Cambridge Restaurant Review: The East Coast Grill

The East Coast Grill

Food: 4/5 Cost: $$$ Atmosphere: Bright, Loud Menu: Equatorial

One of my last restaurant jobs was at the East Coast Grill in Cambridge. I started as an oyster shucker and eventually moved up to bartender. I grew up cooking out of Chef/Owner Chris Schlesinger's Thrill of the Grill cookbook, and since leaving 5 years ago I have returned regularly.

The kitchen at the Grill is staffed with talented prep cooks and a line made up of bright young aspiring chefs. They turn out bold food - both BBQ (a holdover from Jake's BBQ, Schesinger's first restaurant at this location) and seafood. At the the bar you'll find great margaritas, a limited beer, wine-by-the-glass, and liquor selection, and fast, attentive service.

The service on the floor is great as well, especially when something goes wrong. And things do go wrong. One of my only gripes with the Grill is inconsistency from the kitchen. It's not too uncommon to get an undercooked pork chop or poorly composed, pasty ceviche. Nevertheless, when the ceviche is right it's increbibly bright and bold and delicious.

Don't drop by the East Coast Grill at 8pm Thursday-Saturday. You can beat the rush and get a table on the weekend if you arrive by 6pm or after 9pm - or parties of 5 or more can get reservations.

1271 Cambridge St, Inman Sq, Cambridge

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