Buy a Turbo Oven: Convection Oven Cooking

I had never heard of convection oven cooking. More than fifteen years ago, I sat at my friend's house as a friend of his demonstrated this cooking appliance he called a Turbo Oven. It looked like a small engine with a handle that forced hot air out and into a stew pot. This gentleman place a piece of raw steak lightly seasoned on top of a metal grill frame that he set into the pot. He covered the top of the pot with the Turbo then after plugging it in, turned it on and adjusted the heat to about 350 degrees.

The little machine made a whirling sound as it heated up and forced hot air into the raw steak. He continued to explain to us that the turbo was a type of convection oven, made in Asia and often used in countries like the Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia. He explained the Turbo had the same principles in that it moved hot air around the food, took less time to cook food, and allowed the food too cook much more evenly.

About ten minutes later, he lifted the lid up to reveal the most incredible aroma. He lifted the steak out of the pot and placed it on a chopping board. He cut it into a few pieces and had us sample the perfectly cooked, medium-well steak. I was simply amazed at the flavor and juices that flowed out of that piece of meat. Convection oven cooking changed the way I viewed oven cooking. It was no longer about just baking. Convection oven cooking, for me, brought the grill indoors without the hassle of charcoal, smoke, and fire. 

Now, fast forward fifteen years to today and I'm amazed to find that the Turbo has evolved to become the best kept secret in home convection ovens. You can actually buy them on Amazon and ebay. No salesperson will come to your door. You need only look on line and order it. Amazing.

With the advent of the obesity age in America, I've been a very strong advocate of grilling food. The Turbo ovens and similar products allow you to grill your food, fast, without flames, and in a self-contained small space. The benefits are many. You can drop in a frozen chicken, set the timer and have it cook all the way through to completion. It also reheats favorites such as French fries, onion rings, fried chicken, without any frying and without making them soft, like in the microwave.

Today the Turbo ovens are sold with more advanced features such as digital halogen technology, more accurate temperature settings, and glassware to replace the use of stewing pots.  They run from around $80 to over $100. I've bought one about five years ago and it runs great. Because you are often removing grease and fat from your foods by broiling, the Turbo will get dirty. But this side effect does nothing to the effectiveness of the Turbo.

When you want to clean the Turbo, simply wash the glass pot and wipe down the oven engine. Please make sure that all items are unplugged and not hot from cooking. It's best to wash when they appliance is cold so as to not shatter the glassware.

If you are looking to cook healthier and faster, especially meats, I highly recommend purchasing a Turbo oven.  It will be one of the best investments you will ever make.                                                        

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