixture through the middle and was THE BEST CAKE EVER!!

It's now my 'Secret recipe'!! Everyone wants it!! Made it for my brother in laws 18th with piped white chocolate batman logos around the edges.. he LOVED it!


BurfordWife 8 years ago

If your cake cracks..dont worry, slice off the uneven bit (yummy to make into rum balls!!) and then turn over for a super flat top!

Darren 8 years ago

I am going to make it for my wife for her 30th today I will let you know how it goes the mud cake sounds very easy to make so I will give it ago.

becca34 8 years ago

Hi Kelly,

Thanks so much for a fantastic recipe - the last attempt I had with a different recipe was so hard and crusty on the outside. Your recipe was lovely, although I wish I'd read your advice prior to making it because it cracked. Cant believe its as simple as putting grease proof paper on the top. Thanks again

Clare 8 years ago

Hi Kel11,

I am looking forward to trying out your recipe this week. I have a couple of questions though. Do you recommend a certain type/brand of dark chocolate to use and have you tried mixing dark & milk choc together? I have also heard to always use cake flour for cakes, do you recommend this or it doesn't really matter? Also, is it best to use an electric mixer or hand mix with whisk with this recipe? And finally, I'm not going to cut my cake, so would it be ok to use the truffle mixture as the icing for the whole cake as it sounds so good?

Sorry about all the questions, it's just that it's for my father-in-laws birthday and want to get it right!

Thanks :)

Hey Kelly 8 years ago

I know this is probably the blondest question you have ever been asked but what is the proper method of lining a tray with baking paper???

kel11 profile image

kel11 8 years ago from Australia Author

Hi Clare,

There is no need to buy any special chocolate or cake flour for this recipe, just what you would buy off the supermarket shelf. I always mix this recipe by hand, it is quite a runny mixture so it is easy to mix. Using a beater would cause too much splatter and a HUGE mess!! This recipe is so simple to make, you really can't mess it up. I hope you enjoy this recipe :)

kel11 profile image

kel11 8 years ago from Australia Author

Thanks for the blonde question, LOL :) Lining the cake tin is easy.

Firstly, pull out your greaseproof paper, enough to go around half of the tin. Fold this in half and cut this then gives you two pieces that will go around the whole cake tin.

Then on each piece fold in along the bottom approx. 1", make small cuts up to the fold line. When you slip the paper into the tin to line the sides these the folded piece with the cuts goes onto the bottom of the tin. (I know this seems like a lot of work but this will stop the paper on the sides coming out of the tin)

Then trace around the tin twice onto the greaseproof paper. Cut out these pieces and you have one for the top and one for the bottom.

Place the first round of paper you have cut onto the base of the tin after you have inserted the paper for the sides. Use the other round for the top.

To keep the paper in place you can spray the sides of the tin with a little cooking spray first.

I hope this explanation doesn't sound too complicated. Good luck :)

Jesus_saves_us_7 profile image

Jesus_saves_us_7 7 years ago from Seeking Salvation

cant wait to try it, it looks great!

jane  7 years ago

I've copied you recipe...and if I calculate correctly,I'll need 1 1/4 recipes (using a 9x13x3 inch pan...Is this a sturdy enough cake to carve? And(i'm in Canada)...what would you substitute for self raising flour...we hav all purpose,or cake and pastry...with no additives..

Thankk you!

jane  7 years ago

I've copied you recipe...and if I calculate correctly,I'll need 1 1/4 recipes (using a 9x13x3 inch pan...Is this a sturdy enough cake to carve? And(i'm in Canada)...what would you substitute for self raising flour...we hav all purpose,or cake and pastry...with no additives..

Thankk you!

jane  7 years ago

Sorry for the double more thing "greaseproof" paper the same as parchment,or waxed paper?

Thank you!

Arwen 7 years ago


I'm making a four-tier wedding cake (6, 8, 10, 12") for some friends. They've said they'd like the 8" and 10" tiers to be chocolate (the other two being fruit, which I've already baked). So I'm looking about trying to find a suitable recipe. Yours sounds lovely, but I'm a little worried about subsidance issues, as the cakes are supposed to be stacked directly on top of one another. Do you think a 10" version of your mud cake would be firm enough to take the weight after being covered with fondant icing??

Thanks alot!


nataliehj 7 years ago

hi there i am just wondering if you have a reciept for a Cherry Ripe Chocolate Mud cake.

Gagan 7 years ago

This is the best recipe ever. Thank you

ufuoma 7 years ago

Hi,just running through your recipe and was wandering if i could substitute oil for the butter.Thanks

melanie 7 years ago

Hi Kel, have been googling all weekend for a mud cake recipe and came across yours, this one sounds devine. I have also been trying to find a white chocolate buttercream icing as well as a chocolate buttercream icing, could you help me out with this. Also i have lindt couverture chocolate in the pantry could i use this. thank you so much, Melanie

gr8archer45 profile image

gr8archer45 7 years ago from Pakistan

I am dfntly going to try out this recipe tomoro! Your simple recipe & all the comments have compelled me to try it out :) it looks amazing , thanku for the wonderful recipe Kel

Lien 7 years ago

Hi Kel, I googled mud cake and landed on this page. I made this for my daughters christening over the weekend and am THRILLED to say that it was a hit. thank you so much for posting this recipe. I decorated it with vanilla buttercream and white chocolate shards and it was stunning. I made it 3 days ahead of the event , iced & decorated it 2 days before and it was still moist and dense.

A million thanks, I will be making the caramel version for my daughter's 1st birthday for a few months time. A million thanks, Lien

Anita 7 years ago

This was a fantastic recipe! I tried the White Chocolate version and would definitely make the cake again - and try other flavours.

Thanks heaps for sharing such a great recipe!

WeddingConsultant profile image

WeddingConsultant 7 years ago from DC Metro Area

This looks delicious, thanks for sharing! Love the photos

Nancy 7 years ago

Thank you so much for posting this recipe! I tried it today - my first mud cake ever. I cut off the little hump at the top and tasted it and it's delicious. One question though, do you use unsalted butter? That's what I used and then realized afterwards that there wasn't any salt in the recipe. I made this for an upcoming party, so I'll post again to let you know how it goes.

Sam 7 years ago

Hey Kel, I made the white choc cake today and it turned out really chewy and rubbery, I followed your recipe exact. Do you know why?

Thanks Sam

Nancy 7 years ago

The chocolate mud cake was a big hit! Everyone loved it. It sat in my fridge for almost a week and it was so moist. Very chocolatey, but not too sweet or rich. Will definitely make this one again.

I did try the white chocolate version and had the same results as Sam though.

Venessa 7 years ago

Hi Kel, I'm glad I found your recipe. I have to make a birthday cake this weekend for my friend. I am going to make it as a 3 tier cake and am a little worried that it will move or sink. Is this a hard enough cake to stand 3 on top of each other? I would really appreciate any advice you can give me as I've never done this. I am icing with ganache, do I put it in between the cakes to stick them together? Do I need to anchor them or will they just sit tight once iced? Thanks.

Venessa 7 years ago

Hi Kel, I'm glad I found your recipe. I have to make a birthday cake this weekend for my friend. I am going to make it as a 3 tier cake and am a little worried that it will move or sink. Is this a hard enough cake to stand 3 on top of each other? I would really appreciate any advice you can give me as I've never done this. I am icing with ganache, do I put it in between the cakes to stick them together? Do I need to anchor them or will they just sit tight once iced? Thanks.

Sam 7 years ago

Hi Vanessa, Just read your comment about stacking cakes. Its not as easy as just putting them on top of one another. You need to put dowell into the base cake (make the dowell level with the cake) and sit the second on a board or card with a hole in the middle to take the supporting dowell, then put dowell into the second cake , put the 3rd cake on a board or card with a hole in the middle, push a dowell into the second cake right through to the base board beneath the bottom cake and make it about 2inches higher than the 2nd cake, then slip the 3rd cake on the middle dowell. Hahah see what I mean. Google stacking cakes or how to stack a 3 tier cake. If you just stack them ontop of each other they'll collapse under the weight.


Marie 7 years ago

I tried the orange version and whilst it was a really lovely cake, I couldn't take any orange at all. To make it more 'orangey' should i add orange zest? Cheers

Casey 7 years ago

i used a third of the recipe and made a 6" round cake. it was absolutely divine. i then attempted to make a strawberry mud cake (same size) by making a white choc mudcake from the above recipe using half water and half pureed strawberries and also adding 1/4 tspn of strawberry essence. it tastes surprisingly good.

Jodie 7 years ago

Hi Kel

I was just wondering on the basic rule for increasing or decreasing the cake mix to fit specific size tins and how much longer they should be baked for.

I made a diff recipe today i got from my cake decorating class that took nearly 5hours to cook and just looks totally wrong, i am going to try your recipe out tomorrow! I am hoping to start decorating cakes as a hobby as I really love it, but i need to master the cake baking first and same handy hints would be fantastic.

Many thanks jodie

Rachel 7 years ago

Hi Kelly,

I'm wanting to make the caramel mud cake for my husbands birthday party and was wondering how to turn the truffle mixture into caramel? I'm guessing you replace the dark chocolate with white chocolate, but then what? Brown sugar or golden syrup?

Thanks, Rachel

Elisabeth 7 years ago

Hi Kelly,

Your recipe sounds great! I don't think I have to look any further for THE perfect mud cake recipe. Thank you for that! I only have two questions I really would like to ask you: 1. how long can I store the cake uniced in the fridge? And 2. for how long can I freeze an uniced mud cake?

Thank you for your time...

Aurania 7 years ago

Hi Kelly

I'm from Australia as well. I came across your recipe and it turns out that I have had the same recipe in the dark chocolate mud cake for over 10 years. I tried it as a white one and it's fantastic, however, I have been diagnosed with gluten intolerance in the last 12 months and was wandering (since you are a chef) if you know what flour mixture I can substitute to make this cake gluten free. I have tried using White Wings flour it was ALMOST perfect but looked like it didn't cook in the middle. Thank you

Aurania 7 years ago

Hi Kelly

I'm from Australia as well. I came across your recipe and it turns out that I have had the same recipe in the dark chocolate mud cake for over 10 years. I tried it as a white one and it's fantastic, however, I have been diagnosed with gluten intolerance in the last 12 months and was wandering (since you are a chef) if you know what flour mixture I can substitute to make this cake gluten free. I have tried using White Wings flour it was ALMOST perfect but looked like it didn't cook in the middle. Thank you

Maria 7 years ago

I just made the cake in an oblong cake pan and it has sunk in the middle and cracked right around the sunken part :( I have put it in the freezer anyway and am hoping I will still be able to cut it into a number 1 shape and ice it tomorrow. Appreciate any tips for disaster recovery and advice on where I went wrong. Am not sure if I will get a chance to make another cake in time for the little one's birthday party!!

I have made the cake before in smaller round pans and it came out beautifully and tasted great.

Katerina 7 years ago

Dear Kel, I made this cake for my best friend's wedding as a three-tier cake. It was the first time I baked anything this ambitious and I was a bit terrified - but it was a real success! The bride and groom and friends and family said it was one of the best cakes they ever had, it was really rich and yummy, thank you so much for this amazing recipe!!

aussiemummy 7 years ago

Hi Kel,

I would love to make this cake for my son's birthday. Will be baking it in a large pan, measurements 30cm x 40cm, could you please tell me whether I need to '2 & 1/2' this recipe, or 3 x it..?

Thanks, from fellow Aussie living in Switzerland :)

Kirsten 7 years ago

This is going to sound like a bit of a funny question...

My sister is getting married, and I'll be making her cake. She doesn't like fruit cake, and is highly allergic to cocoa - including cocoa butter, which is an ingredient in white chocolate. We had been toying with the idea of a white choc or caramel mud cake, but of course all the recipes I can find (including the ones you've listed here) involve white chocolate. Is there an alternate ingredient I can use to replace the white choc to make a decent caramel mudcake, or does it HAVE to be white chocolate?

Many thanks if you can offer any help or ideas!

Lady Mara 7 years ago

I also feel that this is a silly question, but I have three packets of milk (cooking) chocolate in the pantry, and no dark chocolate. Other than causing a lighter colour, will milk chocolate affect the taste/texture of the cake?

Clair 7 years ago

Do you prefer to use cooking chocolate or dark eating chocolate?

Gayle 7 years ago

I am making a 3 tier wedding cake. The pans i have are 10"x2 3/4", 9"X2 3/4" and 8"x2 5/8" Can someone tell me how much batter i need to use in each of these pans

joy 7 years ago

Poor Kelly, I can't believe how many wanna be cake decorators there are out there. I mean sure give it a go - its fun. But wedding cakes are a whole different story, not for the novice. Its the bride and grooms special day, if you stuff up the wedding cake, you stuff up their wedding day. Leave the big tiered cakes to the proffessionals who have studied for years to learn the art. No you can't just stack cakes on each other. Theres a definate way of doing it right. If you can't even calculate tin sizes and quantities, you might be getting in too deep...But hey definitely bake this cake, its superb!

Kitty 7 years ago

Hi - I baked this and whilst it was a lovely moist chocolate cake, I am looking for a really 'dense' mud cake - do you have a fav recipe?

By the way Joy...I don't know if you realise this but you come across like a stuck up snob...


Carolyn 7 years ago

I made this fabulous cake in a 23" square tin and had the temp on 170C but it took 1 hour and 45 mins to cook. Also it all started to come apart when I took it out of the tin.

I left it for a couple of days and put it together with the truffle filling which did the trick. Should I have waited till completely cold before taking out of tin and why would it have taken so long to cook. Is that the oven temp for fan forced oven - I have a normal gas oven and it works well normally. Any suggestions. By the way the cake tasted yummy.

aishah 7 years ago

Hi, I'm wondering what brand of chocolate you use? this is because there is a lot of low quality baking choc n the bittersweet choc is too sweet..dark chocolate = bittersweet choc right?

Roz 7 years ago

Hi Kell, I made this cake using the lemon poppy seed recipe and filled it with lemon curd, wow what a combination. It was absolutely wonderful I had very god feedback from everyone who tried it.

Yhank you for sharing your recipes.

Eny 7 years ago

Hi Kelly

Thank you so much for sharing your recipe ,I made it and is absolutely devine.

Lucienne 7 years ago


James Bond 007 7 years ago


It looks good, i have played around with mudcakes for a while now, this one ill tried out even though i have a my own version of a mudcake, but i like to try others as you never know; i may learn some new ideas. so ill post to see how it is, my latest version of a mudcake is blueberry,rasperry chocolate mudcake. i haven't use water before to make a mudcake, so thats why im looking forward to making one. it looks my moist than my version as my is moist but more dense. Let you know how i go. Cheers for the receipe

thuie 7 years ago

Ive just tried this recipe! it smells really good.. i put it in for 50mins..and it stil seems a bit runny on the top of the cake.Ive put foil on top, and let it rest.Hopefully this will continue the cooking and make the cake more stable.

Thanks for the recipe

cake girl 7 years ago

I too would be so interested in finding out how to adapt the recipe to a cherry ripe mud cake. I think you are just wonderful to have answered so many enthusiastic questions from all the cooks out there. Promise I won't ask another question of you!!! :-)

j,s mummy 7 years ago

hi, just baked a mud-cake for my sons 2nd birthday, being a dense cake went in to a mold great (Elmo). I now have the cake covered in the fridge until i decorate it Friday, is it best left in the fridge or out? many thanks

Diana 7 years ago

Hello Kel! I was wondering if you there is a way to turn this cake in to a strawberry mud cake? I have never tried the these kind of cakes (mud) but I am really cuorius now. My sister is having a baby shower and she wants everything ti be pink so I think strawberry will be the way to go.

Thank you so much for your help.

Bea 7 years ago

Holly cow, this is an amazing recipe! I made this for my fiances birthday. Everyone wanted more. I've stolen and added this into my recipe scrapbook so generations to come will refer to it as "grandmas special mud cake".:D

One slight glitch - I'd never had mud cake before so didn't realize how rich it was, so made it to the size scale of how much you'd need for regular sponge for 30 people. It weighed 5.5kg in the end! So much cake! I think I was a bit slow not to stop and think it was a bit much when measuring out...oh well, who doesn't like cake?!

Yum Yum thanks Kel11!

janet Cochrane 7 years ago

Hi How long does this keep for? Sounds fab.

Jan 7 years ago

This cake sounds great, would it still taste good without the truffle?

Stefanie T 7 years ago

Thankyou so much kel11 for the wonderful recipe! I used your recipe for my son's birthday cake, and it was AMAZING!!!

A tip for anyone else: for a 12-inch square x 4-inch deep pan, I made 3X the original mixture, and baked it at 160C fan-forced for 3 hours for cake-PERFECTION :o)

Linda Kurniawan 7 years ago

Thank you for this great recipe.I made the cake for my husband's birthday.

May I use post your recipe on my blog? I put your link as reference of course. Looking forward to hear from you.

Andy 7 years ago

the cake sounds great but im a bit scared that when i bake it it will burn on the outside and will be runny in the inside any TIPS:)!!!!!

Andy 7 years ago

the cake is in the oven now but the middle is all wobbly and sticky and i followed the mixture completely any tips or should i cover it in baking paper or foil HELP before its too late????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:0:0:)

Vikki 7 years ago

I was really excited to make this cake but it didn't cook entirely through the centre. I had to take it out because it was starting to get really dry and crumbly on the outside, and when I took it out of the tin, the inside which wasn't cooked all the way through and was still runny, just sploodged everywhere and destroyed the rest of the cake. :( what did i do wrong?? I'm feeling pretty crusty coz the cake was a complete flop :(

jaime 7 years ago

not be harsh but it wasn't s good as it looks in the picture or as delicious as you would of thought,my family didn't enjoy it that much!!!

Carly 7 years ago

Any suggestions for cooking this cake in a 10inch sqaure tin? I noticed Stefanie T did a 12 inch one and did 3 times the batter and baked it for 3 hrs at 160.... I am assuming mine will be pretty similar - maybe 2 1/2 the batter and 2 1/2 hrs?? Any suggestions????

jenet 7 years ago

i made your cake, and i have tried better really, i followed your instruction exactly and yeah it wasn't to flash hot to be honest, but good attempt any way

weez 7 years ago

Honestly the best cake I have ever eaten, wanted to cry a little when it was all gone. But am going to make another one today and then go on a diet.

Serone 7 years ago


I have to make a wedding cake for my friend.. I was wondering whether you could give me the details for a

14, 10 & 6 inch cake.

I will be doing 2 tiers white choc & 1 tier normal choc mud.

Also do you think I could add fillings to this type of cake ?? like a white choc & cream cheese icing ???

Sar 7 years ago

was wondering what icing you use for the caramel mud cake?

nnnn 7 years ago

crap crap

Aslihan 7 years ago

Thank you so much for the recipe. I already made it and it turned out beautiful. I was wondering if you ever tried to make a lower calorie version of it.

Nita 7 years ago

hi Kel,

I goin to try your receipe 1st granddaught's b'day next saturday and I offer to get her cake I want to surprise everyone with my baking but dont know how to convert it to cups rather than grams.. could you please give me your measurement in cups please!!!!!!!!! thank you Nita

Debbie ONeill 7 years ago

Hi Hi Hi

I have been trawling the internet for a white chocolate cake and am delighted to read your receipe. Can you advise the quantities and cooking time for a 6" round tin????

Best wishes & Thank You


Shauna 7 years ago

I made this and IT WAS GREAT! Very, very rich but much better than any old birthday cake. Superb.

I added some banana to give it a more fruity flavor and make it a little less rich and it complimented it quite well. Just a tip if you think pure pure pure chocolate (and it really is just that =]) is a little much.

Wonderful, thanks!


Alana 7 years ago

Thanks for the great recipe...I will be making it tomorrow in preparation for my cake decorating course this week...and if it's as good as yours looks I'll be making it for the family for Xmas. I'm new to baking cakes but becoming quite addicted to it! Thanks for sharing your recipe! Alana

Alana 7 years ago

Can anyone please tell me what is the equivalent of 400gms caster sugar and also 400gms self raising flour in cups? thanks Alana from Sydney Australia :)

Mlis Nearth 7 years ago


CHICKEN/IDIOT 7 years ago



billa 7 years ago

wah so easy lah??

diana 7 years ago

Hi there, this is one of the best mudcakes i've ever made!

I now have to make a birthday cake for my daughter and was wondering how much mixture would i need for a 10" and 12" round tin that's 7.5 cm deep?

Thanks Diana

Ellen 7 years ago

I made the cake this week, and was a huge hit. am making it for the bottom tier of a 21st cake. I suggest looking it on 150 degrees temp so the inside gets a chance to cook, slower and lower temp works out best. Fantastic recipe

Leone 6 years ago

Well, I need to make a cake for my sons 21st birthday next week, so I thought I would give this a go for a practice run. Soooo easy to make, like you say, quite a runny mixture, but it rose beautifully - although it did take about 25 mins longer than specified.. no drama tho, just needed to keep an eye on it.

So, the cake turned out fantastic, although wasn't as rich as I thought it might be.. they guys at work on monday will be impressed with their cake for morning T.. and back to it on Thursday with a double recipe for "the" cake for the weekend

thanks heaps


Niki 6 years ago

Great recipe.. Congratulations and thankx for sharing


Heidi 6 years ago

While this was a very nice cake and all the variations are fantasic, I wouldn't consider it a mud cake. Mud cakes are much denser and very rich. Without any cocoa in this recipe it's not rich enough. I may try the recipe using half self raising flour and half plain to obtain a denser cake.

Moz 6 years ago

Hi there!

I'd love to make this cake...can you please tell me what eth rmeasurements are in cups ? besides teh choc of course! thank you1

Jenny 6 years ago


I was just wondering how many people does this recipe serve?


JasCoub 6 years ago

I made the caramel version of this cake for my sons birthday yesterday with white choc truffle layers and OH MY GOD it was GOOOOD! Very dense like a mudcake should be although it didn't have a caramel flavour it was more of just a white mud cake but the truffle helped it along bein so rich.

Will so make it again everyone loved it, thank you!

Jo Stevens 6 years ago

Hi just want to say a big thank you! this recipe is fantastic! I'm a fellow aussie currently living in France at 1850m above sea level in Val D'Isere - this cake is fantastic for birthday's and so happy it works at such high altitude :)

Tracey 6 years ago

I made this cake to recipe and it was still runny in the middle after an hour and a half. the edges cooked. I see from coments on here I am not the only on who has had this problem with this recipe and no response to what to do to or what went wrong. I feel really stink as I put a lot of effort into making this cake and it didn't work!

Dunja 6 years ago

I baked this cake for a 50th birthday with 50 candles on and it was a great success, thank you very much for posting the recipe!!!

fin23 6 years ago

does anyone know if this would be dense enough to make into a two tiered cake for a wedding? and how many times i'd need to duplicate to make an 11" cake? desperately needing help! please!

mixmaster flickr profile image

mixmaster flickr 6 years ago

I am trying this 2morrow for a three layer bee hive cake so I will let you know if it stands the pressure or not

Susie's Cakes 6 years ago

Kel, thanks so much for sharing this mud cake recipe, its been the basis of all my cakes, bar banana and carrot cakes :0 I've made the caramel and white mud cakes too. the tricks i've learnt from here and other sites, is adding a 'icing nail' in the centre for large cakes, to cover the whole cake with parchment/baking paper from the start of the cooking, and to line/line and line the tins... baking times do vary, but i recommend lowering the temp a bit and baking longer... thanks again for sharing, its been a gem! oh, and for all those girls asking if its a dense cake to stack! definitely is

marie 6 years ago

hey, thanks so much for this recipe... it is in the oven right now, wow it was a really easy recipe!!!


mixmaster flickr profile image

mixmaster flickr 6 years ago

okay this cake is awesome I made the caramel version. I made a four layer cake and it was nice and dense, perfect for a layer cake. I actually used springform tins but lined them within an inch of their lives so all was well. the truffle cream is wonderful too. Can't WAIT to do the choc version of this cake. agree with many comments I recommend having the temp lower than higher..Safety first! Also this cake it so easy and ridiculously quick and don't even need the mixmaster :(...(good when little bubbies are sleeping)x

Alyssa 6 years ago

I used this recipe to make mini cupcakes to bring to my son's kinder for his birthday and kids didn't stop saying 'yum yum yum'! I baked them at 150 degrees for 9 minutes, in the last 2 minutes, I opened the oven door slightly to reduce the temp and prevent the tops of the cupcakes from cracking! Topped it off with chocolate glazing and it just melts in your mouth.

Leoni 6 years ago

I agree with some of the other bakers that have commented, make sure you line your tin properly when making any of the mudcake recipes or the outside will burn while the inside is still runny. Also the oven temp needs to be low, I cooked a 12' square cake at 160 degrees for 1 hour and 45 min and it was perfect. I lined the bottom and sides with brown paper and baking paper, then lined the inside of the tin with brown paper + baking paper and sat the tin on a couple of layers of newspaper and added some baking paper to the top of the cake before baking commenced. Not only was it cooked and moist, it also was dead level and not cracked.

Flo 6 years ago

I made the cake yesterday with white chocolate and substituted the 600ml water with 250g of strawberry (pureed) and added enough water to make up 600ml + a few drops of strawberry essence (just in case). I thought it was very good. I was looking for a strawberry mud cake recipe and couldn't find one that I thought would be good so I just changed this one a bit.

Flo 6 years ago

Correction I used milk to make up the liquid to 600ml not water. The guys at work loved it. I also added a few drops of strawberry essence to the white chocolate truffle icing.

Jeremy 6 years ago

I tried a 1/3 batch as muffins for a test run, making a dozen, and holy cow they were good. The family finished the whole lot in under 24 hours. Can't wait to sink into the real thing over easter. Thanks a bunch for sharing this one :)

cake eater 6 years ago

this cake tastes like watered down poo, do not bake it, yet alone eat it, -5stars, waste of money

Creamy 6 years ago

Made the Cake and was disappointed tasted too watery. BUT (notice it's a big BUT)I let it stand for about 36 hours and it was really delicouse. Don't know what happened but the longer it stood the better it got. Probably needs some more time to settle. The watery taste was completely gone after two days and all that was left was a nice tasting cake. Give it a go but prepare cake a day or two in advance!

shannon 6 years ago

i made the cake as well and although i wasn't sure if it was going too work out i turned the oven down to 150 and let bake until cook, super moist and lasted for about 5 days!!!

Susan B 6 years ago

I've been browsing for chocolate cake recipes to use as one of my wedding cake tiers. I made a trial cake using this recipe, but on the water, I left out a 0 - I measured in 60ml of water instead of 600ml! It was too late when I realized my mistake, the cake had already been in the oven for 20 minutes. So I left it to see how it would end up. It took much longer to bake, a toothpick never came out clean, even after an additional 20 min, so I just took it out. The cake itself actually wasn't bad at all - it tasted EXACTLY like a brownie, even had the same density. It made a great brownie, but not a good cake!

Julie 6 years ago

Hi, I have just put my mud cake in the oven and was reading the rest of instructions. It says to cut into layers and place the truffle mixture in between layers. How many layers do you cut the cake into?

sarah oz 6 years ago


I've been allocated the task of baking my sisters' wedding cake - im interested in using this reipe, but unsure how many times I'd need to increase the mixture for a) a 13 inch square, and b) a 9 inch square tin...also, how long would I need to bake them in a non fan-forced oven on what heat?

Sonya 6 years ago

Hi sarah oz, this is definitely a recipe worth making for your sisters wedding. I've been using the recipe constantly for the past year since I found it. To calculate tin sizes, just use the 9" tin as stated above and fill with water up to the height of what the cake mixture would be. Then pour the water into the tins you want to use until you have measured enough to fill them. then you will know how many times you have to multiply the recipe. I'm guessing for a 13" you would need about 3x. Also I have a non fanforced oven and a 9" takes just over an hour at 180. Just test every 15min with a skewer until done. Good luck

Jay 6 years ago

hi i just made this and i ended up with waaay too much mixture.. i dont know what i did wrong but i baked it in a roasting pan lol.. how many cups of flour and sugar are you supposed to use?

Stephanie 6 years ago

Hey thanks for they great recipe i had to convert it to cups as i currently have no scales.

i did it a little differently and it came out beautifully.

I melted the butter chocolate sugar and cream ( cos i hate putting water in cake) then whisked in the egg and then the flour

Jay I had a bit of extra mixture too although i have no idea what size pans i used im guessign their 9 inches wide and 2 inches high so i filled both tins almost to the top

and i had leftover mixture ( which i had already taken a half of a smallish tub of it before i put it in the tins for my boyfriend cos he likes the mixture and was dissapointed that he had to work the day i was planning on making it) so i ended up with about 500ml of spare cake mix. But i worked it out as 2 cups of sugar and it was supposed to be apparently 3and a quater cups of flour which i thought was way to much seeign as so many comments said that the mix wass runny so i only put 2 cups in. if i could do it again id still put less flour in there. But it really did work out beautifully the way i did it. Now i get to decorate it for my "neices" first birthday. Thanks again Kel11 ( even though i changed it round a little)

Melissa 6 years ago

I have stembled across this whilst searching for a mud cake recipe for my sons birthday cake I am making. Totally delicious. Thank you very much

grace 6 years ago

hi this recipe sounds delicious. will be making it next week. can u please advise me of the correct measurements to make this cake for 30 ppl. square/rectangle cake tin. i have just started a cake decorating course and am loving it and have already got an order for a chocolate mud cake !!


tpayn 6 years ago

I made this cake and it was delicious the next day. My problem was like a couple of other people. I had to leave it in the oven for an hour and 15mins before the middle cooked. Also the top of the cake cracked badly. I used 1 cup and 1 cup sugAR. i THINK THATS WHERE MY PROBLEM IS. Can sum1 please tell me the measurement in cups fro thr flour and sugar.

Final analysis, beautiful taste. Thanks

Cheryl 6 years ago

Thank you so much for this recipe it is absolutely fantastic. I tried so many diffent ones for my young farmers competition,this was by far the best and I won first prize!

Anne 6 years ago

Awesome recipe. I have made a few variations and the white chocolate was sensational! Thanks for the fantastic recipe and easy too.

Anna 6 years ago

Would you be able to post the same delicious mud cake recipe for a cake that fits a 30 tin?

margaret 6 years ago

Was just wondering how long this cake would last without


Gloria 6 years ago

I have a fan oven - what temperature do you suggest?

Denise 6 years ago

I am about to try making your cake recipe for a friends birthday I have never tried doing a caramel cake so will let you know how is goes but by all the toher comments I have read I am sure it is going to be great!!.. :)

Annie 6 years ago

This is absolutely a great fantastic marvelous mud cake ever!!yummy yummy:)

Buy the assembling part was disasterous:( maybe is because of the humid and hot weather here,making it even difficult.

I faced some problems as stated below, really hope someone can help me on this:

1) the truffle started to melt when I cut the cake and put in room temperature(29-30celcius).is it suppose to be that way,or it's just the weather here is too hot?

2)how to pour the glaze if I do not have wire rack?It was really messy because I put my cake on the round cake board and then support with a cup underneath the board,then use a larger food tray as base so that the chocolate glaze will drip into it.however, I spend quite sometime on using the pallette to even out and to cover the side of the cake cos the glaze keep dripping:( is it because I used cooking chocolate instead of dark chocolate which causes the glaze could not se and hold on to the cake?S.O.S!!!

3) the glaze could not set and hold,so I have no choice and to put it into fridge. When I take put from fridge,the glaze was consider ok and hold well, however when leave it longer and cut it to slice,the truffle and glaze started to it suppose to be that way?or what went wrong?and the texture of the mud cake was abot tight and not moist enough when I took out from fridge,but it taste better after leave it at room temperature:)

can someone help me on those question?really appreciate and thanks a million in advance.

Besides all of the disasterous back of the scene work,all of my friends and family loves it! At first I really doubt on adding the 60ml of water, but, don't worry ppl outthere that have the same feeling,just do exactly as the instruction provided,and you will have he beat mud cake ever!!!

Thank you for the great recipe,and it works wonderfully!

Annie 6 years ago

This is absolutely a great fantastic marvelous mud cake ever!!yummy yummy:)

Buy the assembling part was disasterous:( maybe is because of the humid and hot weather here,making it even difficult.

I faced some problems as stated below, really hope someone can help me on this:

1) the truffle started to melt when I cut the cake and put in room temperature(29-30celcius).is it suppose to be that way,or it's just the weather here is too hot?

2)how to pour the glaze if I do not have wire rack?It was really messy because I put my cake on the round cake board and then support with a cup underneath the board,then use a larger food tray as base so that the chocolate glaze will drip into it.however, I spend quite sometime on using the pallette to even out and to cover the side of the cake cos the glaze keep dripping:( is it because I used cooking chocolate instead of dark chocolate which causes the glaze could not se and hold on to the cake?S.O.S!!!

3) the glaze could not set and hold,so I have no choice and to put it into fridge. When I take put from fridge,the glaze was consider ok and hold well, however when leave it longer and cut it to slice,the truffle and glaze started to it suppose to be that way?or what went wrong?and the texture of the mud cake was abot tight and not moist enough when I took out from fridge,but it taste better after leave it at room temperature:)

can someone help me on those question?really appreciate and thanks a million in advance.

Besides all of the disasterous back of the scene work,all of my friends and family loves it! At first I really doubt on adding the 60ml of water, but, don't worry ppl outthere that have the same feeling,just do exactly as the instruction provided,and you will have he beat mud cake ever!!!

Thank you for the great recipe,and it works wonderfully!

Jenna 6 years ago

Gloria - I always use my oven on fan forced mode - I did my cake 20 degrees lower given it was fan forced, I believe that's the general rule. My oven took an hour and 5 minutes to bake the cake. Start off at the 45 minutes and keep checking the middle every 5 after that...mine came out PERFECT - moist and dense by doing that.

My cake came out amazingly well and I am glad that I added in a minor modification to cut the richness - I cut the cake in half and put the truffle mix on both halves with St. Dalfours raspberry jam in between. I also added a tablespoon of Chambord (Raspberry Liquor) to the ganache at the end...Yum!

Also, for the glaze/ganache - I used this recipe as my first batch was disasterous - this recipe above says to mix the choc and cream in a pan - don't do that - I ruined my first batch! It was lumpy because the mix must have gotten too hot and it wouldn't emulsify. The cream and butter (for recipe below) should be JUST brought to a boil and then poured over finely chopped chocolate in a bowl off the heat. Then whisk together until smooth and add liquor if you please.

8 ounces (227 grams) good quality dark, milk or white chocolate, cut into small pieces

3/4 cup (180 ml) heavy whipping or double cream

2 tablespoons (28 grams) unsalted butter

1 tablespoons liquor of your choice

Thanks so much Kel for sharing this wonderful recipe!

zee 6 years ago

hi, your recipe looks mouth watering, luving thats theres heaps of positive comments, just wanted to know could i do this recipe possible in a loaf tin?

Tasha 6 years ago

Hi, I am going to try and cook this cake tonight to be eaten on friday. Just wondering do I put the Truffle and Ganache on the cake or leave the cake sit till friday and then do that? If it turns out good I am going to use this recipe to make a 3 & 0 for a 30th Birthday and decorate with fondant icing, after the cake is made do I freeze it until I want to decorate it or store it in the fridge?

Jacinta 6 years ago

Hi i was wondering how long this cake will last. Does it need refridgerating? The party is on Sat night, when should i make it?

jEN 6 years ago

You do not say what size cake tin to use

ezra 6 years ago

hi kel, im making a 3d car cake for my daughters baby shower, i have a mould for the 3d car, im just worried about cutting the cake to put the icing you have suggested, could you kindly advise me if its ok not to.

also im going to cover the cake with fondant, wondering if you have an easy recipe, and if i put the chocolate glaze on the cake before i put the fondant would that be fine

Don 6 years ago

Great easy cake cooked for about 1 1/2 hours at 160 used a 9 inch pan but was only 3inch high had enough left over for 12 muffin size cup cakes!

Deslie Hack 6 years ago

Hi my name is Deslie and I was looking at your cake for my daughters naming day I was wondering how many people this would feed and also weather you freeze it with or without the truffle in it as I am making the cake for the decorater (Im not keen on her cooking but dont have time to do the lot myself)and also if I dont freeze it how long before the sunday can it be made Thanks heaps for your help

The Secret Chocolatier 6 years ago

Another recommendation when adding fruit and chocolate; blueberries. It's our season in the Southeast and we were eating some of our own chocolate fudge cake and I took a handful of fresh blueberries and my goodness! The acidity of the blueberry neatly fits into the chocolate cake motif perfect.

6 years ago

I made this cake 2 days ago.

the flavour is fine but its definitely not the best mudcake i've ever tried.

with the filling it should be ok but just to eat with icing on top its too dense and not as moist as i like a cake.

Lilian 6 years ago

Terrible mud cake, or should I say water cake... it's too runny. I had to add almost double of flour to get a cake mixture. This recipe is wrong! Do not do it, it is a waste of material and money waste.

Daniela 6 years ago

i have made this cake over and over again and its been perfect every time. Thank you.

Allan (New Zealand) 6 years ago

Hi, I am a regular bloke who does not normally bake but I thought I surprice my missus on her birthday and cook her this cake. Thankyou very much it worked out perfect and it paid off heheheheehehe

Scott 6 years ago

Could I also use a little bit of oil instead of 600ml of water, would it work if I used 500ml of water and 100ml of oil?

Heidi 6 years ago

Hi, OMG this cake was amazeing I did the choc orange and everyone loved it. I will never buy a mudcake again and so easy to make and the topping was awesome. Thankyou so much....

Debs 6 years ago

Hi, just finished baking and eating this scrumptious cake, used the hazelnut's moist, loved the subtle hazelnut flavor and the punchy chocolate. It's definitely the best mudcake I've baked. This recipe is a keeper!!! Thanks for sharing...

Debbie 6 years ago

I tried this recipe, cooked the cake following the instructions to a tee, but found the cake tasted nice bur=t was very doughey towards and in the centre. Wondered if anyone using the recipe had encountered this problem? I was thinking of trying the recipe again but splitting the mix and trying in two separate baking tins, any ideas??

katie 6 years ago

I made a 9" square of this cake, baked it for over an hour and it still wasn't cooked. Turned out more like a big slab of butter!

jazz252010 6 years ago

hi it sounds fantastic how many times the recipie would i do for a 13" x 15" rectangular cake tin , would this cake be fine to use buttercream frosting on it thanks you help would b muchly appreciated Jaz...

el 6 years ago

Possibly the best mudcake i've ever made! now have requests for this cake on birthdays and special occasions. It's just so easy and cheap to make and lasts for ages in the fridge which in turn deepens its flavour.


Karllie  6 years ago

I split the mixture into 2 and made two cakes then layered them, it was a very big cake (16 good slices) and came out fantastic!

jackie top 6 years ago

great recipe have made and eaten chocolate cake it is devine. at this very moment i am cooking two orange mud cakes,wish me luck. Also have you got a recipe for white ganache.

Pat Wood 6 years ago

Devine cake. Only an inexperienced baker would complain. You did good girl-this cake is the BEST.

Jade Jago 6 years ago

I used the chocolate cake recipe for a base for my God-daughter's Christening cake. It was the best, moistest, richest cake I have EVER eaten.

If you worry that it might not get there (I had mine in for DOUBLE the amount of time they said it would take before it tested clean) simply set your timer for 15minute increments and keep testing. When it comes together, it really comes together & is the nicest cake you'll ever eat. This one has 10/10 for taste, texture & appearance, rising evenly in the tin. I didn't have to cut much off to level it up for the fondant icing. It also held the weight of the second layer well. :0)

Myrna 6 years ago

hi! i just baked this cake yesterday!! really really GOOD!! loved it! :D i doubted about the 600ml of water mixing them with the chocolate and butter but it does work!! and then got worried about if the cake was gonna bake because i took my oven 1hour 30min to bake!! more than double the time!!! but at the end it resulted perfect! thanks for sharing!

Jodie Andary 6 years ago

I have made this recipe twice now and it has turned out beautifully each time.

I took the advice of putting baking paper on top and it helped keep it nice and moist without making the outside crunchy.

I adjusted the temperature according to the size of my pan. I think it just depends on your oven. I baked at 150 degrees but for longer than 45mins. I just kept checking every 5 mins after the 45min mark. Common sense is handy to have!!!!!

For those who said their recipe failed (especially Lilian)you have to actually follow the recipe. If it says add 600ml of water, it doesn't mean to add more flour. Im guessing thats why your cake didn't turn out!!!!! If you give it a chance you will see its a great recipe!!!

It is the most moist and best tasting mud cake I have ever made. Thank you......

philippines lilly 6 years ago

I wonder how you got so good. This is really a fascinating blog, lots of stuff that I can get into. One thing I just want to say is that your Blog is so perfect!

Michelle Briggs 6 years ago

Hi, I have made this cake twice now and it is the most moist cake i have ever eaten. It is sooo good that my close friend has asked me to do this cake as her wedding cake. It is 3 tiers with chocolate fondant icing on top each layer and i am also doing dark chocolate and a white chocolate alternate layers so fingers crossed... Thanks again for this recipe as i was beginning to panic. will let you know how it went.. the wedding is this sunday...thank you.

Alicia  6 years ago

this cake recipe is disgusting...I tried it and it came out not even looking like a choc cake...looked too light coloured and didn't even have a rich choc taste...I've baked many types of cake in my life but this is the worst recipe I've come across...I even followed the recipe and measured correctly, EVERYTHING and it still tasted gross.

Raz 6 years ago

This is the BEST mudcake ever. I made this for my bro's birthday and it was a hit, everyone went for seconds, even his gf who "doesn't do cake". I was so nervous about it but when I cut into it it was just perfect!

Thanks for sharing with us!

nicole 6 years ago

hi, how long can the cake be kept out of the fridge with the truffle mix between the layers? will be covered with fondant. thanx nic

amy 6 years ago

I just made this with 70% cocoa chocolate, my family loved it but nobody went for seconds it was so rich! Fab recipe though I am really surprised.

Anna 6 years ago

Made this recipe numerous times and always turned out perfectly. Everyone comments on how delicious the cake is and I have definitely added it to my personal collection of recipes!! Is so easy - just line the tin well :) Thanks so much for sharing a great recipe!!

Bec 6 years ago

LOVE LOVE LOVE this cake.. I have tried SO many mud cake recipes and none come close to this one! It is so moist and SO easy to make. I've made it on about 5 separate occasions now!

The first time I made it I just made one cake, and it was quite gooey in the middle and collapsed a bit in the middle (not that mattered, i just turned it upside down and it worked a treat).

So since then I have been making two cakes and layering them- which has eliminated the collapsing middle and gooey centre problem.. however the gooey centre tastes soo good that I might have to revert back to making one cake and eating it all to myself! :)

Robyn 6 years ago

Well, Just made the cake, and popped it in the oven, here's hoping for a good cake, its for the inlaws 60th wedding anniversay, so hope it works, but have left time to pop out and buy a cake if I have to.

Fiona 6 years ago

This cake failed so badly for me. I omitted the 600ml of water because the first time i tried to add it, it curdled the chocolate. I added a little cream for moisture. In the 45 minutes, the cake seemed cooked and my skewer came out clean yet when I tried to cut it in half, the middle was really raw and the bottom disintigrated. I tried to recook the top but that fell apart horribly as well.


I'm not a beginner chef either, I have made great mud cake many times but this recipe just did not work.

Maree 6 years ago

Don't understand how anyone can fail with this recipe. It is truly a lovely easy cake. Cooking time is actually around 90 minutes and let it cool slightly with the oven door ajar. Fantastic flavour. Sign of a great cake is if the mixture tastes good and this is a lovely silky mixture.

Fiona 6 years ago

Maree - if the cooking time is 90 minutes, the recipe should say so!

The bits that had cooked tasty yum but wsa just an entirely failed experience. I would note recommend this recipe to anyone.

Mel 6 years ago

Fiona - if your not a "beginner chef" then you should know to check your cake to see if its done before you take it out. If the cake failed then you can only blame yourself, not the recipe as so many other people who have followed it have had success. Perhaps you should attend a baking coourse to update your baking skills!

kay 6 years ago

Just finished making your mud cake recipe...used muffin cases 3/4 full in muffin tins..was very worried about the runny consistency but VOILA perfect muffins for my daughters wedding... the mix made 2 dozen large muffins and took approx 25 mins to cook..i left them in the muffin tin to cool. Excellent recipe..thanks.

ragdoll 6 years ago

Just made this - I made it in a 10 inch tin and increased ingredient quantities by 10% (used 3 extra large eggs) - it has risen to the top of the tin so guess that was about right. I skewer tested every 5 mins from 50 mins, and it took 75 mins at 150 degrees in a fan oven.

I did make a couple of tiny tweaks, substituting 50g of the butter for Trex as I find this helps give a moist cake (although this may very well have been fine without, I didn't want to risk it), and swapped 100ml of the water for buttermilk to give a boost to the rise and extra richness.

I was a little worried as my tin was loose bottomed (Silverwood), however I didn't have any leakage. Can't comment on the flavour as it is still cooling, but texture-wise it looks perfect.

I've made three different chocolate cake recipes this week trying to find the perfect cake for my daughter's first birthday, and this looks to be the best by a mile. Hoping it tastes as great as it looks, but I had a cheeky lick of the batter and judging by that I'm pretty confident it will!

Sharyn 6 years ago

I made this cake today for my son's birthday. Had the same prob as many others - cake not cooked properly in the middle. I even cooked it longer and the skewer came out clean, but when I took it out of the pan ... mmm, leakage from the bottom!!

Fiona: I agree. If the cake needs 90 minutes to cook, then the recipe should say this. I followed it to a "t" but the results weren't perfect. Also, don't add the water to the butter and chocolate after they have melted. You need to put all 3 ingredients in the saucepan together. Adding water to a chocolate mixture that has already melted will curdle it!

I am going to give this recipe another go as it is very simple one to follow. And I thank all those before me who have posted comments as now I know what adjustments to make to ensure a perfect cake! Fingers crossed ... !!

Tracy 6 years ago

It's in the oven. I have just read ALL the comments. The comments were all very positive over a year ago, but hm the past year ish comments dont look too good, hm. I hope it works!

Tracy 6 years ago

Ok, it worked! Yay! I will find out if it tastes nice tomorrow at lunch, smells nice ;)

Jade 6 years ago

Hi, just wondering if there are any suggestions for 'lactose free' substitutes for the cream i would like to make this for my friends birthday but am not sure what would work instead of cream.

Mem 6 years ago

Jade - Not sure where you live but where I live you can get lactose free cream in the long life milk section of the supermarket - the brand we have here is Liddells

Elvin Law 6 years ago

I was pretty good at my cooking but never explored with my baking ability. So one day my friend dared me to bake a cake, and i stumble across this recipe, i thought "what the heck" i will give it a go, i can do this. Acquired all the ingredients, i started baking and to my surprise everyone was stunned with the amazing results. Thank you so much for the recipe, take it from me as a 1st timer this is the recipe you should try Baking.


Elvin from New Zealand

noodle 6 years ago

For all those people saying that this is a bad recipe/water cake or the like, I've tried lots of recipes and some of the moistest/densest cake recipes are watery..this cake recipe is have to be patient when baking(!)if its not cooked, put it back in for a little longer..ovens vary so don't sweat it.

I made up half the quantity of mix and made up 12 cupcakes and one loaf cake..the cupcakes didn't hold together aswell as I would have liked and although they tasted fine, I wouldn't say it was the best ever mudcake recipe (but thankyou kel11 for sharing)..they didn't taste any better after three days either..With a little more tweeking ie maybe adding flavourings, this would be amazing tasting..

Tanya  6 years ago

Made the Caramel mud cake with white truffel for my husbands birthday...Huge success everyone loved it! thanks

jo mama 6 years ago

this cake is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing

jo mama 6 years ago

really,because this cake is so carameliscious!

tijen 6 years ago

This was a fantastic recipe! I tried the white chocolate version and dark chocolate would definitely make the cake again...recipe cooking time was 90 minute and i think that happened because we all have difrent ovens ;-)

Thanks heaps for sharing such a great recipe !!!

Peter 6 years ago

I followed the recipe 100% and I ended up with a cake that resembled a sponge and it fell to pieces when I turnede it onto the rack. Don't waste you time and money here..

Nyza 6 years ago

Hi Kel,

I wondering whether I can use the foil tray instead of cake tin/springform tin? And actually how long it would take to cook? I've tried to cook between 45min-1hrs (170'C) but the cake still 'wet' from inside. However, the top cooked already with many cracks on it... am i doing wrong? :( i'm preparing for my 1st baby birthday cake...

Jewelbar 6 years ago

This cake is fantastic - do not be surprised if you have to bake it for longer than 45 minutes, though. It's very runny & I just kept checking every 15 minutes with a skewer until it was done... last time I cooked it I had to double the amount of time it was in the oven for.

Never the less, this is the best chocolate cake I have EVER eaten. And ULTRAMOIST! YUMMO!

Kasey 6 years ago

I made this cake for my husband birthday earlier this month and aswell as the truffle in the middle I also put a layer of whipped cream! It was the NICEST mud cake recipe I have EVER tasted!!! I am about to make the caramel and white chocolate versions now for other family members birthdays. congrats on a perfect recipe :-)

Sarah 6 years ago

WOW - definitely the best mud cake ever! I had to cook it for quite a bit longer than it said, but the results were fantastic! 10 others at my work agreed that it was the best mud cake they had ever tasted, and I can't believe how easy it was. Definitely recommended!

Mara 6 years ago

Hi, just wondering if this was covered in fondant for a wedding cake, how long would it keep for? Thinking about trying it tonight to test on family over Christmas! :)

Rachel 6 years ago

Fab recipe, have made it loads of times now and get so many compliments on it. I'll be using the recipe for my friends wedding cake next year! Everyone who says they are leaving out the water etc. don't, trust the recipe, it really works so well!! Just cook it until you touch the top and its firm to the touch and you can't feel air bubbles squidging out like a mousse.

Great great recipe, thankyou!

jane 6 years ago

hey just tried the recipe and was really good

Jay 6 years ago

I made this mud cake today with my son and I'd just like to say thanks to Kel - it's delicious! It's only the second time I've made mud cake (I'm a pommie, lol) but it surpasses my first effort without doubt.

I must admit to being very unsure about using 600ml of water but decided to go with it. My fears were unfounded. Unlike other posters I found the cake was perfectly cooked in 45 mins (although I used a rectangular tin as opposed to a round one).

Looking forward to trying it with orange juice next time. Thanks once again for sharing.

Maree 6 years ago


When I made this cake it was for my son's engagement. I baked it on Tuesday, covered it with ganache and fondant on the Thursday for the party on the Saturday and it was so beautiful and moist. I do not have any problems doing the same for the wedding. It seems as other people have said previously, it gets better with age.

Annika 6 years ago

Hi! I hope this is the right recipe for the Australian mud cake. I ate a piece of a mud cake when I was in Australia 12 ½ years ago and I LOVED it! I hope I can make this mud cake for my birthday next week. I promise I will let you know how it turned out! Thank you for this recipe!


Nicole 6 years ago

Hi I made this and didn't find it dense at all, it was almost like a choc cake not mud, did i do something wrong or is that just the way it is? I did do half dark and half milk choc might that make a difference? also i used cooking choc, should i not? thanks

Marissa 6 years ago

Is the self rising flour in Australia the same as you would get here in the US? I've been wanting to try this recipe out for a long time, but am afraid just in case they are not the same. Also, what % of chocolate do you recommend?

vanessa 6 years ago

how would i adapt this recipe to make a tim tam mudcake?

any ideas???

Ann 6 years ago

Hi Kel,

Could you please advise - I live in Singapore, it's hot & humid here. I'd like to bake and fill on Thursday, ice with fondant on Friday and the party is on Saturday. Would you suggest I refrigerate my cake before icing? would it affect the fondant?

Thanks for your help & thanks for the recipe Ann.

Paul  6 years ago

Hey Guys, I'm a pasrty Chef with 7 years under my belt

I Live in Aust, and i don't beleave that US OR AUS SR Flour is any different

I USE AND RECOMMEND "LIGHTHOUSE" brand flour (you should be able to find this in your supermarkets across aus)


Paul 6 years ago

When making any product, Don't worry about the budject, because a "cheap cake tastes cheap & nasty"

Spend a extra $2 or $3 and enjoy it


Also, (Nicole) changing/Replacing Dark choc with Milk Choc or white choc WILL NOT change the cake.

Was the mixture still quite runny?

I USE "NESTLE PLAISTOWE CHOCOLATE"(all, white, milk & dark for all cooking requierments) The dark has a high 70% coco content, Gota love that)

I'm in rural VIC, hard to get things at the best of time.

If icing the cake with a chocolate icing/Ganashe in a humid area, i'ld be using a refridgerator.

(I've had the cake (uniced) in fridge before i started, as a cool cake helps the icing set quicker, BUT have everything ready to go)

Hope this helps someone...

Kathy olsen 6 years ago

Can I freeze this cake and then add the truffle and icing?I have a party and will be very busy up to the day and wanted to do as much prep as possible

Minnie 5 years ago

My boyfriend and I made this for my birthday this month, and it was FANTASTIC!! We've NEVER eaten anything like this before, seriously!!! So thank you sooo very much for sharing your experience and the wonderful recipe!!

Big Kisses (^3^)/xxx

Ila 5 years ago

By far the best choc cake I've ever made! I was quite worried about the runny mixture but boy was I glad I followed the exact recipe. Kudos and thank you sooo much!!!!

Nicole 5 years ago

hi again, this cake does get denser as time goes on even a week later cake was great. will be using this recipe for a wedding cake, going to try the white one this weekend. have put a piece n freezer and will bring it out this week and see how it comes out of freezer.

issy 5 years ago

hi i'm making the cake at the moment and i'm wondering do you put the water in all at once or gradually???

Tara 5 years ago

I am going to attempt to make this cake for my wonderful fiancé for Valentine's Day.. fingers crossed it turns out as yummy as it sounds :)

Cynthia 5 years ago

I'm making this for a joint 120th (60 + 60) birthday party. Sometimes I dissolve instant coffee into the water which seems to enhance the chocolatey buzz. Have you ever tried this?

BonnBuster 5 years ago

LOL Bea's comment (17 months ago):

"One slight glitch - I'd never had mud cake before so didn't realize how rich it was, so made it to the size scale of how much you'd need for regular sponge for 30 people. It weighed 5.5kg in the end! So much cake! I think I was a bit slow not to stop and think it was a bit much when measuring out...oh well, who doesn't like cake?!"

I have all the ingredients except for the baking paper!! Argh!!! Forgot to take my shopping list and it's the only thing I forgot. Have to go to the shops first and then bake the cake in a few hours time.

I CAN'T WAIT!!!! I am going to surprise a girlfriend of mine with this cake. She is 34 and has NEVER ever had a home made birthday cake for any of her Birthdays - all her life. Going to fill/layer it with chocolate and stewed pineapple ganache and then cover with a Chocolate and sour cream ganache. Then cover part of the cake with large blue and green flowers (Hydrangeas and some large petal flowers). Ordinarily I would have put cherries and chocolate leaves, but since this is a birthday and she has never had a cake with traditional homemade finishes, I am going to do it with a few flowers.

She is going to be stoked! :) YAY!!

BonnBuster 5 years ago

So, I continue this after baking the most AMAZING mud cake ever in my life!!! When I went to the supermarket to buy the baking paper, I decided to get a non-springform cake tin. I found the most fantastic 6" high 23cm non-stick pan. Once I lined and filled it the delicious dark chocolate watery mix, it cam up about 2/3 the sides of the pan. I am SO glad I got that tin.

I had to bake it for 1 hour and 25mins. The skewer came out clean with a few crumbs. A squishy wobble to the top of the cake - but hardens to perfection once it is cooled.

It is SO, SO, SO beautiful! I'm in Australia - so used, Lighthouse SR Flour (the one labelled "for cake, biscuits, pastry") + a mix of Nestle Dark Melts and Lindt 70% cooking choc - only added a couple of pieces of Lindt and the whole 375g bag of melts). Everything else as per the recipe.

As for mixing, I used my Kenwood Chef with the whisk on the lowest 1 -3 settings. I had NO problem with ingredients flying off the sides of the bowl. The quantity of this cake come right up to the top of the whisk, but is not at all a problem.

Now that my test cake is done, I am looking forward to baking the REAL cake for my friend.

Kel. thank you SO much for this recipe. You are going to make generations of people, very, very happy. I am truly grateful.

Best regards and blessings :)


gina 5 years ago

i love your mud cake recip!!!!!!!

Bec 5 years ago


I want to try make a cake for my Dad's 60th and am looking at using the caramel mud for the cake.

I have used Fondant icing one before but placed Marizpan underneath.

Do you recommend using the truffle icing and then fondant or should the truffle icing be ommitted if using this style of icing?

Also - how long would this cake keep in the freezer so I can make ahead and only have decorating to do closer to the day?

Jodie Andary 5 years ago

I have to just write to ALL those who have failed at this recipe.......

you must be doing something wrong because I make cakes professionally and I use this recipe and I get the most amazing comments.

Everyone has a different oven, so use your common sense!!! Also, dont forget that mud cake needs to settle so dont eat it right away, usually two days is good enough.

It is seriously THE best ever mud cake recipe.

BonnBuster 5 years ago

I agree with Jodie. Those who can't get it to work MUST be doing something wrong. Follow the recipe as it says. Don't add, don't omit - just embrace the watery batter!

The only things I changed, according to people's advice on here: Cook for longer if it doesn't cook in 45 mins. Mine took 1 hour 20 mins. Also, LINE the tins well and put paper over the TOP of the cake before you put it in. First time I baked it, I opened and closed the oven about 4 times. It didn't even SINK! Amazing.

To be honest - it tastes great everyday.. no need to wait two days :)

GOOD LUCK everyone :) You are all welcome to come over for a slice.

Yeah. No, not really.


Sue  5 years ago

What choc pieces do you use for this cake

Melissa 5 years ago

Thank you so much for the recipe. My 6yo son and I had fun. I only had a small 9" round tin so when it filled to the brim, I read down a few more posts and realised a second tin was in order. Both cakes turned out perfectly and two days later the proof is in the tasting.

Made an icing with melt chocolate and cream. Unfortunately, that turned out a little lumpy but didn't take anything away from the cake.


Simmone 5 years ago

Awesome. I baked this cake for my mother's 60th birthday. I did the white chocolate version, and it was amazing. One comment: "you made this? Tastes like the white mud cake I buy at ..."

pam 5 years ago

Hello, i would love to try this recipe can some post what the measurements are in cups, etc. I am sure everyone would appreciate the help. Thank you

pam 5 years ago

Hello, i would love to try this recipe can some post what the measurements are in cups, etc. I am sure everyone would appreciate the help. Thank you

Marie 5 years ago

This recipe looked so easy, too easy. I have to say that I read ALL the comments and tips before commencing an 8" trial cake (I intend to cook a 14" one). I had a little bit of mixture left so made some muffin mud cakes too.

This cake is divine. It took about 1hr to cook the 8" cake and I really could not be happier with the result.

It is it seems, as simple as following the recipe.

Valerie 5 years ago

Thanks sooooo much for sharing this recipe, it has to be the best cake I have ever made. My family were very very happy.


thanks again. V.

Jacqui 5 years ago

This cake was so easy to make, I lined the tin twice with bake paper on the sides and bottom, and used a springform pan and there was no leakage. I also put a piece of bake paper on the top as suggested, so the cake came out with no crusty edges and the top rose perfectly evenly (I wonder if you do this to all cakes they will rise evenly?)I don't have my fan working in my oven at the moment and I put the temp at 160 c and cooked it for 1 1/2 hours, it was still not cooked really well in the centre even thoough the skewer came out clean, so now I am unsure how long to cook it for? I tried the caramel version, it wasn't really caramelly, more like a white choc cake, but it was still delicious. Thanks, i will try the other versions.

cassie 5 years ago

I'm an absolute novice when it comes to cooking/baking, but my dark and milk choc mud cake turned out fabulous! Reading the comments, this is what i found helpful:

- line the top with baking paper making sure it's big enough to cover the cakes edges when it starts to curve/rise

- I ended up baking my cake for 2 hours

- cool tin in oven so it doesn't deflate as quickly

- the truffle sauce was way too sweet for my liking, and I used half the amount of icing sugar. The one batch was enough for me to put in the centre of my two cakes, and the top of one also. I ran out of time making the glaze.

- I made 2 cakes on Thurs: One was taken to my husband's work Fri and met with rave reviews; the other I put in fridge, covered with fondant on Fri, and presented it on Sunday. It was good - but not as fabulous as the day after.

Google grams to cups conversion if you want to convert the recipe! Faster than reading through all these comments.

Definitely worth making.

Jenny 5 years ago

Well I have just made two half batches of this cake, one milk chocolate which I did in a round tin, it took an hour to be cooked, the other was dark chocolate and is almost done after just over half an hour. This is my first time making mud cake, in fact I hadn't even heard of it before today....

I had run out of baking paper but decided to just give it a go without as I only want to try out the taste of the recipes for a birthday cake I'm going to make next week. The top of the round cake looked a little cracked, but still a lot better than my sponge cakes usually turn out even in a cool oven.

I have to admit when I first put the cake in the oven I wasn't too sure how it was going to turn out, when I opened it to put the second one in the first one looked pretty much cooked on the outside but still wobbly in the middle like it was completely raw but it has turned out really well!

Cant wait to actually taste the cakes, I'm hoping my kids and husband love it so they eat it before me otherwise theres this week at weight watchers ruined!

Thanks for the recipe!

kristy hallinan 5 years ago

Hi there, could I make this recipe to fit a large rectangle tin? 11" x 15" x 3"

could I triple the ingrediants?


Jessica 5 years ago


sorry this may have already been asked. i want to make this for my wedding cake. how long will it keep once iced? thanks jessica

grace 5 years ago

i have made this cake several times now and have never had a problem it is delicious rich and fail proof. i even got to make a three tier madhatter cake with this recipe... which ended up being six cakes and served 250 ppl it was awesome.. my customer loved it and i will never use a different recipe ever again.

i have started my own cakedecorating and baking business and will be recommending this cake every time ..THANKYOU SO MUCH XOXOXOX

grace goulding 5 years ago

this recipe is fantastic.... its the most requested and talked about cake that i have ever made!!!! its fantastic for tiered cakes covered with fondant as well as little individual desserts. its so versatile you can do anything with it. thanks so much for posting it :)

Nancy 5 years ago

Can anyone tell me how high the original cake will bake? 2 inches, 3 inches? Thanks

Caroline 5 years ago

This seriously is THE BEST CAKE EVER , ive made it over and over and its the one everyone always wants, its delicious and melts in your mouth :)

bim 5 years ago

Not a great cake, too much water and really light on choc, waste of time and money for this one!

Baker 5 years ago

This recipe is WONDERFUL. The BEST mudcake I've ever made. You HAVE to follow the recipe, I thought there was way too much water in the recipe too, but you will not regret it if you do as it says. Use a non-springform cake tin or the mixture will ooze out. I baked mine at 165 degrees (because my oven tends to burn things) for 1 hour 5 minutes and it came out perfect. I did cover the top with a piece of baking paper so it bakes evenly and it prevents cracking. You do need some common sense in terms of time as it depends on your oven. Chill your cake before serving as it becomes denser and more mud like. Enjoy!

Peter 5 years ago

After all the great comments I've read about this cake I've decided to make this for our family Easter desert, its looking great in the oven so fare but I relised with baking paper on top of the cake in a 9" silicone square pan you might have to increase the cooking time, so fare it's been in the oven on 170c for 1h 40mins and looks fantastic :).

I couldn't help myself and tasted a little bit and mmmm mmm mmmm soo good :)

I'll let you know how it went after the Easter long weekend.

benji 69 5 years ago

please could you tell me how much mix i need for a 6" cake, as i'm not sure ow to work it out, and does this cake stack well as i am doing a 3 tier christening cake?

Caitlin B. 5 years ago

Yum! This looks SOOOOO good!!! I can't wait to try it. So just so I'm clear.. this recipe makes enough batter for one 9' round?

Tegan 5 years ago

Hi i have made this cake as a tester for a wedding cake i have to do in a few weeks, i'm not a fan of mud cake myself but this is by far the nicest one i've ever made.

I need to do a 8'10' and 12'@ 4'high what would the batter mix have to be for each one of these cakes


Peter 5 years ago

Sorry for the delay on my response back,

As I said I made this cake for the Easter long weekend, it took 3 hours to cook @170c non fan forced!!

I let it sit for 6 hours to cool then split it into two cakes done everything it the instructions then let it sit in an airtight container for 2 days in the fridge then on the third day I took the lid off and let it get to room temp...

Everyone absolutely loved it and said it's one of the best mud cakes they have ever eaten :)

I'm 24yo and I had to convince all my mates there that I mad it lol thank you heaps for this perfect recipe XD....

ana 5 years ago

Is it ok to use milk choc instead of dark choc? I hate dark choc bu maybe the taste is milder when cooked?

Zoe 5 years ago

Ana - I've used Galaxy milk chcolate in mine before and it turned out just lovely.

ana 5 years ago

Thank u Zoe!

Kayla 5 years ago

Really good recipe! It gets better when you leave it for a few days. And the chocolate glaze is so yummy. I used budget chocolate but want to try it again with good quality chocolate - make it even yummier :)

Kimberley Bee Malloy 5 years ago

Hi I attempted this cake but when i tipped it out of the cake tin it all fell apart? do you know why this would be, it basically crumbled, i followed the recipe exactly. The crumbled cake still tasted good though.

tanya 5 years ago

I just cooked this cake, I am by no means a baker of any description and I actually don't eat cake (especially chocolate), BUT, my partner (who is the biggest sweet tooth in the world) told me I should try a piece, which I did and it tastes really good! I do not understand how any of you could possibly get it wrong - if you follow the instructions as they say it will turn out perfect! I used a square cake pan not a round one and I did overfill it a little and it oozed during the cooking process, but it still worked fantastic. I did have to cook it for around 30 minutes longer than the recipe says, but anyone with some cooking ability should know that cooking times and ovens vary... I cooked mine at a slightly lower temp as well (150).

Yes it is a runny recipe as Kel has pointed out numerous times, but if you just let the cake cook it will turn out wonderful as mine did.

I am so happy with this and I can't wait to try the variations and to make a wonderful cake for my best friends 30th.

Well done Kel!!!

jenz 5 years ago

hi just wondering if this cake is ok to have fondant on it?

Tanya 5 years ago

@ Jenz - way back at the beginning of the comments it says you can put fondant on with no worries.

I am wondering if anyone knows if the fondant keeps the cake fresher? Kel says that the cake is best eaten a couple of days old, so should the fondant go on straight away or the day it will be served?

Also, would it be advisable to buy or make the fondant? I would prefer to make it, I just have no idea if it is something that is easy to do???

tui  5 years ago

i think it could do with less sugar? too sweet for my taste

pat 4 years ago

hi all!!! yes I attempted this cake on the weekend and wasn't sure with the mud cake color , it wasn't as dark and rich as i would have prefered it to be , as for texture defenately moist ..the cake cut beautifully and it was moist and cosnsistant though out the whole cake , intersting as i have used pre mixes in the past and find they dry out on the sides and the centre is muddy .. love this recipe concept and the fact you can change flavours which is great , I have been looking for a recipe that can give my customers who order a celebration cake choice of flavours .. in saying this Iwould love to know if there is a way I can do a marble effect and a swirl ( rasberry ) flavour , not sure how this will work as the mixture is quiet runny . any suggestions anyone ? going back to the mud did anyone find color not as dark as mud cake normally is , well i am thinking of adding cocoa and coffee into my water making it up to 600 ml's ... could this work ??

Ali 4 years ago


I have the white version baking right now, I've had it on for nearly 80 minutes and it's still very runny in the middle. I'm not sure it's going to cook! Any guesses why this happening?

Micaella 4 years ago

I have been cake decorating for a while now for friends and family and this is the first only recipe I have ever used, it is just perfect! My mum found it when looking for a recipe to make me a birthday cake and it is very treasured. Thank you for posting!

Micaella 4 years ago

I have been cake decorating for a while now for friends and family and this is the first only recipe I have ever used, it is just perfect! My mum found it when looking for a recipe to make me a birthday cake and it is very treasured. Thank you for posting!

Aphu 4 years ago

My cake was crispy on up .. What could be the problem?

Tania 4 years ago

Highly Recommended -I have had a favourite chocolate cake recipe for my families birthday cakes for years but now they are older they love mud cake so tried your recipe - wow what a great cake :) very easy but it did take about 2hrs to cook so would recommend not cooking the cake on the day of the party! My husband who doen't like mud cake till I made this recipe has now asked me to make him one for his birthday in 2 weeks - looks like I will be making this cake from now on - Thank you very much :)

Cindy 4 years ago

Made this lovely cake today (using the orange variation). It was moist, chocolaty and easy to make! I make celebration cakes as a hobby and have been looking for a good dark Choc mud recipe for a while. This one has half the amount of chocolate than the recipe I usually use and tastes just as good ( which means the cost of the cake is reduced substantially!) It did take almost double the amount of time to cook though. I also added some orange zest to give it a bit more zing. I will definitely be using this recipe again. Everyone loved it! Thank you for sharing!

Sally 4 years ago

Very wow

Kylee 4 years ago

I made this for my son's 6th birthday and it was a huge success with the kids and the mums and dads at the party. The truffle mixture is well worth the extra effort - I got so many positive, appreciative comments and some kids went back to seconds which was lovely. Will be using this recipe as my staple birthday cake recipe from now on. Can't wait to try the Caramel. Thanks so much for sharing.

Rob 4 years ago

Disaster. After 45 minutes the mix was still liquid. I've gone over the recipe and my method and can't see any deviation. After cooking for an additional 30 minutes the top was quite burned and the centre was essentially raw cake dough. I realise it is a mud cake and is supposed to be damp, but it just tasted uncooked.

I used the orange juice version.

I had to have done something wrong, given the success of others. I just don't know what it was.

unhappy cake cook 4 years ago

this is a crap recipe and should be removed

Renee 4 years ago

I just baked the standard version, and it came out of the oven "PURRRRFECT"! And just as delicious in taste!

Im going to put a layer of strawberries with the truffle for extra yumminess!

Thanks for sharing the recipe!!

Lison 4 years ago

Hello ;-)

I was looking for a caramel mudcake recipe and it led me to this page! The picture plus the list of ingredients and the originality of the truffle layer made me chose this recipe among others.

But the caramel version did not turn out so well :-( It was cooked perfectly, looked great but the taste was very disappointing. I guess the ingredients measurements should be different from one flavour to another.. On the other hand the truffle mixture was delicious . The caramel glaze was also delicious but I changed a couple of things: I put half white choc and half caramel 'choc' and reduced the 300g of icing sugar to 250g as it seemed a lot). I do not doubt the choc mudcake is delicious... I just don't want you to be disappointed by the caramel mudckae recipe.

Mia 4 years ago

Hello, I just wanted to let you know that your cake did not work for me! BUT it tasted amazing! I mean seriously amazing! I now make it as a pudding because it is gooey in the middle with a crisp crust! :) I am so happy because all my friends adore it (chooosing the gooest parts)! I think my baking tin must be too small or something- but I love it this way! I have added it to my food blog- funny ha! thx xox

C. 4 years ago

This cake is SOOO awesome!!! i tried it twice, once as a cake and once as cupcakes (using the truffle mixture as topping).. SO DELICIOUS!!! will definitely make it again and again

Madeline 4 years ago

Made this cake for a wedding a month ago.... was a great hit! Tasted wonderful, was a great density for tiers and was easy to cover in fondant. I used the truffle mixture to smooth it over like a buttercream under the fondant, it worked a treat! Will be using the recipe again for my son's birthday cake, can't wait!

Ania 4 years ago

Hi:) Just wondering if you have a conversion table for both round and square tins? I never get it right. Your help is greatly appreciated:)

Kind Regards,


PS what texture do your mud-cakes have? in particular, the caramel mud-cake? does it come out tall? will i have to bake a few cakes to get a good height on my cakes?

Jaimee 4 years ago

This mudcake is fantastic! Hands down best mud cake i have made!!! thanks :):)

Giovanna 3 years ago

I've been following your recipe for 3 years and every time the cake turned out absolutely perfect and mouth-watering.

Several people told me it was the best choc cake they ever had and asked me to bake it for their birthdays.

Just to say thank you! :)

michele 3 years ago

i made it and it came out perfect.the water is what is needed to make it moist but i also added oil to it.

dont blame a recipe for the failures you have, blame the cook.with the recipes in your hands you are at the controls,so silly to blame the poster ,ridiculous really.some people just cannot cook,im a chef but it would of still worked.imo

Dulcie 3 years ago

I want to make this cake for a friend's wedding but she is a coeliac and I need the gluten free version. She would also like a white chocolate cake. I think the white chocolate can be substituted for the dark but does that alter any other of the ingredients? Can anyone help.

Annette 3 years ago

Is it best to put cake in fridge if make a day early or leave it out


Rhonda 3 years ago

I am presently baking the caramel version as a trial cake for a Wedding in Melbourne in September I am in Sydney....If I made the cake and froze long do they take to thaw out...(middle tier 8 inch) I have to have the cake iced and decorated by the Wednesday for it to be taken to Melbourne (Iced in Satin Ice fondant) top tier is fruit cake ^(6inch) and bottom tier Chocolate Mud I have a favorite recipe for this one other wise I would have tried your choc version. I am going to be pushed to bake and Ice the 2 mud cakes in 2 days hence i thought of freezing one layer...and yours says freezes well.....Your answer will be very much appreciated...thaks for sharing..

Debbie 3 years ago

Hi our daughter is getting married and the lady making her cake is going away. She is having a fruit cake & 2 mud cakes. The cake with be about 10days old by the time the wedding is. Can cakes stay fresh for this long. We live in a small town so there r not a lot of cake makes around.

Nicole 3 years ago

I made this cake and everyone absolutely loved it... its now going in my recipe collection and I look forward to trying the variations in the future :)

Lourdes 3 years ago

This cake is devine !!

bobkaiser300 profile image

bobkaiser300 3 years ago from Daytona Beach, Florida

Thanks for sharing a good mud cake recipe! Do you know of any good rum cake recipes?

Hol 2 years ago

How long in advance can you make this cake and is it ideal to use for pigs in mud and wot cream/ icing wud I use in the middle and side for kitkat a and top for pigs please

AlvinTay profile image

AlvinTay 2 years ago from Singapore

Created one Recipe on Mud Cake too. Based on Singapore styles. Do give some comment:)

Kathleen 2 years ago

Can this recipe be used to layer?

Linda 2 years ago

This is the best mud cake recipe ever I use it for all my decorated chocolate cakes now

saputra 2 years ago

Joan 2 years ago

Hi, I want to make this mud cake in a 12 inch square tin, would tou have the quantities of the ingredients please regards joan

Mark Stein 2 years ago

All I have to say is Mississippi Mud Cake - Google it!

Catherine 2 years ago

Made your cake twice in one day, both turned out great!! Had some really good comments about it too. I just changed the glaze for more of a thicker ganache adding less cream and a little butter, otherwise everything was as you had put in your recipe. Quantities where spot of but my cakes had taken more one hour to cook. Thanks so much for sharing! Will make it again!!

Cheree Fenemor 2 years ago

Hi there,

I am wanting to make this cake 4-5 days before it will be eaten as I need to ice it and then it will take 2 days to be delivered. Will this be ok? thanks heaps

Harish 3 months ago

I love cake and This Recipe are very Easy and usefull...........

I will Make cake definatly..................

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