Cast Iron Teapot Warmer helps with Emergency Preparedness

How to cook without electricity

Do you have a way to cook should the electricity go out for a few hours or a few days?

Naturally, if you have a fireplace, you could cook food and heat water there provided you have the right type of cookware. If you have an outdoor grill, you could cook food and heat water there as well. But what do you do if you do not have access to either a fireplace or an outdoor grill? Here is one suggestion.

You can purchase a Cast Iron Teapot Warmer from or other sites. As of November 2011, it costs about $20 including shipping. Then you can either pick up a package of 16 Tealight unscented candles at Dollar Tree for $1. Or you can purchase a package of 4 votive candles that are 1.85 inches tall and has a 1.45 inches diagonal.

As far as cookware, you can cook any type of canned food on top of this cast iron grill like soup or veggies. Using a lightweight aluminum pan, you can even toast bread. You can also heat water for tea, coffee, and mixes using a lightweight pot.

Check out the pictures below to find out more details.

Cast Iron Teapot Warmer


Here is an amazing option to cook without electricity

Check out this Cast Iron Teapot Warmer.


* It weights 3.1 pounds.

* You can safely cook by placing it on top of your stove.

* It is 5 3/4 inches in diameter.

* It is 3 1/2 inches high.

* The ASIN number is B002NBNJ7K

* You will need unscented votive candles that you can purchase on or you can purchase at a dollar store. You can easily use the small tealights or you can get the taller votive candles that are 1.85 inches tall and has a 1.45 diameter. You do not want to get a candle any taller than this as you need to allow space between the flame and the food to keep oxygen feeding the fire.

Where to buy these unscented candles

You probably can purchase both sizes at your local dollar store or purchase them from It would be best to use unscented candles only so that it does not interfere or color the food smells.

Parts for Cast Iron Teapot Warmer


These are the parts of this Cast Iron Teapot Warmer. You have the base cast iron grill. You have 3 ways to cook:

1. You can put the lid / trivet on top and cook on top of that.

2. You can put the little grill rack and place a can of soup or veggies directly on top of that.

3. You can put a pot or pan directly on top of the base.

You can either use 1 to 4 tealight unscented candles or 1 to 4 votive candles that are 1.85 inches tall aka 4.7 centimeters tall.

Heating Water in mug on lid using 4 tealight candles


This mug was purchased from the camping section of a local department store. In my case, I purchased it at K-Mart.

I placed this mug on top of the lid / trivet. I used 4 tealight candles for heating. Since it was taking a long time to boil, I placed aluminum foil over the mug to seal in the heat. It took one hour to come to a boil.

This hot water could be used to make coffee, hot tea, hot water with lemon, or to use the hot water in a recipe.

Heating Water in mug on bottom rack using 3 tealight candles


THis time around, I placed the mug directly on the bottom rack. Only 3 tealight candles were used. It took 45 minutes to boil.

In the future, if I wish only one mug-worth of water, I will repeat this option.

Another option is you could pour soup into the mug and heat it on the bottom rack.

Heat water using pot on lid and 3 tealight candles


If you wish to make coffee or tea for more than one person, you can pour the water into a light-weight aluminum pot. If you put it on top of the lid, you could use a medium-size or large-size pot. Using only 3 tealight candles, it only took 45 minutes.

The good news is that you can put the pot back on the cast iron teapot warmer keep the unused water hot until you are ready to make a second cup.

The other good news is that you could actually cook a recipe mix that only requires water and a mix. If the recipe calls for milk, you could use powdered milk. If the recipe calls for butter, you could use popcorn spritzer butter spray. It might take longer than 45 minutes; however, you would at least be able to eat and serve a hot meal.

Heat soup on top rack using 4 tealight candles


In this experiment, I placed a can of soup on top of the lid. I used 4 tealight candles. It took 2 hours for it to heat fully. I was able to lift the can off with my bare hands and eat directly out of the can. It stayed hot and yummy until I ate the entire 19 ounces of Lentil soup.

I would imagine it would cook a lot faster if I had used taller candles.

Heat soup on bottom rack using 3 tealight candles


The smarter and faster option is to place the can of soup directly on the bottom rack. Using only 3 tealight candles, it only took 45 minutes. It seemed to help to cover the can with aluminum foil for the entire cooking process.

Toasting bread using tealight candles and bottom rack


The next experiment was to toast bread. I used the fry pan from the camping mess kit I purchased from I sprayed both sides of this 15-grain bread with Popcorn Spritzer Butter spray that I purchased from Wal-Mart.

I cooked the bread 30 minutes on each side. I placed the pan directly on the base. It toast never got dark; however, it tasted like a pretty good piece of toast when the hour was done.

Suggestion: Place a loaf of bread in your freezer. Then, if you have a power outage that lasts a few days, it will defrost and be fresh for a week or two should you be without electricity that long. Using this cast iron teapot warmer, you can actually have toast.

Cooking using taller unscented votive candles


Using a 4-pack set of unscented votive candles, I placed the four candles in the base and lit them.

Challenge: Every time I put the trivet on, the back candle would blow itself out. I suppose it did not receive enough oxygen. I tried rotating the candles. The back candle still blew itself out. Therefore, I suggest you only use 3 of the taller candles for cooking.

Toasting bread using taller candles and top rack


Using the taller candles and the top rack - just 3 of them since I could not keep the back candle lit - I was able to cook the toast in half the time. It just took 30 minutes. It even got a little more brown.

Heating water using taller candles and a pot on top rack


After toasting the bread, I put a pot of water on the top lid. I used the same candles that were getting smaller. It only took 30 minutes to come to a full boil. This pot was medium-size. It is from a 3-pot set I purchased at Dollar General. They are aluminum non-stick-pots that were very inexpensive.

Clean-up Suggestion: By the time I got done with the hot water, the candles had burnt completely down. The wax was entirely liquified. I double-bagged two plastic shopping bags. Holding the base with an oven mitt, I poured the liquid into the bag and tossed that away. Then I did not even have to clean the base. It was wax-free and ready for my next cooking experiment.

Cooking on lower rack with 3 taller candles


The next day, I placed 3 of the taller votive candles in the base. I lit them and got ready to cook. I intended to cook directly on top of the base and not bother to use the rack or the lid.

You might want to let the candles burn for a minute or two so the back candles do not blow themselves out when you begin cooking.

Toasting bread on lower rack using taller candles


Notice the toast. It is actually brown. After spraying both sides of the bread with the Popcorn Butter Spritzer spray and even sprayed the pan, the pan got placed on the base. It only took 20 minutes to cook - 10 minutes per side.

Please note: Lighter-weight bread such as Kerns or Rainbow would probably cook much faster. The bread I was using was 15-grain, and therefore, took longer to cook.

Heating water on bottom rack using 3 candles



If you wish to cook faster, cook on the base rather than using the lid / trivet. Obviously, you also will get faster results if you use the taller candles; however, the smaller tealight candles work pretty well as well.

So there you have it, a relatively economical and easy way to provide yourself and your loved ones with hot drinks and food.

If you are cooking for more than one person, you might want to purchase more than one grill. I am ordering a second one for my husband. It also makes a great Christmas or holiday gift for loved ones so that they can be prepared for a possible power outage due to weather-related issues or solar flares.

The final experiment was to cook a large pot of water directly on the base. It took 45 minutes to an hour to reach a boil. It would probably have taken less time if I had used a smaller pot. The good news is that a larger pot would work well if you are supplying food or drink for more than one person.

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tlchunt 5 years ago

This is amazing! I had no idea something like this is available. I'm getting mine right away. Debbie has explained it so well that I will be able to cook like a pro. Thank you Debbie, it feels so good to be prepared.

writer20 profile image

writer20 5 years ago from Southern Nevada

I remember my Grandma with a cast iron kettle because she had no electricity living in the English countryside.

Ask_DJ_Lyons profile image

Ask_DJ_Lyons 5 years ago from Mosheim, Tennessee Author

Thanks to tlchunt for your comment. I hope it helps. Thanks as well to writer20 for sharing the anecdote about your Grandma.

Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 5 years ago from Wales

Hi Debbie,

Thank you so much for this one which would be so handy for me.

If we had a power cut I would manage but would miss my cuppas,so this would be so handy!!

Your obvious hard work on this one has certainly paid off and I vote up up and away!!!

Take care my friend and enjoy your day.


Ask_DJ_Lyons profile image

Ask_DJ_Lyons 5 years ago from Mosheim, Tennessee Author


Thank you so much for this. Yes, this is a great little item to easily make your tea. Hot chocolate and coffee as well.

Have a great day!


The-BestMouseTrap profile image

The-BestMouseTrap 4 years ago from The heartland, USA

What a handy idea! Where was this thing when I went through Hurricane Gloria 86? This would have been great. On the flip side, My husband used to freeze ice chunks in the test chamber at work, I had a real ice box for two weeks. I'll keep this idea in the noggin for the next tornado that wipes out our electric.

Ask_DJ_Lyons profile image

Ask_DJ_Lyons 4 years ago from Mosheim, Tennessee Author

Thanks, Best Mouse Trap. For your sake, I hope you do not have another tornado. Should you do, I hope this idea will help!

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