How to Make Best Panini Grilled Sandwich Recipe for Little or Big Kids!

All kids love sandwiches but you can easily break away from the norm of bologna or grilled cheese or peanut butter and jelly and still keep your kids smiling.

I've learned that sandwich is a great way to introduce different greens and vegetables to your kid without getting the "what is that? I don't like that! answer. The secret is my Griddler Panini maker! Best $50 I ever spent.

You can forget the regular cheap white bread (it has basically no nutritional value anyway) and get thicker slices of any bread you like. And don't be shy trying new ones regularly. What I do is I just hook my panini maker before I start filling the sandwiches. I use light mayo or hummus to spread inside bread to start. Today there is many many delicious hummus spreads available, don't even ask your kid, just use it! next usually comes cheese, let it be big enough to be able to melt little outside of the sandwich to keep everything together.

Then lettuce. I like romaine but spinach or other greens will do fine. Some relish or spiced up sweet mustard to go with greens. (Don't use a lot and your kid will inhale it without a complain!) Next comes deli ham or turkey or chicken . Many times it is cheapest to get this from your actual deli ordered by the slice, slices are not so thick and well, you know it is fresh. Try raspberry ham, roasted turkey and so on... Look what is on sale!

Stack it up with banana peppers or other not so spicy condiments if your kid does not like spicy stuff. I found that jars of roasted bell peppers are a big favorite here. Go look around your grocery store, buy something new and try it. Chances are it will be a hit. Our newest "try" is cranberry mustard, it is wonderful, more like a jam than mustard without being too sweet.

I usually use a slice of turkey next if I started with ham, maybe more cheese... Oh and salad dressings make wonderful spreads in between. I now have roasted red pepper mix but catalina or ranch will work fine too. Maybe slice up a tomato and or cucumber or stack with pickles?

After slapping the bread together I get little bit of spreadable butter and use it outside of the bread on top and bottom before using the panini press. I can fit two sandwiches on my at once. Sandwiches are done in about 2 minutes unless you want them really hot and crispy. Press down few times and you are done!

To experiment you can do this with burger buns, french bread, stack inside cooked fish sticks, chicken strips or our favorite chicken or veal patties inside a sandwich Go crazy and think outside the box!

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ambassadornchains profile image

ambassadornchains 5 years ago

This sounds AMAZING! I think I would like to have lunch at your house!! Lucky kids! =) I wish I could make something like this, but I usually barely have time to grab even a snack, maybe sometimes a sandwich with pepperoni if I have a little extra time, between university classes and working and church functions!! Someday...*sigh* =)

kirsib profile image

kirsib 5 years ago Author

The fun part is these take about 5 minutes to make at home and would be pretty ok lunches too.. Just make them day before and fridge it!

Painted Seahorse profile image

Painted Seahorse 5 years ago from Woodstock, GA

This sounds delicious. My husband and I got a panini maker as a wedding gift and we love it. One of my favorite comfort foods to this day is a grilled ham and cheese sandwich and tomato soup. It's especially nice on cold winter days.

I agree, the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches get old really fast! I try to dress them up by adding some honey, bananas, or raisins.

kirsib profile image

kirsib 5 years ago Author

yes I am totally addicted to my panini grill! bananas and raisins sound great, I made a sandwich yesterday with leftover cantaloupe...

ambassadornchains profile image

ambassadornchains 5 years ago

Really, only 5 minutes!? Maybe I could do that! Good idea! Thank you so much! This might end up on my Christmas wish list! =)

kirsib profile image

kirsib 5 years ago Author

yes it almost takes longer to take it out of the cabinet than to warm up a sandwich lol

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