Breakfast Mocha Smoothy

Breakfast Smoothy

My doctor suggested that I add more bananas to my diet to increase my potassium intake. I'm not a huge fan of bananas, so experimented with making breakfast smoothies. This is my favorite and hope you enjoy it too! I make coffee ice cubes which are great for this recipe. You can use cold offee or mix instant (1 tbs) and more water if you don't have regular.

In a blender (I used a hand-held model)

1 cup cold coffee or about 8-10 coffee ice cubes

1 peeled banana

1 heaping teaspoon cocoa powder

3 TBS soft Tofu (for protein)

1/2 cup milk (soy is best)

I don't add sugar as the banana seems to make it sweet enough for me - but you may want to add just a little or some honey. It's optional

Blend together until smooth and enjoy! The tofu and milk give me protein so I don't have a sugar surge/drop mid-morning. Once in awhile I add some Egg Beaters (about 1 egg's worth) for extra protein or you can add a little protein powder.

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