Chocolate-covered prunes pudding recipe

Chocolate-covered prunes
Chocolate-covered prunes

Chocolate-covered prunes pudding

Ok, eating loads of chocolate isn't the best way to better health, but we all need to succumb once in a while. Food is for enjoyment, after all. Here i've used modest amounts of the best chocolate available - and good chocolate contains chemicals, which release the feel-good factor in the brain. The chocolate is also combined with ultra-healthy prunes, one of the richest sources of cancer-protective nutrients. (Serves 4)

Top quality plain dark chocolate: 110g

Top quality milk chocolate: 110g

Stoneless California prunes: about 350g (32 prunes)

Fresh mint: 3 tablespoons, finely chopped leaves

Melt both chocolates separately in bowls set over saucepans of simmering water / Dip half the prunes one at a time in each of the chocolates / Arrange alternately on a large platter / Scatter over the mint to serve.

These make an unusual addition to cocktail party nibbles.

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