Chicken in a Pot

Chicken in a pot

A really delicious meal, low in carbohydrates and high in protein is this Crock Pot Chicken. It's cheap, nourishing, totally yummy and so easy to make that a child could do it. Just remember to thoroughly wash the chicken first, cleanliness is everything, especially where chicken is concerned. As for the cooking, well the oven will make sure there are no bacteria left after a long, slow cook in a moderate oven. The meat falls off the bone and the tasty gravy permeates the chicken to give it an exquisite, gorgeous taste. In my view, that's what cooking is all about. And, as it's all done in one pot, the washing up is minimal and as it's in the oven for a long time, you can go and do other things. Chicken in a pot is an easy meal to prepare. Give it a try.

Glorious chicken in a pot


These are the ingredients I used, but the choice is yours.

1 medium chicken

1 leek

1 onion

1 carrot

a stick of celery

salt and pepper

A litre of chicken stock

2 cloves of garlic

shredded cabbage

kidney beans

veg oil.

A heaped teaspoon of horseradish sauce.

The easy method

Oil the pan and brown the chicken on top of the cooker and leave to one side.

Dice up the vegetables and cook for a few minutes in the same pan, adding salt and pepper to taste.

Once they are getting soft, add the chicken back on top of them. Pour in some chicken stock to half way up the bird, and sprinkle with tarragon. Add the salt and pepper. Spread a little horseradish cream over the chicken.

Cover the pot and place in the centre of the oven pre-heated to 220C, gas mark 7 for half an hour. Now reduce the oven temperature to 180C or gas mark 4 for an hour. After an hour take the pot out of the oven and add some shredded cabbage and some kidney beans to the delicious stew. The measurements are imprecise as some like a lot of these and some don't. It's a matter for yourself. At the same time add a tablespoon of cornflour mixed with cold water to the pot. This will thicken the gravy. Put the pot back in the oven without the lid for a half hour and then drool over your chicken in a pot.

Serve the Crock Pot Chicken with mashed potato.

Slow Cooked Chicken

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Putz Ballard profile image

Putz Ballard 6 years ago

Great recipe, thanks for sharing.

scarytaff profile image

scarytaff 6 years ago from South Wales Author

You're welcome Putz

Hello, hello, profile image

Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

It sounds great and I got to try it. You are a good cook and I can tell you enjoy a good meal.

scarytaff profile image

scarytaff 6 years ago from South Wales Author

Thanks for commenting, hello hello. You're right, I love food but am trying to watch my weight.

Sa`ge profile image

Sa`ge 6 years ago from Barefoot Island

Oh my, you got me with heap teaspoon of horseradish sauce. Anything with that in it is so delicious. I must try this recipe. Thank you. I dance on your buttons for more horseradish; haha :D aloha :D

scarytaff profile image

scarytaff 6 years ago from South Wales Author

Thanks, Sa'ge. You will not be disappointed.

onegoodwoman profile image

onegoodwoman 6 years ago from A small southern town

I just happen to have a chicken and a head of cabbage.

Think I shall try this on.

scarytaff profile image

scarytaff 6 years ago from South Wales Author

I know you'll enjoy it, onegoodwoman.

Vacation Trip profile image

Vacation Trip 3 years ago from India

Great recipe. It looks delicious. Will surely try this out. Thanks for sharing.

scarytaff profile image

scarytaff 3 years ago from South Wales Author

Thanks for your comment. Enjoy.

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