Buy Katjes Salgize (Salty Fish and Cat Shaped) licorice drops online - $1.25 a pack

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Are you a lover of Licorice? If so then you will be absolutely in love with Katjes Salgize Heringe Unique Salt Fish Licorice drops, and this is why......

  • They are made with REAL Liquorice root juice
  • With a dusting of salmiak - To add a unique salty taste
  • Soft and Chewy & Fish Shaped
  • Super price at just $1.25 for a 75g bag!

Not easy to find and can be extremely difficult to find sometimes - Katjes Salgize also make licorice cat shaped drops, which are also very popular and tastey! 100% gorgeous tastey sweets with a unique twist. Fun to eat for all the family and lots of kids also love them!

Buy why stop there! For some of us, eating licorice is like an addiction from the very first moment we ever tasted it. By becoming an addiction it makes us try out lots and lots of different types of licorice sweets, and can totally take over our sweets world! They come out when the kettle is one, they come out after dinner and sometimes even before bed. It's definately better than some other addiction though right?!

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With a great choice of licorice like this - it is fair to say that us sweet lovers will never go hungry, thats for certain! Wouldn't it be great to have a bag of each one so that you could pig out anytime you felt like - just beware of the weight you might end up putting on! The big question is, which are your favourite Licorice Sweeties.

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