Chitranna for Breakfast or Lunch.

If Made in Basumathi Rice.

Chitranna is King of all Breakfasts in Bramhins Home.( My Home also.)

Keep the following items ready.

1 - 2 cups Basmati rice
2 - 5 tbsp Lemon juice
3 - 2 tsp Mustard Seeds
4 - 2 tsp Urad Daal
5 - 2 tsp Chana Daal
6 - 2-3 Dried Red chilies
7 - 1/2 tsp Turmeric Powder
8 - A pinch of asafetida
9 - A pinch of Turmeric
10 -1/2cup Roasted Peanuts
11 - 10-12 Curry leaves
12 - 1 tbsp Grated coconut
13 - Salt to taste
14 - 2 tbsp Vegetable oil

Preparation is as under a cool recipe in all Mysore Bramhins Homes.

1 - Cook the rice, cool and keep aside

2 - Heat oil in a deep bottomed pan.

3 - Add asafetida, dried red chilies cut into two, urad dal and chana dal.

4 - Cook until dals change color to light brown.

5 - Add peanuts and mustard seeds. When the mustard seeds start to splutter, add curry leaves. Fry for another 10 seconds.

6 - Next, add turmeric powder and stir well.

7 - Add cooked rice, salt and lemon juice. Mix well very gently so that the rice grains do not break.

8 - Garnish with freshly grated coconut and serve hot with fried Balka.

9 - Keep a Cup of water please Balka is dry chilly filled inside with salt.

Tip - Slow Flame Cooking is best.

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