Broccoli au gratin

Broccoli has been hailed as a super food. This recipe is also super! I often make this to go with my roast chicken.


1.5 Tablespoons of butter (french is best)

3 Tablespoons of plain flour

300ml of milk

125g of Cheese A nice cheddar is good

500g Broccoli

Parmesan cheese to sprinkle

Breadcrumbs to sprinkle


To make the bechamel Sauce:

Melt the butter and add flour cook for a couple of minutes ( I use a whisk)

Then slowly add the milk stirring furiously so that there are no lumps

When the sauce has reached a sufficient thickness add the grated cheese

Pour over blanched broccoli and sprinkle with Parmesan and Bread crumbs.

Cook in a moderate oven for 25 mins until the top is browned and bubbling.



The sauce is lumpy: Use a Sieve to remove the lumps or blend to get rid of the lumps

The sauce is too thick: Add more milk

The sauce is too thin: Add more flour to water... make sure it is lump free and then slowly add to the thin sauce. Or you could continue to stir over the heat to evaporate more water.

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maven101 profile image

maven101 6 years ago from Northern Arizona

Love broccoli...this looks delish...Thanks for tomorrow's side dish...Larry

Beth100 profile image

Beth100 6 years ago from Canada

I serve broccoli everyday, and this will be a nice change! It sounds wonderful! (oh, I serve other veggies alongside it...) :)

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