Cappuccino, mochachino, latt'e...What the hell's the difference?

Cappuccino, mocha-chino,latte ,machiato...What the hell's the difference???

Coffee strength will vary from cafe to cafe, the darker the roast, the stronger the caffeine. Some cafes will serve a double shot standard, (that is 30ml of coffee extract), others will serve a single shot standard, (15ml coffee extract). Ask the person at the counter when you order your coffee, if they serve double or single shot as regular.

If you have milk with your coffee, steamed milk should be 120-160 degrees. If the milk is under-heated, your coffee will be warm..You don't pay $4 a day for a warm coffee! If you like the taste of the coffee at a cafe that doesn't serve your coffee hot enough, ask them to make it hotter. If they don't or the cafe isn't that great anyway, try somewhere else.

If you ever taste a bitter, caramelized taste to your coffee, the milk is burnt.If this happens, ask for it to be made again. Often hospitality industries are more than willing to replace something that you don't approve of, if they're not, don't go back there again, because they obviously don't care about customer service as much as they should.

Cappuccino: A cappuccino SHOULD consist of 30% coffee extract, 50% textured milk, and 20% foamy/creamy milk.

Cappuccinos are for the coffee connoisseur whom likes a medium-strong cup of white coffee. Creamy/foamy milk is either poured, or spooned on top of the cup of coffee. The creamy milk on top of the coffee will either be sprinkled with cinnamon or chocolate powder.

Flat white:
Flat whites are for people whom like a standard white coffee. As the name indicates, a flat white should be flat on top. This means no foam. 15-30% coffee, 70-85% milk.

Mochachino: Mocha's are a blend of coffee, chocolate and milk.

Mochachinos are for choco-holics, or people who need a not too indulgent chocolate fix. Mochas are much like cappuccinos, usually served with a little less foam than cappas,often topped with chocolate powder or sauce.

Chai latte: This drink doesn't actually involve any coffee, instead, 30ml pf chai syrup is combined with hot, textured milk.

Lattes: will be served as either single or double shot , heated milk, with 1-2 inches of creamy milk on top. They're for people who like a smooth, milky coffee.

Flat white
Flat white
Long black
Long black
Short black
Short black

Long-black: A long black SHOULD consist of 200ml boiled water, and a DOUBLE shot of coffee should be poured over-top of the water, forming a creamer. A long -black should not be served without a light brown, light creamy colour on top.

Long Black's will usually be double-shot standard, so ask for single if you like a weak black coffee.

Short- black:
Short-blacks are straight, pure, extract shots of coffee, often served with a jug of hot water on the side.

Macchiato's will either be long or short, referring to blacks. The only difference between a short/long black and a macchiato, is 1-3tablespoons of creamy milk, which is to be placed on top of the drink.

The main flavoured syrups available to be added to coffee are, caramel, chocolate, hazelnut, coconut, Irish cream, white chocolate, vanilla, and mint.

I advice that everyone asks for trim milk also when ordering a coffee..Because when the milk is heated, fat cells are activated in the milk, to intensity the over-all fat content of regular milk. So heating milk, takes a potentially fatty substance, and makes fattier.

Know what you're ordering when you ask for a coffee, and if you're coffee isn't how it should be, tell the person making it, how you want it!

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rkhyclak profile image

rkhyclak 7 years ago from Ohio

Thank you! Your title is exactly what goes through my head when I hear people talking about Starbucks or any other coffee cafe. I feel not so dumb, now!

marcel285 profile image

marcel285 7 years ago from New Zealand Author

Lol thanks. It can be pretty confusing just to buy a cup of coffee these days!

profile image

Duchess OBlunt 7 years ago

Great information and very detailed. My head actually feels like it is spinning! Who knew? Good hub

morgan 6 years ago

lol i also needed this. thanks mas very informative

Les 6 years ago

Thanks for Info has helped me with my

New coffee Machine.

Kate  6 years ago

Hello (from France)

Thanks a lot for your explanation.

Yesterday, i was drinking my first macchiato, and i was wondering "what hell is the difference between a macchiato, a cappuccino and a moccacino" (in french of course ;o) ) and here is the answer !

I'll be able to tell everybody and i'll do as if i was a coffee "connoisseur" ! ;-)


Spud 5 years ago

Really handy guide, thanks!

Nik 5 years ago

Hey thanks for the information. This really helps people like me understand coffee better. Now we can take more informed decisions when we order our next coffee..

Aravinth 4 years ago

Very useful information are available in your page....

FacePalm 4 years ago

So many errors and so much misinformation. You must be in Australia.

Joe 4 years ago

You mean 'crema' not creamer on your long black, right? Long black is known as an Americano in the U.S.

muneeba 4 years ago

This was a very useful guid, thank you vey much I now know little hints and tips and tricks when ordering aa coffee next time. The pictures are good too

Aileen 4 years ago

Hmm... Steamed milk should be 70 degrees, NOT 120-160 degrees. That's too hot! And you never use boiling water for Long Black, just around 96 degrees

Nannina 4 years ago

Darker the roast the less caffeine as the roasting process degrades the caffeine. Also if you ask the barista multiple times to make the drink hotter, and then ask for a new one because the milk is scalded you might not get the most cheery reply. Most really good places don't make the milk super hot because you should be able to drink your latte right away, the longer it sits cooling the less good it will taste.

Stonefly 4 years ago

Your grammar is special. If you're going for an article that comes across as refined and learned, make sure you understand how to use the word "whom". That said, thanks for the clarification.

cazadore02 4 years ago

I never finished reading the article as there was blatant misinformation right from the start. As someone who used to roast coffee for a living, the darker the roast, the LESS CAFFEINE there is in the coffee. It may TASTE stronger because of the darker roast, but the caffeine content is actually less than a lighter roast.

khmazz profile image

khmazz 3 years ago from South Florida

Well done with the breakdown of the different types of coffee! I didn’t know the difference until I started working at a restaurant that served all of the different types and I had to learn how to make them, it was quite difficult to say the least! Voted up!

Gizmo 3 years ago

Macchiatto means "marked" and you pour the shot down the center of the steamed milk leaving a dark "mark" in the center of the velvety milk

jay 3 years ago

Darker roasts have less caffeine. The only reason espresso packs a caffeine punch is because it is more concentrated than regular brewed coffee

Else@coffe 3 years ago

Machiatto is expresso with milk froth not milk.

Doppio the best coffee for keeping someone awake.

Mochachocashake also good to awake and cool someone

sailasa. 19 months ago

Thanx this greatly helps with my job.Add Your Comment...

13 months ago

I think coffee is not the second most drink beverage after water. It is tea.

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