Best Place to Find A Salad in Atlanta


My first choice for a great salad in the Atlanta area is Blimpies. There is salad at Blimpies that is to die for. This is the antipasto salad. I don't know exactly what this means but it is a really good salad. There is plenty of lettuce covered with tomatoes, onions, pickles, sweet peppers, jalapeno peppers and what ever type meat you want. What makes the salad so good is the perfect way they chop the ingredients up before putting them on the salad. Blimpies put all the veggies together and chop them in to little pieces so that you get a variety of veggies in every bite of the salad. The price of this salad is about $4.59 cents.  This is an excellent price from this type salad  This salad is so good that you only need the oil and vinegar put on the salad when is is made.  There is really no need for additional salad dressing which makes this salad a dieters delight.

My Second Favorite is Subway

The Subway salad is very similar to Blimpies but it is prepared a little differently. The subway salad does not have as much lettuce on the salad. They put each of their ingredients on the salad separately which means that you either must cut it up as you eat the salad or you do not get as much variety in each bite. The price of this salad is about $5.19.  Although the salad I described is a chef salad, you can get cold cut type meats or tuna salad on your salad.  The portion of tuna added to the salad is quite large.

Publix Salad

My third choice of salad is from Publix, the grocery store chain. All public stores have salads already prepared for sale. I am not referring to these pre-made salads. Some Publix stores also make  salads fresh to order. The sandwich stand in Publix makes salad which include lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, cucumbers, choice of cheese, bell peppers, onions, and choice of meat fresh from the meat counter. This is my number three choice mostly because of the price. However, you can buy in large or small. A large without meat costs about $7.00. I am not sure how much the cost is with meat added.


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