Cake Balls ala Neiman Marcus

Store-Bought Ingredients

1- box Cake Mix (I like the "pudding-is-in-the-mix" types)

1- tub Prepared frosting

1- package of each desired color Confectionary Wafers (find at craft or baking stores) Use chocolate/white chocolate for base of cake ball and a bright color for striping.

1-candy decos/sprinkles (optional)

(If you see the option "tempered for dipping" on the package, choose those)

Wax paper

Good Tools to Have:

Melon baller

If you plan on making cake balls often, a Dipping Fork (2-tines) is a life-saver to have. They are cheap and you can find one at your local craft or baking store.

Make cake mix per the package directions. Add about 3/4 of the tub of prepared frosting to the cake mix to form a paste. You may add the entire tub if desired. Freeze mixture for atleast 2 hours.

Use melon baller to scoop up 1-11/2 inch diameter balls of the mix and place on wax paper. Freeze balls for atleast 6 hours.

Melt confectionary wafers per package instructions (microwave instructions are great)

Dip frozen cake balls, on at a time, into the melted chocolate. Place on wax paper to cool. (Only pull out 6 balls or so at a time from the freezer. Keep the others frozen while you work.)

Leave dipped cake balls on the counter to cool. If using Decos or sprinkles, make sure chocolate is still a little wet so that the decos stick to the chocolate.

When cooled, drizzle with the bright color, melted chocolate.

The finished Cake Balls can be frozen for about a month or kept out on the counter for a week or so. Please do not put them in the refrigerator! They will sweat.

I hope you enjoy these! I will be making these as part of my Christmas cookie spread this year. I am so excited!

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