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Chi Chi's Mexican Restaurant

Chi Chi's copycat recipes are very difficult to locate. Chi Chi's was a very popular Mexican restaurant chain for almost thirty years. Due to an outbreak of Hepatitis A in a Chi Chi's located in Pennsylvania, Chi Chi's was forced to close its restaurants in 2004.

Many people miss Chi Chi's delicious Mexican recipes, from the fresh garden salsa to the seafood enchiladas to the Mexican fried ice cream at Chi Chi's. But don't despair. If you miss these secret Chi Chi's recipes, we have copycat recipe versions of them here along with Chi Chi's sweet corn cakes, Chi Chi's salsa, chimichangas, and more.

Abandoned Chi Chi's Restaurant

Chicken Nachos Grande Recipe Just Like Chi Chi's

Thanks to a request by Tommy B,. I dug out this copycat recipe from my own collection. Here is the recipe clone for Chi Chi's Chicken Nachos Grande:

Chicken Nachos Grande Ingredients:

1 boneless, skinless chicken breast

1/4 cup water

2-3 tablespoons lime juice, your preference

1 tablespoon canola oil

2 teaspoons white vinegar

1/4 teaspoon liquid smoke (optional, but recommended)

Pressed garlic clove (Can just finely mince the garlic if you don't own a garlic press)

optional salt and pepper, to taste

8-10 corn tortilla chips

1 cup salsa

2 cups Mexican blend shredded cheese

1/4 cup chopped green onion (or yellow onion, if you prefer)

1 or 2 red or green jalapeno peppers, your preference, seeded and sliced into 8-10 pieces


Any or all of the following for toppings- extra salsa, cheese, diced jalapenos, onions, sour cream, guacamole, shredded lettuce

Mix the water, lime juice, oil, vinegar, garlic, salt, pepper, and optional liquid smoke. Pour into a resealable plastic bag or a glass bowl. Add the chicken. Marinate in the refrigerator overnight, or for at least 3 hours.

After marinating, grill the chicken on either an outdoor or indoor grill. If using a charcoal grill, there is no need for the liquid smoke. Cook for about 10 minutes, until the chicken is no longer pink. Cut up the chicken into bite sized pieces, or shred.

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Spread about 1 or 2 tablespoons of salsa on each tortilla chip. Top each tortilla chip with the shredded chicken, then cheese, onions, and a slice of jalapeno.

Bake for about 10 minutes in the preheated oven. Top with optional sour cream, salsa, shredded lettuce, and/or guacamole.

Recommended Mexican Cookbook

Chi Chi's Fresh Garden Salsa Recipe Clone

Ingredients for Chi Chi's Salsa

  • 2 pounds fresh roma tomatoes
  • 1 bunch of fresh cilantro
  • 1 bunch green onions
  • 1 onion
  • 2 limes or 1/4 cup of lime juice
  • 2 serrano peppers (If you substitute jalapenos, add about 5 drops of Tabasco sauce)
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • 3 tablespoons cumin
  • 1 tablespoon each: salt, garlic powder, oregano, chili powder
  • 1 teaspoon each: sugar and fresh ground black pepper

Chop up the tomatoes, both onions, and cilantro. Put almost half of the tomatoes into a blender with the lime juice, peppers, garlic, and rest of the spices. Blend until thick, but not watery. Add this mixture to the rest of the ingredients in a serving bowl. Put in the refrigerator for a few hours to allow the flavors to develop.

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Chi Chi's Copycat Comments 187 comments

cgull8m profile image

cgull8m 9 years ago from North Carolina

I loved Chi Chi's, didn't they fix the problem and start again. Thanks for the great recipes will check it out. The food their was the best and quality Mexican food. Thanks.

Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 9 years ago from Around the USA Author

Hi, cgull8m!

The last time I researched it, Chi Chi's is still closed for business. I will look into it, though. Thanks for the heads up. Thanks for the nice comment.

norgedotter 9 years ago

Here's a difficult one for you. We loved the house dressing for the salads and nobody has the recipe for it and I've searched hours looking for a copy of it to no avail. Do you have a copy of that recipe? It reminds me of a white french dressing.

Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 9 years ago from Around the USA Author


I have collected lots of copycat recipes and copycat recipe links over the years. I haven't gone through all of them. I will look through my list and see if I can find it. Thanks for visiting.

Tommy B. 9 years ago

Back in the '80's Chi Chi's was my favorite resturant to visit. My favorite dish is what I need help figuring out they carried. It was shreded chicken on a flat bed of nachos with melted cheese on top of the nacho's. Then on top with individual jalepeno's on top. Man that was the best! It was served as an appitizer I believe. Can anyone PLEASE help me with what this was named and the recipe. I sure would appriciate it!

Thank You,

Tommy B.

Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 9 years ago from Around the USA Author

Tommy B.

Hi, thanks for visiting. I remember the dish that you are describing, but for the life of me I can't recall the name. I don't have all of my copycat recipes posted. I'll look through them and see what I can find.

Michael W 9 years ago

It's funny but I grew up in Phoenix, AZ and we did not have Chi Chi's restaurants but my Spanish teacher grew up somewhere they did. So we were all sharing our favorite mexican food dish and where we ate it and she told us about a dish and said she had gotten it at Chi Chi's. We all burst out laughing because of Chi Chi being a dirty slang term and that was all we knew it as, she apparently did not know the connection. I have never eaten at this place but I wanted to share my story.

Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 9 years ago from Around the USA Author


I had heard the story of the meaning behind Chi Chi's, and agree that a restaurant named Chi Chi's is quite funny, actually. I don't know if the owners were aware of its meaning, but it surely seems as if it was a conscious choice for the Mexican restaurant's name. The owners really seemed to have a sense of humor from the way that Chi Chi's restaurants were operated. The employees had a pretty good time compared to other restaurants, I'm told. Thanks for the background!

Michael W 9 years ago

No problem, Angela. Thanks for sharing the recipes some of them sound very intriguing. It is always nice to hear that some places believe it important to have fun and always a shame when those places close.

Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 9 years ago from Around the USA Author

Yeah, it is a shame that Chi Chi's closed. I hope you enjoy the recipes if you try them.

Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 9 years ago from Around the USA Author

Tommy B,

I found the recipe you were looking for in my own personal copycat collection of recipes. It's called Chicken Nachos Grande, and I have added it here for you. Sorry it took so long. I have been very busy with both business and personal issues. Hope you enjoy this as much as the original Nachos from Chi Chi's restaurant!

Barb 9 years ago

I also would like to know the dressing and how to make it that they added to the top of their taco salad. It was delicious.

Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 9 years ago from Around the USA Author


I'm on it, but so far no luck. But I'm still hunting.

Brenda 9 years ago

What a great site. A recipe that I would love to have is for the salsa verde that was on the soft tacos. I was very smooth and I believe it had avocado in it. This was my favourite meal at Chi Chi's.


Tommy B. 9 years ago

Hello and thank you so much for the recipe for the chicken nacho appetizer. I have one more recipe I'm hoping you will have to share. The other recipe I loved was the cancun. Oh man that was my favorite meal from the Chi Chi's menu. Do you have this one by any chance? Thanks in advance.

Tommy B.

tracyf 9 years ago

my favorite dish from Chi Chi's was the seafood chimichanga do you have the reipe for that and the sauce that went over it was aweseome gosh i miss that place please they are thinking of reopening

Sandy 9 years ago

Chi Chi's was the best! Thanks for this site. My favorite was the Outrageous Burrito. I would really love the recipe.

Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 9 years ago from Around the USA Author

Thanks so much for the comments, everyone. Due to some personal issues, I've not been able to update my HubPages for awhile. But I'll try to add some new Chi Chi's recipes soon. I'll search for the Chi Chi's requests in particular.

Meghan 9 years ago

I used to enjoy a meal at ChiChi's call Chicken Superma Enchilada's it had a white sauce. I would love toknow how to make that - and the Seafood CanCun. Would love it if you could help! Thanks..

Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 9 years ago from Around the USA Author

Meghan, Thanks for the request. I'll see if I can find these.

Heather 9 years ago

The link for Chicken Fajitas is not working

janet burgett 8 years ago

i would love to have the recipe for for chicken nacho appetizer thank you my email is

janet 8 years ago

i would love to have the recipe for chicken nachos appetizer from chi chi's resturant thank you i can't seem to find it

Mike 8 years ago

Hi Angela great page!

You gotta help me find out how to make the beef burrito. That is my favorite food ever. I can't figure out how to make the sauce they put on their burrito's, it was to die for. PLEASE HELP!

huesos 8 years ago

so chi chis was my all time fav. restaurant! when it closed i was confused! but hey life must go on. so i do see some of the recipes on here that i remember but not near as much as they had! i dont see much beef or carne? i would love to see more recipes posted. i had alot of favorites from there that i dont see

an 8 years ago

Please post how to make the burrito sauce! Thanks!

Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 8 years ago from Around the USA Author

Thanks for all of the Chi Chi's requests, everyone. I am trying to locate new copycat Chi Chi's recipes, but haven't found any yet. I will keep the page updated as I do. And keep asking for particular requests and I will look specifically for those recipes. 8 years ago

When Chi Chi's opened they had a soft taco with spanish rice or something similar on the plate also, but the taco was folded and had to use a fork to eat it. It had some white sauce over it and it came in beef or chicken. I LOVED it but they stopped serving it after awhile. Does anyone remember it and what the ingredients were. I'd be forever greatful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 8 years ago from Around the USA Author

I'll give it a try and search for it, creelsharon.

KHEINTZ 8 years ago

When I worked fo chi-chi's in the early 90's the house dressing was sour cream and mild taco seasoning

KimK 8 years ago

Does anyone know the greenish sauce that ChiChi's used to put on the Chimichangas? It almost tasted like it had avocado in it...and it was served hot not cold. thanks!

Rick 8 years ago


Thanks for all of the great copycat recipes. I worked at Chi Chi's in the 90's and loved their food. I was wondering if you knew the recipe for their chicken suprema enchiladas? Thanks.

John 8 years ago

Thanks for the recipe for chi chi's garden salsa. By any chance do you have the mexican fried rice and the steak fajita recipes.

Nunya 8 years ago

the link to the chicken fajitas seems to be expired. can you fix it? these were my FAVORITE!!! after the garden fresh salsa that is! THANKS SO MUCH for that recipe!!!!

Shauna 8 years ago

Hi, I just LOVED the enchiladas tampico. anyone have the recipe, please email to Would be greatly appreciated

lardsmom 8 years ago

The taco creelsharon mentioned was also my favorite and they continued to make it for me after it was removed from the menu. It was called a soft taco enchilada style and covered the plate. It had choice of chicken or ground beef, some rice and was folded over and covered with a white cheese sauce. It was the best! I have tried to recreate, but haven't managed so far. I did find a recipe for these but they did not have the diablo sauce with pork that is in that particular recipe.

Any ideas?

cindy fron clearwater 8 years ago

anyone know how they made nachos grande?i do not know how they cooked it,it had beef and beans on top,yum,my favorite!!!!

Steve 8 years ago

I used to be able to buy Chi Chi's packaged Fiesta seasonings at the grocery store. But it's no longer available. And the packaged taco meat seasonings that are available now just aren't that good. Can anyone give me a good recipe for taco meat.


Jeremiah 8 years ago

anyone know a BBQ sause that is similar to the one they used.

i want to try to do the twice grilled buritos like i used to get there, but i can't find a bbq sause the works

typhani209 8 years ago

When i was little my mom used to take me and my sister all the time. I used to LOVE their Cheese and Beef pizza from the kids menu. I've tried to recreate it from memory but to no avail. If you could find that for me, I'd be eternally grateful and you would help me relive a memorable childhood experience! Thanks~

LiveLoveLaugh 8 years ago

I was wondering if anyone knew or could point me in the right direction on how to find the recepie to the CHICKEN MEXICAN PIZZA off of the kids menu from Chi Chi's. I loved it so much and thinking about it makes my mouth water!! Any help would be great!

thanks :)

debbyc911 8 years ago

would love to have the recipe for chicken Enchilladas Suprema

Can't duplicate it no matter how hard I try

Jerry 8 years ago

I used to wait tables at Chi Chi's when I was in college. I loved it. I especially loved the Cancun and the very famous Texas Nachos appetizer.

Gary 8 years ago

I loved Chi Chi's alot. Does anybody know,because I just can't remember if the Cancun was the dinner with the king snowcrab?

UpstateDi 8 years ago

I loved the twice grilled BBQ burrito. Would love to find that recipie!

Kristy 8 years ago

I asked a waitress once and believe she said that the greenish white sauce was a green chili sauce. You can find cans of it in the store but they're pretty strong. I cut it with cream or half and half (maybe 2/3 sauce to 1/3 of the other-or 1/2 and 1/2 depending on how strong it is). We still have some stores that sell the Chi Chi's Restaurante Seasoning (I think that's the name of it) so I brown ground beef, use the seasoning, wrap it with mild cheddar in a corn tortilla, top with the green chili sauce and bake it. Not quite as good as they did it but it works when I'm craving it.

Does anyone happen to know what the white powdery stuff was they sprinkled on the enchiladas? That stuff was great!

wildcat 8 years ago


Missy P 8 years ago

I miss Chi Chi's I grew up eating there when I was a kid in Ohio.Now I live in Alabama and the closes thing to Chi Chi's is the salsa they sell in the store. Anyway I wonder if anyone can help me find the recipe for my favorite Chi Chi's dessert it was a triangle pastry covered in powdered sugar and you dipped in chocolate,strawberry,or rasberry sauce. I can't remember the name.

aan002 8 years ago

My Mom used to work there are raves about it. She has talked about the seafood salad. if you have the recipe for it that would be awesome! She said it came in a deep fried tortilla with a sweet and sour dressing on it. Any help?! Thanks so much!

aan002 8 years ago

i like this site. I qasm looking for seafood salad. Does anyone have the recipe?

Tina Hamilton 8 years ago

I worked at CHi Chi's for 2 1/2 yrs and I LOVED it!!! I still remember everything about the place including the food. I did everything there, host, served, bartended, trained, I even fried chips when they needed me to. I think I still have specs and ingredients for the food and drinks. Above there is a question about what is in the house dressing. Let them know that it is sour cream and taco seasoning mixed. I have been wanting to have a CHi Chi's party and make all the food and drinks. If you need and help w/ recipes I can try to help. Send me an email.

Cyndi 8 years ago

To Missy P.

I used to work at Chi Chi's in the early 90's. The triangle desserts were called sopapillas, and they are just the Pepperidge Farm flake pastry that is sold in grocery store freezers. All you do is cut it into shape if you want, and drop it frozen into a fryer. Voila'!

Kim 8 years ago

Hi all, does anyone have the recipe for ChiChi's Mexican Spring Rolls with Raspberry relish? This was my favorite appetizer and I haven't found it anywhere. I just want it for home. Thanks for everything.

Cindy 8 years ago

My husband and I used to love Chi Chi's.....very upset that they closed them down. wouldn't happen to have the recipes for the "El Grande Burro" and the "Super Burro" would you?? Those were our favourites and we used to order them whenever we went in.....In fact, it got to the point that our favourite waitress that we always went to just put in the order when she saw the hostess walking us to her section. :-)



Tracy 8 years ago

I am looking on how to make Chi Chi's fiesta restaurante seasoning that thye sold in stores do you have that one?

dad dad daddy oh 8 years ago

To mom,

you need a pizza spatula up the buns with hot sauce

dad dad daddy oh 8 years ago

To all,

Sorry I had to bash that loser, but on a positive I worked at Chi-Chi's in Oxford Valley, PA on and off for like 10 years. I had every job in the place including Apps, Line Cook, Grill, Prep, etc. We had a blast there. And... I'm trying all these copy cat recipes to let you know how "authentic" they taste to me (as a young man who ate there probably 10 or more meals a week). I have an amazing Beef Burrito with Diablo sauce I'll post soon (which is just like the original). You all are really doing a good thing...let's be specific, its not stealing, its preserving - one of the greatest restaurants ever!

Megan 8 years ago

I would love the recipe for their Texas nachos if anyone has that - those were my favorite! They also used to have a small stand in a mall where you could order their nachos - the meat was awesome, and it came with the con queso poured over it. Does anyone have this recipe, as well? Thanks!

Linda 8 years ago

TWICE GRILLED BBQ Burrito Recipe Please! My mouth is watering just thinking about it! LOL

Nana 7 years ago

Waiting on the beef burrito with diablo sauce recipe -- any idea when that might be posted? It was my favorite when I worked at Chi-Chi's!

Grace 7 years ago

Great site! My mom and I use to eat at Chi Chi's every Friday--20 years ago!! I think we got the Nachos Grande but what I recall is that the nachos weren't "normal looking". In other words the chip part didn't curl up---everything was flat. I think it was served on a risen tray and had a jalapeno on each chip? Ring any bells with anyone? THANKS!!

Propav1 7 years ago

You can buy the chi chi's taco seasoning at hormel foods online. I buy it buy the case. I would also like to know if anyone has a recipe for Texas Nacho's.

gene 7 years ago

I worked at the rockville ( wintergreen plaza ) and later at the Timonium site and would like to touch base with anyone in the early 80's time period.The girls from Towson were sooo hot !! Our cocktail waitresses and hostesses were dolls.

Janet 7 years ago

I have been racking my brain for the name of the pork green chili sauce that Chi Chi's served with their chimiquitos appetizer. The chimiquitos were served on a bed of lettuce along with salsa, guacamole, chili con queso, sour cream, shredded cheese and this pork green chili sauce that had a specific name. Can anybody recall the name??? Thanks!!!

Susan 7 years ago

Does anyone have the recipe for Chi Chi's corn cake? That was my favorite thing from there. I miss that place so much and have been dying to find that recipe for years.

zilla 7 years ago

I have been craving a beef burro from Chi Chi's for so long!!!! Anyone have a clone recipe for that??? I would LOVE if you could help out. Also, we used to get a dish of just the refried beans and cheese with the chips and it was amazing! I've tried the canned ChiChi's beans from the store but it isn't the same. Anyone know how they did their beans to recreate this? Thanks for any help!

jeff 7 years ago

I used to work at one in blue springs. the green pork dish was called green chili, and it was very good.

Tim 7 years ago

I recall that before your meal, the waiter would bring in some nachos to enjoy before your meal and there were (2) types of dip, the regular salsa dip and the other dip was called Calipso dressing or dip. I would like to obtain the recipe for the Calipso dip, if anybody can help me out I really would enjoy that treat.

larry 7 years ago

"Extra" hot sauce

Remember Chi Chi's extra hot in color and served cold, but was sufficently hot? Who has that reciepe? or where can I buy it?

Maryjo 7 years ago

I used to go crazy for the chicken taco salad. I would really love it if you could post a copycat recipe for this. I've tried several at different restaurants and NONE of them even come close! Thanks!

Cherry Ward 7 years ago

My daughter loved eating at Chi Chi's when we lived in PA. She still talks about it after 10 years. I would love to surprise her with the recipe for Tampico Enchiladas. Does anyone have the recipe? Thanks so much.

Toni 7 years ago

anyone can tell me how to make tha green chili and el grande burro chi chi's use to make that was my favorite from there,please help,thank you.

ronda 7 years ago


Lori 7 years ago

I have a friend who is looking for a Chi Chi's recipe. She says it is a corn dish that was served with the chimichanga. Any ideas?

John 7 years ago

My favorite place for my birthday meal as a teenager in the 80's. Loved the beef enchalada's. anyone have a recipe for those?

what memories

LC 7 years ago

Enjoy ...

Trish 7 years ago

I'm looking for the recipe for their Nachos Grande. Anyone? Thanks!!!

Томас 7 years ago

Chi-Chi's was the best chain Mexican restaurant ever! I worked in one in Orlando Florida, and Indianapolis Indiana. I am glad it is still possible to find the salsa and cheese dip (in the USA). Now if we could just get it in Moscow...Mexican food is the best!!!

bill 7 years ago

does anyone remember the sopapia's (pardon my but the strawberry and chocolate sause to dip them into was the best....i need the dessert recipe

Larry 7 years ago

Chi Chi's was me and the wifes favorite place to eat. We always went there on our anniversary, because it was one of our first places we went out to while we were dating. The dish we had was El Grande Burro. That was the best. If only I could taste it now. As for the chips and salsa they brought out before the meal, one was mild the other was a little spicier. You can purchase the mild version of the salsa at the groceries, called Chi Chi's original recipe salsa. They also have Chi Chi's corn chips but somehow those don't seem the same. If you can find the recipe for the El Grande Burro please post it. Thank you

Chuck 7 years ago

I miss El Grande Burro too! Chi Chi's was by far my favorite restaurant. Every B-day of mine we were there! I remember even as a lil kid I used to order two of these and the waiters would never believe I could eat both of them, but time and time again I proved em wrong :) I would love to have the Grande burro recipe! From the seasoning of the beef and other inside deliciousness to the red sauce on top (I don't think it's just a normal enchilda sauce). I would appreciate this greatly if anyone would share this! Thanks and remember life always needs a little salsa haha

K-in-Pgh 7 years ago

My whole family loved Chi Chi's, we'd go almost once a week. My husband and I still crave the Con Queso. My favorite was the Enchilada-style Soft Taco, some of you mentioned but did not have the name. Beef (or Chicken) with rice rolled in a soft shell and smothered in a green sauce and cheese. They took it off of the menu, but I always asked for it and they would still make it! Would love the recipe, or at least the sauce that it came with!

Amity 7 years ago

I am looking for the recipe of the outrageous burrito. If anyone has come across it, Please email me at You would definitely be on my Christmas list.

Vern 7 years ago

i am trying to find the recipe for chi-chis black bean soup seasoning . i use to have it when i worked for chi-chis from 1985 to 2002 along with all of the other recipes i have from there but some how a few of them came up missing . if anyone has a copy of it please email to me at thank you.

mariehjelmstad 7 years ago

I'm looking for a recipe for chi chi's fiesta restaurante seasoning. It is the best for tacos and burritos but it's hard to find in grocery stores.

finch 7 years ago

if anyone has the rescipe for the twice grilled burrito please send it to me.


saucy imitator 7 years ago

Great site- btw I had to laugh at "mom" bashing you when she was on a copy cat recipe site what a hypocrite. Anyway thanks for the recipes it was one of my all time favorite restaurant. I have been crazing the seafood burrito every since they closed. Thanks for the posts.

globalcoffeegrind profile image

globalcoffeegrind 7 years ago

I've lived on the east coast and I've never come across one of these! Shame. :( Ah well, thanks for the recipes, the dishes sound flavorful!

beth 7 years ago

I would like to make my own Chi-Chi's Fiesta Restaurante Seasoning Mix. It is not sold in stores near me and their version has MSG in it. Would love to make a chicken recipe that calls for this.

Pat Smith 7 years ago

Could you give the recipe for the Cancun seafood dish with the white sauce, please.

Mary 7 years ago

Please send me the recipe for the Cancun/Seafood Enchilada. It was wonderful!!!

betty moon 7 years ago

The green sauce that CHI CHI put on top of Beef Chimmi's w/ sour cream and avacodo was the best ever . Everyone should sign the petition to get chi chi's back there is one online

ABS 7 years ago

HI, Does anyone have a recipe for their mexican rice or their incomparable Cheese and Onion Enchiladas? I used to eat the miniature version by the plateful from their lunch buffet.

keven 7 years ago

texas nachos i would pay for the recipe any one all i need is everthing but the chili i always order with out the chili they changed them and started putting chili in the early 90s. can any one help i will pay for the recipe it was my very favorite i really miss chi chis wish they would reopen

Randy 7 years ago

You can buy the Chi-Chi's Fiesta Restaurante Seasoning Mix by the case on the Hormel store website.

Julie 7 years ago

Looking for the recipe for a chicken soft taco. I think it was under the appitizer section. You could get this with beef or shredded chicken. It was layered with rice or a tortilla, chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, melted cheese and maybe avacado. And it came with sour cream. It was only like $5, but was a huge helping. You ate it with a fork, not rolled in a soft taco.

Brenda 7 years ago

If only Hormel didn't charge more to ship it (to Hawaii) than the product itself I would buy the Chi-Chi's Mexican Sauce so I can try and perfect the Calypso House Dressing.

I've made several attempts and I believe the closest working attempt was:

Sour Cream

Old El Paso Taco Seasoning Mix

Lime Juice (fresh thins the sour cream) and I want to say a tiny bit of real mayonnaise.

I think I'll make Taco Salads tonight and try to make the calypso for the dressing. If it goes well, I'll post again with how much of what I used.

There are several Chi-Chi's scattered through the world, I think France even has one. They were probably individually owned instead of through the chain which wouldn't have made a difference to them when the hepatitis a was going around and they had to file bankruptcy.

If anyone else has had a close run in with a good calypso recipe please share it.

2BubsInLove 7 years ago

I worked at a Chi-Chi's in Butler, PA from 1995-98. I was also a substitute teacher and worked there as a waitress at night. I lived on fresh garden salsa & chips and the Chi-Chi's Andes mints. I became really close with the other employees and we all went out to eat or go dancing after work everynight. An extremely quirky waiter friend had a crush on me - but he was too loud and crazy for me. We called eachother Bub, and would say to eachother, "Hey Bub, what's up?" when we saw eachother. Then he left for a month to visit his family and the place was dead. When he returned I missed him so much that I decided to give him a chance. We have been married now for nearly 13 years. Our favorite thing to do is remenisce about our Chi'-Chi's days, the food, nights making out after work in his VW Rabbit covered with a foot of snow from sitting in the parking lot all night. Over the years we have moved all over the country, my husband is a pilot in the Marine Corps. We were so sad that it closed, but I am so glad to have found this website. Bub and I are definitely going to make the garden fresh salsa among other recipes to conjure up great old memories! Thanks so much!

Dee 7 years ago

Does anyone have a recipe for the spicy orange chicken Chi Chi's used to have. It had some type of cheese sprinkled on top.

Jenny Ogle 7 years ago

I too am a fan of Chi-Chi's, and hope they are able to reopen! Does anyone have the recipe for the enchilada style chicken soft taco?

miss the chi chi 7 years ago

Like all of you, I too am a big fan of the old Chi Chi's. Was heartbroken when it closed. I know one other person mentioned it already but I really would like to get the recipe for Polo Magnifico. That was the best chicken I have ever had still. The seasons were out of this world on it. If anyone can knows it would love to have it.

Steffy 7 years ago

I loved Chi Chi's. My mom and I used to go there almost every week. I've been trying to recreate their Mexican rice recipe - the one they served as a side with most of their main dishes. Any ideas on this recipe?

Chi Chi's Lover 7 years ago

would sure be grateful if someone would post the 'Tampico' recipe.. (cheese and onion enchilada plate)

Best enchiladas I have ever had. My mouths waters at the very thought of them.. Especially with the diablo sauce drizzled over the top of them.

love the chi chi's 7 years ago

I loved Chi Chi's when I was a kid and I have been craving a taco salad with the house dressing so bad. Hope to try and create it. I really wish they would just reopen them they were the best.

Chad 7 years ago

What a great site. I haved tried the seafood enchalada recipe and it was rite on. I also am looking for the recipe for the extra hot salsa they served with the chips you received before your meal. It was greenish with a lot of onions and peppers and very hot.

JoeJo 7 years ago

Does anyone have the copy for chichi's cheese and onion enchiladas

Karla 7 years ago

I also always loved working at and eating at Chi Chi's. I would love it if someone could post the recipe for the Chicken Suprema Enchiladas (with the white sauce). I am so hungry for it and haven't been able to recreate it!!! Thanks

Jennifer 7 years ago

I also would love to have the Chicken Soft Taco recipe that was taken off of the menu. I ordered it everytime I went to Chi Chi's. Someone please help us find that recipe.

mark 6 years ago

I absolutely loved the chicken enchilada suprema and I live in southeast ky and believe it or not drove to dayton ohio to eat after I found out the lexington and covington ky restarants were closed, any one know how the sauce was made. I would pay for this recipe if it was the right one

L. R. 6 years ago

I wish that they would open another Chi Chi. I think what happened was just a fluke. Other restaurats have had the same thing happen to them and they are still in business. I think it would be a smart move for anyone out there that would start up another one. I loved their twice grilled burritos. Please someone start up another one. I have had alot of people say it was the best and I would be back there working in a minute. I worked at the one here for a long time and I loved it. So please wont someone look into opening up again. You will do good.

jamesmoralde profile image

jamesmoralde 6 years ago from Florida, USA

i'll be trying the nachos grande recipe this weekend. thanks!!!

great hub!

Rain 6 years ago

My entire family really miss Chi Chi's as well. We would go there once a week (usually on Sunday afternoon for an early dinner). We all had a different dinner but our most favorite thing was to order some Diablo sauce in a dish and use that as our hot sauce for our chips. We LOVED how hot it was.

If anyone has any diablo sauce recipes that seem close would you PLEASE post it? It was my dads most favorite food ever and I would love to make it for him.

Even now we all talk about Chi Chi's and how much we miss it. I miss the super soft shells of the burritos.

We were so obsessed with it that for awhile when the buildings were still around but abandoned with the signs up if my family saw a sign while we were traveling we would all FREAK OUT until we went back only to find it was closed up too. It was so sad how much we wanted/want to eat there.

We miss Chi Chi's!!

Anyone have a diablo sauce recipe??

Tricia Wilson 6 years ago

I am looking for the recipe for the Outrageous Burrito also! I would love to surprise my husband with it! That was his absolute favorite and would order it every time we went! We used to go to Chi Chi's every chance we got. My husband was recently diagnosed with Leukemia and with all of the chemo and meds his love of food is gone, but he still talks about Chi Chi's and how much he misses the Outrageous Burrito! Sure hope to find the recipe! Thanks so much!

Carolyn 6 years ago

I remember Chi Chi's Halibut steak- the best ever. Anyone know what they put on it and how they cooked it?

eric bavar 6 years ago

i need chi chis ground beef recipe please

Elaine Johnston 6 years ago

I to would love the Polo Magnifico Chicken recipe. Does anyone know if itis the Tequila marinade?


Shea 6 years ago

Cyndi, THANK YOU! I have asked everybody about those dessert puffs Chi-Chi's had. Pepperidge Farms puffs, huh? one my way to the store now so we can have them for supper. Thank you for allowing me to recreate with my own children the good times i had as a child!

conib 6 years ago

I would love a recipe for the fried beef or chicken chimichanga with the green gravy they served over it thanks for any info.

Sharon L. 6 years ago

I'm trying to find a Chi Chi's recipe for a dressing that was used there and is called Calypso dressing. It was served as a salad dressing and has a cream consistency to it. Boy was that good! I've tried to make it at home but it never turns out right. Does anyone out there know of this recipe or where I might find it?

Judy B 6 years ago

I see a lot of requests for the Nachos Grande but no recipe - does anyone have it?

jgrantn1 6 years ago

As others on here, ChiChis was family favorite...and tradition. My mom took me there once a week, and when I had my daugther, we did the same thing. Then it disappeared. We have all been so dismayed ever since. We still cry all the time..."i miss my chichis!" Our faves were Beef Chimis, Mexican Pizza, and the Queso of course. Don't think I could ever replicate them though...maybe someone will see that they are so loved and bring them back someday?

Rinky737 6 years ago


w o w ! ! ! What a thrill to find at least a few of our favorite ChiChi Recipes. My husbands was ElGrande Buro and mine was always Cancun (Seafood Enchilda). We to miss those wonderful adventures thru the ChiChi Restaurant. Someone please start a petition to have them reopen. From what I have read here, sounds like they still operate overseas in some countries. Could that be true and if it is, what are we Chopped Liver. We want them back, Pronto!

Kelley67 6 years ago

I would love a recipe for the Shredded Beef Burros. I used to drive 40 miles every Saturday with my now deceased best friend just to get those things. They were the best!

me 6 years ago

WoW ! so much Chi-Chi's love!

the employee's from the 3 Buffalo Chi-Chi's still get together once a year,

nittanylion1995 6 years ago

I miss the beef and bean burro. Does anyone have the recipe? I loved the sauce on top and have found nothing like it from PA to FL.

jennifer 6 years ago

I miss the beef chimichanga the most. Even though they were supposedly tons of calories, I would love to know how to make those. When I lived close to one, I just craved those and the queso all of the time.

jeanne 6 years ago

I'm craving the recipe for Chi Chi's "El Grande" Burro. It was fabulous. I always got the beef. I don't know what else was in the burrito, their was sauce on top, melted cheese, and sliced green onions. There has to be a copycat recipe somewhere. I've been making burritos using Chi Chi's seasoning mix from the store. It's very tasty, but the sauce on top is the mystery. The canned enchilada sauce is what I've been using, but their's no comparison. Does anybody have a copycat recipe?

Randy 6 years ago

Chi Chi's - Luxembourg - Mexican Restaurants

I think they are still open in Germany

dennis 6 years ago

i use to work for chi chi's and even as an employee i loved there food. i think chi chi's was a great place to work for. i have 2 friends that worked there, one friend worked in cherry hill till it went out of business and then transferred to the deptford, nj location and also worked there until they went out of business. kinda funny. we all have so many good memories of working there. i now see my old boss from chi chi's were i work now. i sell his mom shoes. lol

julie 6 years ago

does anyone have their recipe for a seafood chimichanga??? it was wonderful!!!!

Tami H. 6 years ago

Great page, I'm so glad I stumbled upon it today. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us in the world. Greatly appreciated by myself and many others I'm sure. I can't wait to explore more of your links.

Again, thanks so much for sharing.

MIke 6 years ago

I worked at Chi-Chi's in the mid eighties and loved the food there! The Chimachngas were good, but my absoulte foavrite meal in the world is/was their Polo Magnifico! If anyone has the recipe for that I would be so happy! Please forward to I can actaully taste the chicken in my mouth right now. Oh Chi-Chi's where have you gone!!!

RobSpurlock 6 years ago

I'VE GOT IT! BY JOVE I THINK I'VE GOT IT!!!!!! I think I've got the El Grande Beef Burrito (Burro) either season nthe Beef with Chi-Chi's Beef seasoning or just mix in the salsa.... but the red sause on top.... that was the problem... until i brushed some salso on the top, sprinkled the cheese on it AND PUT IT IN THE OVEN AND BAKED IT FOR A FEW MINUTES!!!! and when it came out... THAT HAS TO BE IT!!!!! it was red. a little crusty in all the right places. It was delicious. Chi-Chi's was right, It's All about the SALSA!!!!!

greenchili 6 years ago

Anyone have the receipe for the green chili con carne burrito wit cubed beef and cheese on the origional menu?

Jason 6 years ago

Happy Happy Happy Birthday, Happy Happy Happy Birthday, Happy Happy Happy birthday to you to you to you OLAY!

linda 6 years ago

loved chi chi's beef or chicken soft taco's can not get them anywhere else....any recipe out there for these great dishes...send to thanks

Sue 6 years ago

I LLLOOOVVVVEEED Chi Chi's!! We miss it soo much :( I wish they would open back up also. We have so many memories from there. It started with my Mom and I. Then my daughters. We celebrated every B-Day there. My girlfriend and I still continued to eat there after the "Big Scare". Please open back up. I know sooo many people who would be thrilled!!! Great site by the way.

krd 6 years ago

I worked at Chi's Chi's for in the early 90's and never got sick of their food. If anyone know the recipe for the sauce they used to put on top of the Beef Chimichangas, I would love to have it. This sauce PREDATES the green chile sauce that others have mentioned on here. The menu just called it "special" sauce and that's literally what we called it in house. It was a beef based light brown sauce, again, not green.

Also, like many people on here I would love to have the Pollo Magnifico marinade receipe. When I was there I used to ask but the chicken came pre-marinated from a prep center, so no one in the kitchen knew what the marinade was. I heard from one waitress that the chicken was marinaded in their Margarita mix but have never tried it.

Diane H. 6 years ago

BRENDA, 11 months ago---- I'm waiting for you to post of how much of what you used to make the FABULOUS CALYPSO DRESSING. I LOVED the Mexican pizza does anyone remember how to make it when they worked at Chi Chi's? Please contact me at

Rujth 6 years ago

SO glad to hear others loved Chi Chi's as much as I did. I loved their Taco salad with that DELICIOUS taco dressing. Does anyone know the recipe for it OR what it consists of? Someone mentioned sour cream and mild taco seasoning, but it what proportions? Could someone post to this? Thanks!

Diane H. 6 years ago

ANGELA HARRIS------- Can you recreate chi chi's FABULOUS CALYPSO HOUSE SALAD DRESSING for taco salad and their famous MEXICAN PIZZA? Please respond if you will be recreating these recipes. Thanks Diane.

marj57 6 years ago

My favorite dish was the soft taco enchilada style... either ground beef or chicken.

Does anyone have that recipe??? I tried but can't figure out the enchilada sauce. I really wish they didn't close, my family LOVES Chi Chi's!!!!

carrie 6 years ago

anyone able to open the link to the chicken fajitas? I am unable to open it.. can someone please send me the recipe ??

Thanks !

J.J.Q 5 years ago

i was a manager for chi chis in germany i have all of the original Recipes

contact me under

Canklefish profile image

Canklefish 5 years ago from East Coast

This is great, I've been craving the Cancun seafood enchiladas, but since they went out of business in my area...

Great hub!

Meechele 5 years ago

I worked at Chi Chis in Buffalo, NY and Egg Harbor, NJ. Also, trained to be a manager at the Oxford Valley, PA location. I HAD all the training guides and I'm pretty sure recipes were in them, but when I quit to start a new job, I threw them all out! Who would have guessed that I'd be kicking myself over 10 years later. I, too, have craved the food and I'm pretty sure I could recreate the food, if I could just get the recipes for the basic sauces. The brownish/green "Special sauce" is the one I really want.

For the Twice Grilled BBQ Burritos, we used the marinated chicken or steak that we used for fajitas. Just roll that up in a burrito size tortilla, along with some grilled peppers and onions and put it on the grill. While it's on the grill, brush the outside with BBQ sauce and flip. Finally, brush the burrito with one last layer of BBQ sauce before serving. You can add cheese inside too, if you want to, but I don't think it was made with cheese originally. ;) (BTW, the chicken was marinated in the sour mix that we used for making the margaritas. I think the beef was too, but not positive.)

And I was under the impression that the Calypso dressing was just ranch dressing with taco seasoning in it?? At least, that's what I always told the customers when I waited tables.

Christi  5 years ago

I LOVED their house dressing. I tried mixing sour cream with taco seasoning and it isn't coming close in taste... anyone know what the house dressing was made of?

melissa 5 years ago

i miss chi chi's too!!!!! this was a funny story about the "meaning" of chi chi. I lived in AZ and just got a puppy and I named her "chi chi. well I was working at the bank and our lobby was full of Mexicans and the teller next to me ask what I was gonna do that evening, so I yelled out "GOING HOME TO PLAY WITH MY CHI CHI OMG everyone in the lobby stared at me the branch manager comes running over and told me what chi chi meant. ;0

Paul and Betty 5 years ago

We also LOVED Chi Chi's. Our favorite was called Super Tostada. It was a salad in a big tortilla shell. We especially loved the dressing. We don't think it was the "Calypso" or the "House". It was practically opaque but a little greenish. It was sweetish. Anyone remember this? Or have any idea how we can duplicate it? We too would be soooo happy to hear they have reopened.

Pia 5 years ago

Worked at Chi-Chi's in Gaithersburg ,MD in the early '90. Loved going to work we had a great time:-). The food was goooood, miss it.

Tari 5 years ago

would love to taste the flavor of the enchalada style soft beef taco main dish. Anyone out there remember that

realllly goood entrée.

Robyn 5 years ago

Back in the day, My 2 brothers, boyfriend, and his brother all worked a Chi Chi's at the same time. I got to eat the food constantly and my favorites were the Beef Chimichanga, Queso and their Fried Ice Cream...Oh how I miss the food, but not the smell of all the guys work clothes :)

jeff1968 5 years ago

I worked from 1987-1990 as a hot prep, then linecook, then MOD. The CCQ recipe seems pretty accurate, however, for some reason I think we poured in half/half then wrapped and steamed it.

Some of my favorites were, mazatlan, tampico, chx or beef soft tacos, fajitas, bf or chicken enchilladas, the flat(if you know what I mean) chx nachos. The Spanish Rice was awesome, I hated it when I forgot to stir the rice in the oven and burned a whole batch. Good times good people I met my wife there almost 24 years ago

jeff1968 5 years ago

Tommy I know this is 4 years to late but what you describe is chicken nachos. It was 3 corn tortillas fried flat with their special shredded chicken evenly spread over them shredded cheese evenly spread over the chicken and 4 slices of jalepenos on each flat shell tossed in a salamander oven til melted then cut each into 4ths so each piece had 1 jalepeno slice, served with sour cream and or guacamole.

We had big square plates and put 1 in the center and fanned the rest around the one.

Jeff in Iowa 5 years ago

Don't know if anyone's answered this yet, but the House Dressing was a Calypso Dressing. Actual recipe? No idea as it came in the gallon jars and was not made in house.

Jennifer 5 years ago

Used to eat at ChiChi's when I lived in Farmington, New Mexico. Can still taste those alaskan king crab enchilada! Can't wait to try the recipe- it sounds really similar but i don't remember there being any shrimp in it. We'll see how it turns out!

dan 5 years ago

I could not explain how...sad...I was to lose chi-chis ..I was in love with their BEEF (not chicken) chimichonga ...and have had 0 luck in getting a real way of cooking it...the ones I have found don't come close..does anyone know the offical way by chance????? if so you really made my year, literally.

vespista 5 years ago

I worked at a Chi-Chi's in OH from 1990 to 1997 when the place closed. I also met my spouse there lol. We had great food, but the company was not well-run, and everything started to fall apart in the mid to late 90's. Also, when Chi-Chi's was popular, there weren't so many authentic Mexican restaurants everywhere, operating with much lower costs. These were the main 2 reasons Chi-Chi's went under, in my opinion. It was definitely NOT food quality, because it was always good. The only thing left around here like Chi-Chi's (Americanized Mexican concept) is Don Pablo's, which was never quite as good, and is also struggling as a company.

Anyway, my favorites were the Texas Nachos, (a huge pile of nachos smothered with their awesome San Antonio Chili, CCQ, and pico, shredded lettuce, sour cream, and jalps), the Twice-Grilled BBQ Burrito, (already been described... what I wouldn't do for one of those!), and the fresh garden salsa, (cannot seem to replicate this no matter how hard we try). The Fajita meat... actually "Chajitas," for all those who remember ;)... was definitely marinated in margarita mix. And those puff pastries were called "sopaipillas," correctly spelled. I hated making those things - I always burnt them lol.

I'm going to try making some of these copycats and see if they turn out. I'll know right away - I ate there 5 or 6 times a week for 7 years of my life!

Alex 5 years ago

Anyone know how to make the cheese and onion enchilada Tampico?

Rodney and Rosemary 5 years ago

Steak El Paso!!!!!! Man we miss ChiChi's

snickerdoodles 4 years ago

Here is a link to a recipe for beef Chimichangas with a green sauce that I think is pretty close to the original.

coolhandluke 4 years ago

I worked at The Chi in Pa for 3 years, great time and great food. Friends still have hard copies of lots of recipes, but the seasoming packets are what is really needed, and you cant get em. Is the fiesta seasoning really like the beef was at ChiChis? By the way, im pretty sure it had diced onion in it also.

lavachickie @ gmail . com 4 years ago

I would be EVER thankful to anyone who can set me on the right track to the Chicken a la Creama Enchiladas they used to serve. I've craved those damn things ever since they closed. Arg!

Any suggestions welcome. Just email me. lavachickie at gmail dot com.

lavachickie @ gmail . com 4 years ago

Whoops -- Chicken Enchilada Suprema! My bad. :) lavachickie at gmail dot com.

Diane H. 4 years ago

Alex 4 weeks ago--- Yes, I agree THE TAMPICO entrée was my favorite too. Did anyone that worked there, in which, I worked there know how the recipe for cheese and onion enchiladas, THE TAMPICO entrée? Diane H.

Jeri 4 years ago

Is the texas chicken nachos the same was chicken nachos? We miss Chi Chi's :(

doughmixer 4 years ago

I am looking for the recipe for Chi Chi's Grand Burro recipe with brown sauce.

Ron Sexton 4 years ago

does anyone know their recipe for el grande burritto?

Sheryl 4 years ago

I was a hostess at Chi-Chi's in Houston from 1982-1984. I miss it terribly! Loved the food, especially the Mexican Pizza and their taco salad smothered in CCQ. But to this day I can barely look at an Andes Mint...I think we hostesses ate more than we handed out!

Renee 4 years ago

For Chicken Enchiladas Supremas try: Cream of mushroom soup with sour cream and a little milk (until you get the right consistancy), cooked shredded chicken, canned green chilis, montery cheese and wrap them in flour tortillas, pour the rest of the cream of mushroom soup mixture on top with more montery jack cheese and bake them in the oven. Garnish with more green and red canned chilis. It comes close if you've got a mad craving for them.

Vicki 4 years ago

Me and my sister would go to Chi Chi's every time we were in Green Bay, it was a special treat for us. We would get the same thing every single time because it was just so awesome. Can you email me the recipe for the Twice Grilled BBQ Burritos with steak? I would so appreciate it, I did not see it listed on your site, but I am so hoping you have it. Here is my email

candy 4 years ago

Does anyone know where i can purchase the nacho chips they served with the salsa before your meal, or did chi chi's make their own? I used to go to the restaurant and buy bags of their nachos and salsa!

Carol 4 years ago

I used to work at Chi Chi's in the early 1980's . I worked in Farmington , New Mexico. We made our own chips. They fried up tortilla and made giant bins each day. The taco salad was my favorite. I also miss the diablo sauce.....

Aaron 4 years ago

I want the recipie for the mexican piZza

I loved the Chi Chi's Pollo Magnifico and would love to have the recipe. 4 years ago


I loved the Pollo Magnifico and would love the recipe.

Shelly 4 years ago

LaDonna, that is the recipe I am looking for! Man, I miss ChiChi.

keeney 4 years ago

It has been interesting reading this site. In the early 80's my husband and I frequented the Chi-chi's in Tulsa Okla. and dined there almost weekly. When we moved to Seattle in 1985 there was a Chi-chi's here with the same menu from Tulsa, but the quality of the food was horrid, and the whole family was sick afterward. What a terrible let-down. The first time I ever had Chili Rellenos was at Chi-Chi's and I fell in love with them. I have never found any others mad the same. I have craved them since the 80's. Does any one know how they were made. I especially would love the brown sauce that was used on top. It contained cumin in it, but was not a chili verde base. Please please some one send it in.

Joaquin 4 years ago

A link to the Chi Chi's menu, brings back very fond memories:

wantmychichi 4 years ago

like so many above i MISS my chichi's. i could go crazy just for the smell

of their chicken taco salad in one of their bowls with the house dressing

i think i might try sour cream, taco seasoning with a touch of thousand island dsg in it. if this comes anywhere near it.... i rotisserie the chicken and then cook it in a slow cooker or in a skillet over very low with a taco seasoning mix old el passo and that gets sour cream added and that is the closest i've come to the chicken. i haven't found ANY salad bowl that beats theirs

Cindy 4 years ago

Do you have their bean dip recipe?? I would love to make it!!

harvshoney 4 years ago

Hi All! I too craved the Chi-Chi's El Grande Burro! So, I tried several times, and here's a close one that will at least get ya through the cravings!

Assemble this on an oven safe plate:

Large soft flour tortilla (microwave a few seconds to soften for rolling)

Stuff With:

Ground Beef cooked with ChiChis Seasoning Pack (Or use diced onions, green chilis, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and cumin to taste)

Shredded Lettuce

A tablespoon or so of fresh Pico (mix chopped tomato, onion, peppers, cilantro, lime juice, salt)

Shredded Cheddar & Monterrey Jack Cheese

SAUCE: Mix equal parts brown/beef gravy (prepared) with tomato soup or sauce.Whisk together well and add garlic powder and cumin to taste. THEN mix an equal part of this sauce with taco sauce (I used Ortega Red Medium). Sauce will be slightly thick like gravy. Pour or brush over burrito generously.

Sprinkle with more shredded Cheddar/Jack Cheese.

Bake (I used my toaster oven) 350* for about 20 minutes. ENJOY!

machelle 3 years ago

chi chi's had theeeeee best shredded beef enchiladas i ever ever eaten. Wilkes-Barre ,Pa. the margaritas were to die for. I would love the recipe!!! anyone???

mds1d2 2 years ago

Pollo Magnifico Chi Chi chicken recipe. I haven't tried this one but I finally found one that might just be the same! 14 months ago

Just wondering if anyone had the recipe for the gravy sauce they put on their ground beef chimichanga, woyld live to have it

Anita Dukes 7 months ago

I really enjoyed reading through this site. I only got part of the way through and had to leave. But I'm wondering if anyone has the recipe for their chile relleno? It was one of the 2 things I had on my first visit. I would love to know how to make it.

Sue 7 months ago

Can't tell you how many times I've heard or said "I miss ChiChi's" over the years since they closed. Does anyone have the recipe for their beef enchilada-style soft taco?

Judy 7 months ago

I still crave chi-Chi's shredded beef chimichangas especially the sauce that go's over them. Please HELP.

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