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Potato Peelers

It goes without say that the potato peeler is best known for and most used for peeling the skin from potatos. However there is in fact many more uses than might first think for the potato peeler. The peeler can also be used for fruit, for example you can remove the skin on a apple, pear or an orange. Sometimes the potato peeler is actually more commonly known as an apple peeler, but as less people produce their own apple juice these days they are rarely used for this purpose. The potato peeler can also be used on various vegetables and shouldn't be restricted for use on just potatos.

There are many different types of potato peeler. There is the classic type which is shown above, which can actually become collectors items. The 2nd type shown at the top of the page is the most commonly used potato peeler of the modern day. The 3rd type peeler shown are the Swiss peelers, which are sometimes reffered to as the Y peeler. These are shaped slightly different to the ordinary type, but are equally as effective and preffered by many.

Electric Peelers

Yes thats right - Electric Potato Peelers! Many do not have the patience for peeling their vegetables of fruit or do not have the time to do so! It's understandable in todays world where everything can be so very fast paced. If you are one that can relate to this way of life then you can take advantage of the electric potato peelers shown to the right. Should you purchase one of these you will never have to hand peel your potatos or apples again! This small investment could save you a whole lot of time in the long run...

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