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Make Sushi At Home

Most people when they hear the word sushi probably think of raw fish, which to a lot of people especially Americans really doesn't sound all that appetizing. But sushi isn't always made with raw fish, in fact it can also be made from cooked fish, shellfish and other ingredients.

Originally sushi was a method used to preserve fish, this was done by placing dried fish between two slices of vinegared rice. Nori was added later to help keep your fingers from getting sticky. And to put it simply the word sushi means vineragred rice. Luckily for us sushi tastes a lot better than it sounds.

So if you like seafood but have never tried sushi you really should give it a try and who knows you might just love it. Otherwise if you love sushi but dislike the high prices that they charge in restaurants or perhaps you would like to make sushi for a special occasion such as Valentine's Day or an Anniversary then you're going to want to check out these sushi making kits.

With the right tools and recipe sushi really isn't all that hard to make but you will need a little practice to get it right. Luckily as delicious as sushi is you shouldn't have any problems getting rid of your practice recipes.

buy a sushi kit
buy a sushi kit

Buy A Sushi Making Kit

If you're looking for a good sushi making kit to help get you started you can usually find a nice selection on eBay and Amazon. Like I said before it's not all that hard to make sushi but you do need to read through the instructions before getting started. And even if it doesn't look exactly right the first few times you make it. It'll still taste great and you'll get all the fun of eating it.

Sushi Recipes

Before getting started you might want to pick up a recipe book or two of sushi recipes. The sushi for dummies book is always a good start ,but you're probably also going to want one or two other books that have some good pictures to look at, just so you can get an idea of what the end result should look like.

Sushi Service And Supplies

Once you've perfected your sushi recipe you're probably going to want to check into a sushi service to better display your masterpiece.  Because as you will find with sushi, the display is almost as important as the meal itself.  If you don't have any local access or perhaps are just short on time you might want to check out the sushi supplies and service on Amazon and eBay.

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ZOOSMC profile image

ZOOSMC 5 years ago

Hey Karen N.......Not bad......I am a sushi lover but as you said .....I am one of those who only eats the cooked sushi......I would love to learn how to make sushi...I will have to check out some of those books and kits on amazon and ebay. Thanks for the information. I wish you had put more information about sushi in the hub....such as origin...etc.....but then again the hub name is "buy a sushi kit"...and that"s what you covered....thanks for the info

Mystery Party Fan profile image

Mystery Party Fan 5 years ago

mmmh, I love sushi - great hub!

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