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Kosher Caviar

Kosher Caviar is one of the most sought after yet extremely difficult food items to find in many countries throughout the world, especially when it comes to good quality Kosher Caviar that you can trust, and that tastes fantastic. The most popular types of Kosher Caviar are Red Salmon and Whitefish. Caviar is a delicacy that is normally consumed in functions, events and corporate business occasions. It also makes for a fantastic gift, and further down you can find gift baskets that are sure to please anyone who is a caviar fan!

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Shelf Life

Kosher Caviar generally has a shelf life of approximately 4-6 weeks. Therefore when considering a purchase you should take some time to consider how much you will need and when it will be consumed. Red Salmon is perhaps the most popular type of caviar and has a sensational delicious taste that leaves you wanting more. It is the perfect party or wedding starter that will get your guests inĀ the spiritĀ almost immediately. It is a special snack for special guests.

Gourmet Guarentee

Whitefish is the 2nd most popular caviar and many peoples favourite option. There is black whitefish and also normal whitefish available online to buy, of which both taste absolutely amazing. These are fine gourmet foods for that someone special and come with a fine quality and freshness guarentee. All types of caviar have the perfect makings for a wonderfully suprising corporate and holiday gift.

Caviar Information

It goes without say that caviar is a luxurious delicacy. Caviar is simply lighted salted fish eggs. It is specially treated, salted, and pressed to perfection. You should always read the packaging in order to learn the best ways to store your caviar and keep it fresh. It is an expensive delicacy that you want to taste its best for anyone who is going to be consuming it. When buying online you will normally find that the caviar is delivered very quickly - usually within 1-3 days and will be delivered with ice packs to keep it cool and to the right temperature. It goes without say that you can save an absolute fortune buying your caviar online, but you should ensure that you are purchasing with a well known supplier and buying through a safe secured site such as Amazon. That way if anything was not to meet your satisfactions you could always stake a claim to get your money back. Suppliers on Amazon can be trusted and delivery to an extremely high service level.

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