Chile Makes It Taste Good

Gramma's Red Chile

Growing up we had chile for every meal. Whether red,green or even the peppers you buy in the jar. I love chile and I eat it with almost everything. I can't eat breakfast without it. I love to make omlettes and then put chile on top of it. Yummy can't go wrong there. Hope you try this recipe and I hope you enjoy it.


2 pounds of ground beef

2 garlic pods {crushed

4 tablespoons of chile molido puro. {red chile powder Fernandez is the best}

3 tablespoons of flour

salt to taste

cold water

Start by frying the meat in a skillet. Once the meat is done remove meat to a container.

In same skillet brown the flour with a small amount of oil. {like if your making home made gravy}

Once the flour is ready put the meat back in the slillet and stir into the flour.

Add the chile and stir all ingredients together.

Now you gradually add in the water and stir as you do to keep balls from forming.

I prefer to use a wisk just to get rid of any flour balls.

Once you've added in about 3 cups of water then add in garlic and bring to a boil

When the chile starts to boil lower the temp and let simmer for thirty minutes. If the chile looks to thick you may gradually add in more water. Small amounts at one time.

Add in salt to taste and enjoy.

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awsydney profile image

awsydney 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia

I love chilli and absolutely cannot do without it for some of my favourite dishes.

Tracy711 profile image

Tracy711 7 years ago Author

Me too I love it I have different recipes so I will share them with my friends. So just keep checking in and see if I have a recipe you don't have. Have a wonderful day and God bless you

thanglynn07 profile image

thanglynn07 7 years ago from Long Beach, CA

I love chile and I too put it in every meal I make. Whether it be stir fry or marination, I put chile in everything! It adds that burst of flavor! Love it, can't cook without it!

Tracy711 profile image

Tracy711 7 years ago Author

I agree it's the spice of life to me. I've loved it since I was a small child. It's what makes everything taste good to me.

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