Carrot and apple juice recipe

Carrot and apple juice
Carrot and apple juice

Carrot and apple juice

Along with Brussels sprouts, carrots don't enjoy a place of affection in most people's minds. But if your heart sinks at the thought of an over-cooked, mushy orange mess sitting at the side of your dinner plate, give carrots a chance with this filling and nutritious drink. You'll get vitamin A, cancer protection and skin-friendly nutrients from the carrots, plus cholesterol-lowering, heart-protective and digestion-improving substances from the apples. (Serves 2)

Carrots: 2, large or 250ml commercial carrot juice

Eating apples: 2 or 250ml commercial apple juice

Wash and juice the fruit (there is no need to peel them if they are organic) / Mix together well before serving.

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