Bloody Caesar

Bloody Caesar Cocktail - Vodka
Bloody Caesar Cocktail - Vodka | Source
Vodka, Worchestershire, tobasco, salt, pepper, celery salt and celery stalk and Clamato (not shown)
Vodka, Worchestershire, tobasco, salt, pepper, celery salt and celery stalk and Clamato (not shown) | Source

Tasty Bloody Caesar

Hello y'all, Well I'm back with a new recipe for you, one of my husbands favorite poolside or even cool night drinks. Great when you've had a rough day and would like to unwind with a tasty drink. OK let's list those ingredients for y'all.


Ice cubes

Highball Glass


Clamato (Mott's)

Worcestershire Sauce




Celery Salt

Celery stalk


You'll notice I didn't write down how many ounces of everything this is because my husband only measures the Vodka for me LOL. I make him keep mine at 1 ounce of Vodka because I do not drink allot y'all.

So here's how you mix up this great tasting drink.

First, in a highball glass either 8 or 10 oz size put ice cubes in about 1/3 way up the glass.

Add 1 to ? oz of your favorite brand of Vodka over the ice.

3-4 shakes of Worcestershire sauce over the ice and Vodka.

3-4 pinches of salt.

3-4 pinches of Pepper.

3-4 shakes of celery salt on the ice (you want to see it).

Cut the celery stalk into long thin strips (at least two).

Add 2-3 drops Tabasco sauce (if you like it HOT then shake away)

Put in the two celery stalk strips and stir up the mix so far making sure to get the spices well mixed.

Top of the glass with Clamato Juice.

Stir carefully again and serve.


Well I hope you enjoy this evening cocktail as much as we do. I will post some more delicious recipes in the days to come please check back often and also subscribe and visit my blog at

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ezpikins profile image

ezpikins 6 years ago from Texas

This is a great alternative to the classic Bloody Mary, The Clamato adds a bit of sophistication to a great spicy drink.

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