Cayenne Pepper: The Miracle Plant

The Cayenne

The Guinea Spice

Cayenne Peppers originated in Central and South America, but were exported to other continents after the the arrival of Europeans. Now found in cuisines around the world, it is not just a staple food, but a great way to express or enhance local flavor and culture. It is used as a direct spice, or in other indirect preparations, such as marinades.

According to my source a single Cayenne pepper has about 7 calories per tablespoon. In addition, the peppers are rich sources of Vitamin A, and substancial sources of fiber and Vitamin C.

A Field Guide for Plants

The Miracle Spice?

During the research for my book (seen to the right) I was researching a variety of different plants, specifically looking for those that had medical value. In a survival situation, with enough time and energy, a person can reliably secure a source of food, water, and most every other basic thing we need. However, in a long term situation, once our source of medicines disappear, substitutes in nature are hard to find.

My book details several things that could take the place of modern pain relievers and anti-biotics, but during my research, the Cayenne Pepper kept re-emerging as a viable pain reliever, blood pressure reducer, and was even suggested as a means to help clot open wounds. As I dove into the research, I found that the basis for many of these claims was the compound Capsaicin.

This same compound is the key ingredient in pepper spray, but is also effective at reducing blood pressure. Whether or not it can help clot blood, I think that is up for debate, but I saw a testimonial by a man who swore by it. To that end, I may be willing to stage an experiment in controlled environment to see what happens.

Cayenne Salve

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