Book Review: You are What you Eat by Dr. Gillian McKeith

Gillian McKeith
Gillian McKeith

Dr Gillian McKeith is a UK based nutritionist who is famous for her highly successful TV programme, You are what you eat. In this programme she ruthlessly advised members of the public on how to change their diet, and ultimately turn their lives around. This book is the TV show distilled into over 200 pages of well researched, and well thought out information on how the food you eat can really affect your health.

Dr McKeith gives you solid advice on what to eat, what eliminate from your diet, and also how to incorporate light exercise into your daily regime to further improve your health. The information found within this book is really nothing new. However, it is good for anyone who wants to kickstart their healthy lifestyle and banish the "bad" foods from their diets forever.

The book has tons of real life case studies, lists upon lists of foods that you should avoid, and foods you should be eating in abundance. It also talks about various health problems that you could be suffering from, as well as providing you with practical natural remedies to help you to fight these health issues.

This book is very to the point, she does not mince her words, and tells you exactly what you need to do to change your life, and transform your body.

The book looks bright, and almost mouth watering with it's bright green cover and vibrant pictures. This book may have first been published in 2004 however, it is still relevant today. I would recommend this book to anyone who needs help and guidance. If you do not have the money for a nutritionist, chef or personal trainer, then this book could be suitable for you.

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