Affordable Italian Fine Dine, Ristorante Bigoli

Our first month celebration in this Italian restaurant.

It's been a month since July 30 as husband and wife. Sorry for the late blog but I'd like to share our experience in Bigoli. Since it's our one month, we wanted it to be special and we haven't tried eating there yet. I've been eyeing that place ever since every time we watch movies in Trinoma since a lot of people go there to eat. And to think, I love pasta. So we dine.

I enjoy the ambiance of the place, very Italian. You can smell the aroma of Italian bread in the air. Let me share with you their menu below.

Their Menu
Their Menu

What we ordered:

Since it's our first time, we don't know what to order. Take note that this is an order over the counter, so it took us like about 7 minutes to finish our order. We keep on asking the cashier what's the best pasta but she can't answer me. So I settled for pesto since it's one of my favorites and it's been a long time, I've tasted it. Why? Hubby always wanted red sauce.

What did we ordered?

Chicken with Pasta Pesto for me and for hubby, guess what? Marinara? No! Lol. I don't know why he settled for Chicken with Carbonara especially that is the least pasta he would eat.

My chicken with pesto.
My chicken with pesto.
Hubby's Chicken with Carbonara
Hubby's Chicken with Carbonara

If you noticed there are two chickens and its not small just the right size for one person. And take note, the bread on it is unlimited. There will be a waiter roaming around the restaurant who will asked you if you want another bread. Well, I did ask because it tastes good.

The unlimited bread
The unlimited bread

Value for Money:

Very affordable for the price of Php150 for that chicken combo with pasta plus the unlimited bread. If your after the place, price of food and Italian cuisine, go for this. You will never go wrong if you want to celebrate with loved one.

See how busy he was to eat the food. :D
See how busy he was to eat the food. :D

Food taste:

This is the tough part, sorry. I want to be honest. i love the plating but the taste went wrong. I don't know if it's me only or that's the taste of the food that day. I can't help comparing it with other Italian places I've been too like Aveneto because that's where I tasted the best pesto ever, Visayas branch take note,

What went wrong is that the pasta is too salty to my palate. And to shock me even more, the chicken is salty too. Why oh why? What went wrong?! I asked hubby if it's salty, he said yes. Funny though, even if its salty, I finished the pasta. :D

Satisfaction vs. Dissatisfaction:

I don't know if the manager from the restaurant heard me saying that the pasta is salty because I keep on tasting the food and commenting the same. Considering, I even asked hubby about it. And we are seated near the counter. So after 7 minutes, I guess, hubby, decided to order rice since the chicken serving is big. After he left, the waiter who's carrying a basket, asked if I want some bread, I said yes. Who wouldn't want free food? Me!

I'm satisfied with the bread because it's not salty just right and love its herby smell. Maybe this bread balanced the saltiness I've tasted on the pasta that's why I was able to eat it all. I've been offered 3 times of unlimited bread. :D

Very satisfied with the price since the serving is big enough for one and there's unlimited bread. :D

My hubby played with the buzz because it says, press the buzzer if you enjoyed the service. He did, then we heard them clapping..


Nothing much because almost everything is perfect. Just please don't make it too salty, so that I'll enjoy eating it. For the chef, preparing it, please test it first before adding too much salt. :D

Would you come back for more?

Definitely, I love Italian foods. I love the place and the unlimited bread. I'll give it another try and will even recommend it to family and friends. :D

Value for Money

3 stars for Lowest 1 star, Highest 5 stars

Poll to test if my observation is wrong or one time:

Is Ristorante Bigoli's pasta salty?

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