The Cambridge Restaurant and Bar Tour Guide

Welcome to my tour!

Thanks for visiting my new tour of Cambridge restaurants and bars. I'm Isaac D. Van Wesep, a web marketing professional from Cambridge, MA. USA. I wanted to test out HubPages to see if it represents a good inbound marketing opportunity for small businesses and bloggers. Instead of write about my usual marketing stuff like I do on my blogs Porter-Kendall and Central Sq. Inbound Blog, I decided to write about something I also know a bit about and I think people may find useful: eating and drinking in Cambridge, MA.

Expect to find reviews of local hangouts from the perspective of a former busboy, waiter, bartender, band booker, and venue manager. I'll be talking about resturants, bars, live music spots, and combinations of the three. Hopefully I'll even be able to sign on other writers (not sure if HubPages lets me do this or not).

so far: Phoenix Landing, East Coast Grill, Dante.

In the meantime, you can also scroll down and check out the RSS feed of my blog Porter-Kendall, and click on some ads that are supposed to make me money, which I have yet to figure out how to do.

Thanks for coming!

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