Best restaurants in Arizona

Best restaurants in Arizona with reviews

Visiting Arizona? Or perhaps you live here but are trying to find a new and exciting place to try?

Phoenix Area

#1 choice above all is La Grande Orange- Price range $7-14 Their service is top notch and I always tend to tip the most at this place because of it. They have real, yes REAL 100% homemade lemonade made fresh daily. The best lemonade I have ever had in my life to be honest. Their pizza is also the best I have ever had. It's so good that if I eat pizza anywhere else it just doesn't taste that great. Their pizza is made with sourdough and it is indeed amazing and what gives it such a unique taste. For the prices, the food tastes even better. It has a very laid back atmosphere and is a great place to go for a date, with family, or with friends. Down the street from them there are Chelsea's Kitchen, and Radio Milano which also are a must try. I have never had to wait more than 15 min if there ever was a wait. Location is 4410 N. 40th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85018  This is the only location.

Tempe Area

#1 is Chuck Box- Price range $3-5 This is one of those stand in line make your order type place. Not exactly a fine dining or any sort of thing like that but it has to be the best place for burgers, hotdogs, and chicken sandwiches  grilled right over open flame. Great place for friends to go or if you want a cheap night out for some good food with your significant other. I much rather go here then to some fast food joint. The food is amazing and it's a pretty neat little place right across from ASU. Location is 202 E. University Dr. 2 Blocks East of Mill across from ASU   This is the only location.

#2 is The Keg Steakhouse and Bar- Price range $15-40 Be prepared to spend about $40 per person if you're getting steaks. Although expensive, it is well worth it. I had a very pleasant experience and great service. The reason why I put this as #2 is because of how expensive it is. I was trying to go in the order of pricing. I would recommend this place for a romantic night out and for family. Located in Tempe, Phoenix, Gilbert, and Chandler.

#3 is Ichi Ban Japanese and Sushi- Price range $10-20 It can get expensive if you're buying sake bottles. Those go for $10 each. When I first walked into this place, I really thought I was in Japan. The whole atmosphere was full of asian attire. You get to sit at these Big tables that have a big metal cook range in the middle. They take your order and a Japanese chef comes out and cooks it to your liking. It is such a blast! The chef entertained us with tricks and it was such an unforgettable experience. A great place for a romantic night out, family, and a great place to bring friends. They also have a sushi bar. Located on 1435 E University Dr, #11, Tempe, AZ 85281 Also located in Phoenix and Mesa.

#4 is Kabuki Japanese Restaurant- Price range $4-20 This place has outstanding sushi, perhaps the best. It's beautiful inside and you have a choice to dine or sit at the sushi bar and watch the sushi chefs. This is one of my favorites so far and it is resonably priced. Prices are a little cheaper at lunch of course. Located in on 2000 E. Rio Salado Parkway, in the Tempe Market Place mall. Also located in Glendale

Mesa Area

#1 is Korean BBQ- Price range $5-20 I never would have thought of coming to this hole in the wall place until my uncle took me here. Oh my goodness the food is delicious and they have karaoke! Friday and saturday seem to be the big karaoke nights. I love the set up inside. The also have a bar. There's a little metal grill thing in the middle of the table and depending on what you order they come and cook it in front of you. It was a very fun experience and it is definitely my favorite Korean place. Located 2711 S Alma School Rd # 14, Mesa and that is their only location.

I hope this article helps everyone who is looking for a great night out. There are a few good cheap ones up there so you can get a good meal for a bargain.

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Tom 7 years ago

I tend to always drive by these places. I know about the Keg steakhouse. That one is a pretty nice expensive place. Spent about $100 with 2 steak dinners + drinks + tip. The drinks is what always seems to add that extra $20-30 to the bill depending on what you get.

Nice reviews, I've been meaning to try that la grande orange place. I've heard good things about it.

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