Big 30 Pizza Delivery Paseo Sta Rosa Laguna – Menu, Number and Branches

Big 30 Pizza Delivery Number

Nowadays pizza is becoming so expensive. With all the economic problems in the world, can an average person really still afford pizza? Well let me tell you one thing that’s for sure, at Big 30 Pizza in Paseo De Sta. Rosa Laguna, you will surely be able to find something that is perfect for you. Get a chance to have your favorite pizza flavors delivered to your house at the most affordable prices. But wait, it doesn’t end there, it isn’t all about taste, it’s also about size!

For Delivery and Reservations you can dial the delivery hotline number:

(049) 544-2030

(02) 359-3515

Why settle for those small pizzas? Those petty childish pizzas won’t be able to satisfy you and your buddies. How dare those other restaurants call their pizza “large” or “party” sizes? From now on you will know that the real party size is 30 inches! And that’s something that is easily available from the menu of Big 30 pizza located at Paseo 2 Unit 3B, 4B, 5B, Greenfield city, Paseo de Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Philippines.

Now you can just grab your phone and dial the big 30 pizza Philippines phone number for delivery.

Big 30 Pizza Menu
Big 30 Pizza Menu

Big 30 Pizza Menu

You never have to worry again about what you will be serving your guests or if they will be satisfied because if you order from Big 30 pizza you will really not regret it. And don’t think that they only offer pizza because they have many other things like pasta and steaks.

It’s really about time that you discover other pizza brands and restaurants and not just stick to one thing just because it is something that you are already used to having. By trying out something new you will be able to compare the advantages of each from price to taste to quality of service. The big 30 pizza isn’t even that expensive. It is surely something that you will be able to afford. Aside from that, it is something that will really be your money’s worth. So be a crafty consumer and choose to order here instead.

I remember not so long ago, my friend ordered this for his birthday. And it wasn’t a surprise that he was able to serve a lot of guests. We weren’t even able to finish the gigantic pizza from Big 30. We were all so full. And don’t think that we were just a few. We were a lot, believe me. And we were all full to the maximum capacity. Why am I sharing this? Because I want other consumers to benefit just as we did when we ordered the huge pizza they have.

Okay. I’ll stop lying now. Eating big 30 pizza will change your life. I am just scared to tell you because you might not believe me. But please, if you care about your life and your children’s future, you must order from big 30 pizza right now. The very foundations of our free and open society might just all crumble down if you do not listen to me. It’s not just about the pizza size or pizza recipe anymore. It is about what you can do to help make this world a better place. Come and join me over at beating the search engine blog and see for yourself. You see, there is no pizza. There is no screen in front of you. There is no spoon.

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victoria 5 years ago

how much pls?

dhee 5 years ago

do u have an offiial website so we can see d menu? 4 years ago

Big 30 Paseo De Sta Rosa , GREAT ! My family enjoyed visiting this place and that Gigantic Pizza is really worth it. We recommended it to our friends going south and going to Tagaytay to visit as well... and they Love It!

Gracie 4 years ago

Is big 30 open today?! Pls reply... Thnx

Mariz De Leon 4 years ago

i want to eat again at Big 30

edith feliciano 4 years ago

pls i want ur menu with prices... asap

michiko 4 years ago

nag dedeliver po kayo sa manila area?

donna 4 years ago

how much po big 30 pizza?ngdedeliver po b kau dto binan?pls reply

maricel 4 years ago

may other branch pa po b kau,..?

Sagada*08 3 years ago

Who own's Big 30 in Paseo?

heidie 3 years ago

pwede po ba mag padeliver ngaun ng pizza dito po s sta.rosa

richmond 2 years ago

puede po na magdeliver sa pacita laguna

Gayleen 2 years ago

How much the delivery charge from Location up to here in Mamatid Cabuyao Laguna

mylene 2 years ago

how much po ba ang big30 pizza ninyo at magkano ang service fee ng deliver if mamatid cabuyao laguna pa idedeliver ...pls reply thnks

Lea 6 months ago

How much?

julie 3 months ago


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