Blue Moon Beer - Winter Sampler Review

Blue Moon offers a Winter Sampler twelve-pack, which consists of 4 different varieties of beer: Blue Moon (traditional), Pale Moon, Spiced Amber Ale, and Winter Abbey Ale. The beers are fairly mild, and run 5.4-5.6 ABV.

Verdict: B+ / A –

I recently had the opportunity to pick up the Winter Sampler, and I’m glad that I did. Overall, I like this sampler. There is only one beer out of the bunch that I don’t really care for, but even that one is still very drinkable.

About the Beers

Blue Moon: This is their signature beer available year round. Blue Moon is a white-wheat Belgian-style Pale Ale with hints of orange. It is traditionally served with an orange slice. (I recommend squeezing the orange into the beer, then letting it float around in the glass. Yum!) This is a great, mild beer, that is especially enjoyable during the summer.

Pale Moon: This variety boasts a hint of wheat, orange peel, and hibiscus, and promises a hoppy taste with a smooth finish. Out of the bunch, this is my least favorite beer, but that’s because I don’t like hoppy beers. However, I still find this beer very drinkable, despite its hoppy-ness. So, if you favor mildly hoppy pale ales, you’ll definitely enjoy this beer.

Winter Abbey Ale: This is Blue Moon’s standard winter release. The beer is crafted with a touch of wheat, roasted malts, a hint of Belgian sugar, and notes of caramel and toffee. Best served cold, this beer is mild, yet flavorful. It is perfect for holiday gatherings with friends, and has been one of my go to beers all season.

Spiced Amber Ale: This special release variety is only available in the Winter Sampler, which is a shame because it’s delicious! This beer has roasted malts, a touch of wheat, and cinnamon. The cinnamon is prominent, and it tastes very much like a gingerbread cookie in beer form. Hands down this is my favorite of the bunch. It is so good, it really should be sold separately.

Overall, this Winter Sampler Pack is a good mix of mild, Belgian-style pale ales that is sure to delight any crowd. Pick yourself up a pack today; you’ll be glad you did.

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Midasfx profile image

Midasfx 5 years ago

For mainstream Belgian White beers these are my favorite. Just got myself a pack of the Blue Moon ( in a can). Great hub!

JulieStrier profile image

JulieStrier 5 years ago from Apopka, FL Author

Blue moon is definitely one of my favorites as well. It's a great go to beer.

poetryman6969 profile image

poetryman6969 2 years ago

I like the cinnamon beer too. They seem to be out at my local Walmart.

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