Waking up every morning to a cup of warm, delectable coffee is undeniably the best way to start off your day. This everyday pleasure is made all the more simple and sweeter with the new brand of 12-Cup Brew Central Coffeemaker from Cuisinart.  For those who have tried and experimented with numerous coffeemaker models like Braun, you will wonder what makes this model different and special.

First of all, one cannot help but be attracted to this model (DCC-1200) sleek design. With its austere colour of black and silver, it looks terrific with its retro stylish design. Even though this machine may be slightly tall, it conveniently fit under many cabinets. In addition to its excellent look, this coffeemaker is made all the more saleable with its multiple functions that are technology-savvy.

This coffeemaker truly aims to impress its users with its excellent brewing technology and premium features that are intended for ease and flexibility. With its various functions, this coffeemaker brews coffee at your own desired time and taste. The coffeemaker is installed with a programmable digital timer that automatically brews "wake-up" coffee at your own selected time. What a better way for coffee-lovers to start of their day than being greeted by a cup of newly brewed warm coffee? 

The flexibility of the timer also allows the coffeemaker to be reprogrammed and shut off as and when you like. This certainly beats to having a coffeemaker which continues to brew coffee everyday even when you would like to dispense their services. And, if you ever need a quick drink from the coffeemaker, simply remove your glass carafe from the warming plate. This action will immediately stop the brewing process for a moment and in return give you a quick pour in your carafe. It is also a relief to know that the spout from which your coffee is transferred pours smoothly without spilling.

For those who wish to attain the maximum flavour from your cup of coffee, this machine can be set to brew one to four 5-ounce cups or five to twelve cups. The coffeemaker is also included with charcoal water filter and an indicator light that warn you of the need for decalcification. Its heat-adjustable warming plate allows you to enjoy your coffee at the temperature and warmness you desire.

My only hesitance with this product’s features would be its seemingly redundant gold filter. The deficiency with this filter would be that it is too small to be fitted into the machine. For those who like their coffee strong, they might find problem when pouring the coffee in the filter. The coffee may be end up being clogged in the machine’s works, causing a hassle in cleaning up the entire machine’s works. This problem however may be solved by filling the gold filter with a paper one.

Despite this aforementioned shortcoming, any faults you find with this coffeemaker can be repaired for free for the purchase of this appliance comes with a 3-year long warranty. Many customers who have experience different brands of coffeemakers have given Cuisinart DCC-1200 12-Cup Brew Central Coffeemaker a thumbs-up. You would too.

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