Where to Get the Best Steak in Wichita, KS

Chester's Chophouse and Wine Bar

This is one of my favorite steak places of all time. I love the steak and the ambiance here. This place is also located on "The Waterfront" area. This is one of my favorite areas to stay in Wichita - I typically stay at the Homewood Suites at the Waterfront. This place is in walking distance to a lot of great restaurants, including Chester's and also the Fox and Hound for after dinner drinks and entertainment! Whenever I'm in Wichita, I typically go to Chester's at least three times a week - I'd actually go more, but figure they'd think I'm a freak or something for showing up there every night. Also, I typically travel alone and eat at the bar. The bar is great and bartenders provide the best service of any bar I've been too.

I typically order the "New York Strip Steak" and ask for all the sauces on the side...they have some great sauces for dipping your steak into: Chester’s Steak Sauce, Garlicky Herb Pesto, Lemony Béarnaise Sauce, Cognac au Poivre Sauce. My favorite is the Garlicky Herb Pesto. I also typically order the "Creamy Garlic Spinach" as my side vegetable. This is awesome too. Another cool thing about Chester's is they give you some bread after you place the order, but they have these cool flat bread things that I find awesome.

The wine selection is also great at Chester's. Since I typically travel by myself, I'm forced to order "by the glass"...the often limits you to the cheap house wines. Chester's has great wines by the glass. I first got turned on to Australian Cabernets at Chester's and they currently have the "Kangarilla Road," which is pretty good! They also have the typical California cabs by the glass, but also typically add a nice Chile cab as well!

If you check it out, comment, and let me know what you think. Enjoy!

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Hello, hello, profile image

Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

Thank you for your informative hub.

kea profile image

kea 6 years ago Author

Thanks, Hello, hello! Let me know if you make it to Wichita and we'll have dinner at Chester's!

daid.salvato @flextronics.com 6 years ago

Chehe food is questionable the service is porr and bar tender is idiot they clearly lost the formula.

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