Caffinated Culture Coffee Co Grand Opening


Coffee people everywhere will be excited to know that if they're in Gresham, Oregon between Monday, July 21st and Sunday July 27th, Caffeinated Culture, at 64 NE Burnside Rd will be having their Grand Opening.

With coffee being mass produced by faceless people in franchise coffee shops, it's a breath of fresh air to stop in where they know your name, and care about your drink.

All week long, Caffeinated Culture Coffee Co. will be running promotions such as:

  • Every cup of coffee will have a surprise on the bottom all week long
  • Drinks purchased during Happy Hour(11am-2pm) will enter you in two drawings for $30 coffee cards
  • Get two free drinks when you add $30 to a pre-paid coffee card(normally it would be one)

If you want a good cup of coffee with the best service around, get your buzz on at Caffeinated Culture Coffee Co, where Mondays are always double stamp days, and an answer to the daily trivia question will give you an extra stamp no matter what day it is.

For more information, call (503)669-8300

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