Cheap Eatin': Mazel Café – Instant Coffee

Mazel Cafe - Mocha

Mazel Cafe - Mocha flavor with cream and sugar added.
Mazel Cafe - Mocha flavor with cream and sugar added.

Coffee Snobbery

I don’t consider myself a coffee snob. In fact I’ve gone as far as to pull my patronage from the stranglehold of big coffee business, and at one point decided to my local coffee shop instead. Call it my personal protest against big business; Occupy Coffeehouse.

Compound my internal coffee struggle with the fact that the economy has made me redefine the necessities, I’ve decided that if the coffee isn’t free or close to it, then it’s not needed. (The coffee at my company was free up to the point they decided the cost to provide the minor moral boost to its employees was not healthy to its bottom line. That’s when the coffee vending machine appeared.)

Skipping coffee in the morning, although blasphemous to most, was probably a better decision anyway. Coffee dependency typically results in headaches, stained teeth and frequent trips to the bathroom. Also, let’s not forget about the wonderful personality that is ever present when coffee is not.

That’s what I thought at least; Until my wife brought home instant coffee.

Mazel Cafe

I know what you’re probably thinking: “Instant coffee isn’t really coffee.” Not technically true, actually. Instant coffee is derived from brewed coffee beans. It’s frozen to the point where adding water (preferably hot) rehydrates the crystals. Leading brands in this industry have been Folgers and Nescafe, but recently even the big coffee corporations (Starbucks, for instance) have joined the instant coffee revolution.

One brand that I have been lucky enough to discover is one called Mazel Café. They make individual packets of instant coffee in a variety of flavors. The flavors we have been trying are:

  • Original Coffee Mix with Creamer and Sugar
  • French Vanilla
  • Mocha
  • Hazelnut

From a disclosure standpoint, the flavors are not as robust as you would find in a dark blend with cream or sugar. We have had to ration the amount of hot water used, and have discovered that three quarter of a cup is just about perfect for these instant blends.

But you can’t beat the price

Affordable Without Compromise

Because my wife found these items at the 99 Cent Only store a packet of ten cost a little over a dollar. On Amazon the price is $9.99 for 4 boxes, which is still about $2.50 a box. An overall savings of about $1.50.

Still even if you aren’t lucky enough to find them at your general dollar store, they still are an affordable option. One box contains ten packets and if you are still buying them at about $3.00 a box, you’re only really spending .30 cents for coffee.

In comparison, the new machines at my company serve coffee at a cost of .60 cents for a small, and .75 cents for a large. (At least you get a fun, non-recyclable coffee cup you can play poker with. The hole card is at the bottom, which to the unsuspecting coffee drinker causes you to spill and burn your hand/face/lap with a full cup.)

Coffee snobbery aside, I think that for anyone looking for a time saver without compromising coffee flavor, instant coffee is definitely something to consider. Give it a try. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Patty Inglish, MS 5 years ago from North America

Very interesting. I voted this up and awesome as well as interesting. Some instant coffees are good and Mazel sounds like one of them.

Anita 3 years ago

I'm going nuts without my hazelnut coffee. Desperately seeking it. Have been to three stores in the last week. No information. It made me so happy in the morning, no fuss; it was perfect! I'm going through withdrawal. Have tried a few others but they are definitely not contenders. I could wax poetic about my beloved coffee that was abruptly taken away. Seems so cruel.

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