Caesar Squash and Zucchini recipe


Ever wonder how some side dishes compliment a plate so well, a side
that gives you a reason to experience a restaurant just one more time
in the hopes of fulfilling your exquisite cravings. Well there is one
such side dish that will bring you one step closer to your food
tasting journey, a combination of zucchini and squash chopped and
sautéd to peppery perfection and then glazed over with a creamy cease
dressing that will jolt your taste buds and leave you wanting more.

(Serves 10)

7 zucchini chopped
7 squash chopped
3 oz black pepper
2 oz sea salt
1 oz garlic powder
16 oz Caesar dressing


1). In a large sauté pan, on medium heat, place squash and zucchini in
pan and let cook for four minutes until vegetables begin to brown.

2). After browning has occurred add black pepper, sea salt and garlic
powder, let cook for additional two minutes until flavors have

3). Take sauté pan off heat and add Caesar dressing slowly, as it
tends to catch fire from the oils, 4 oz every 10 seconds should work
just fine.

4). Enjoy.

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