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Romans brought wine to Bordeaux, the wines have benefited from a favorable reputation. Today Bordeaux yields more wine compared to any other area in the world. From its sweeping 247,000 acres of vineyards, the area normally yields about one-quarter of France's entire wine product, which 75 percent is red.

Bordeaux is viewed as a place where wine lovers from all walks of life travel to experience the true delicacy of French wine. Not only does the wine drawn visitors, but also travelers cherish the variegated landscape rich with forests, rivers and streams flowing back and forth with endless vineyards. It can’t go without mentioning the pictorial villages, friendly people, and flavorful yet relaxing cuisine. But still, the one and only true reason to visit Bordeaux is its notable red and white wines, particularly the reds.

Each and every Bordeaux wine individually stands out and is designed in detail by the distinct impression of the estate owner or master winemaker. The grape varieties grown in the area develop well-defined wines with exceptional qualities in aroma, flavor, and color


Every Bordeaux wine on its own merits stands out and is calculated in detail by the well-defined impression of the estate owner or master winemaker. The grape varieties grown in the area develop individual wines with incomparable qualities in aroma, flavor, and color.

The elegant colors and fruity aromas hide robust with graceful tannins of the reds like Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot with a touch of Carmenère and Malbec. Sipping a Merlot from Bordeaux, one is easily in love with the feminine and sensual character. The Cabernet Sauvignon speaks tenderly yet strong with powerful tannic in the young wines. The remainder of the reds follows as subtle combinations with Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon, imparting suppleness, structure or elegance. The amounts vary in relation to each wine’s dominant statue, to the year as well as to the discernment of each winemaker.


The Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon are the leading white varietals. The Sauvignon aroma imbues a trace of citrus and exotic fruits with the possible blackcurrant blossom, boxwood or white flowers. The Semillon aromas are not as powerful with touches of almond, hazelnut, and prunes.

Most of the wine in Bordeaux is produced on individual properties on a small scale -- drawing its popularity of the distinct individual flare for each bottle. By tradition, with at least 12,000 winemakers in the area, creating distinct wines and depending on your taste, you can intermingle a glass of wine with history, beaches, strolls or delicious food.

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Within an hour’s drive you can visit several vineyards. Here are a few choice wine routes to please your palate.

East of Bordeaux is perfect for history aficionados as they discover the Bastide de Monsegue or de Sauveterre de Guyenne with medieval surroundings among the vines. The journey starts and finishes with the Côtes de Bordeaux and the picturesque Château de Cadillac, along with the Citadelle de Blayeor and a light lunch in Bouliac. You can visit the Abbaye de la Sauve -- drunk in history. Of Course, the wines are everywhere with a promising visit at the châteaux.

The Fortified Towns Road leads to the largest wine-growing region in Bordeaux. The area allows visitors stroll through history by exploring fortified towns like Sauveterre and Creon. Even abbeys like La Sauve Majeure inspire visitors to become history buffs. The wine-growing region called Entre-deux-Mers means, accurately “between two seas” due to the two rivers (Dordogne and Garonne) outlining the area. In this region, you sip fruity, spirited reds; clarets and rosés and a wide variety of sweet, crisp whites.


After touring Bordeaux, your memories will never forget the true beauty of French wine or the abounding landscape of rivers and streams intertwining forests and vineyards. The relaxing meals with friendly people in a picturesque countryside will frame your visit as ever so special. The unrivaled memory you’ll always treasure is Bordeaux’s remarkable wines -- in particular the reds.

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