Chowking Delivery Number and Menu Philippines

Chowking Delivery Philippines

There are many restaurants and fast food chains in the Philippines but one would really stand out would be Chowking. This is because it is a fusion of Chinese food that is catered to the unique preferences of the Filipino people. Going to Chowking is truly a delight most especially because their menus offer more than just meals but also great desserts and many other things. You will be able to taste the different Chinese cuisines that is suited specifically for the Filipino preference.

There's so much diversity in the Chowking Philippines Menu that every member will surely be able to enjoy. And what better way to enjoy Chowking food than in the comfort of your home? Well, there is no point in waiting because just by dialing 9-8888 you can have anything from the Chowking menu right at the comfort of your home!

Chowking Delivery Menu

Chowking Delivery Manila

There's so much stuff you can get from their menu.There are even packages that are already set meals for the entire family. They have for groups of 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or even party packages for your catering needs. Have that quality dining time with your family while enjoying Chowking food at the comfort of your home.

I personally love their lauriat meals and recommend it msot especially because you will be able to sample a bit of everything that they have to offer. I also like their congee and noodle soups and many other things. 

Fast Food Delivery Philippines

There are many other alternatives when thinking of getting fast food in the Philippines delivered in your home.Here are some of my suggestions if you are thinking of getting food delivered in your home.

Chowking Delivery Video

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kaori 5 years ago

Good food yes. Poor service. It takes an hour for your food to be on your table even if there are only few guests, not sure with other branch. I experienced their poor service in Eastwood. You will not also enjoy the taste of their Naicha because it's full of ice even if you requested for less ice, whew!

Gina 5 years ago

Wish I can order by delivery here in Bacoor Cavite, But the problem is when dialling in SM Bacoor Branch nobody is answering the phone..H

joy 5 years ago

very poor service!!!!!!!!!,the food delivered an was in chowking sm city lipa code is 1444 owned by FRESH N FAMOUS FOOD INC. very disappointing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!happen this day 12-29-11 at around 1:09pm...nakakabwisit talaga pati mga manager dedma sa reklamo receipt no is 01465233.

RAYMUND 5 years ago


Harry Santos profile image

Harry Santos 5 years ago from Metro Manila, Philippines Author

You mad bro? hahaha

Carla 4 years ago

Extremely poor service!!! I have ordered regular and special large halo-halo and siopao at 17:10 on the 8th of April. I was given the number 38 to wait for my order together with the siopao.Five minutes after, I have seen a customer holding halo-halo on her tray. When I approached the staff at 17:15 I have seen another group of people with 2 halo-halo ready whilst waiting for their other orders. I have pointed out the situation and I decided to walk off and left my order and my change. I am very disappointed.

Guest 4 years ago

I do not recommend Chowking delivery! Service sucks big time! The first time I was informed that the nearest branch can't make the delivery 'coz delivery time is only until 10pm. The second time my order was acknowledged but I got a call back after 10 minutes that the nearest branch can't accommodate my orders 'coz they don't have riders to deliver and the store has lots of pending orders. Tsk tsk.. not going to try for a third time!

cris 4 years ago

very poor service ilang beses nako nagorder ng siopao lage mali binibigay na sauce instead of siopao sauce toyo mansi nilalagay. saka experience nanamin ilang beses dumi ng mga plates ninyo parang di nahugasan dyan sa robinson galleria ortigas.hindi accomodating mga crew. saka tagal talaga service kahit saang branch ng chowkin kahit konte customer tagal. kulang sa training mga crew nyo.

dina paigan 4 years ago

your contack numbers are difficult to call.

Toni 4 years ago

I do not recommend Chowking delivery! Service sucks big time! You call them they confirm your address then get your order then inform you that no branch can cater you coz all their riders are out due to pending deliveries... Duh?!!!!!

mc WEnz 4 years ago

how mucg your Special Halo halo?

Lyla... 4 years ago

Chowking in Manila sucks.. yes that is true, poor service, crews are not accommodating.. I was served with spoiled ingredients for my halo halo in Chowking Cubao in Aurora Blvd... But here in Cebu particularly in Mango Avenue now gen Maxilom, service is great.. the owner is hands-on and addressses concerns promptly, kudos to Miguel B., then also in chowking Guadalupe, Cebu City.. service is great, kudos also to the manager... both these outlets- their crew are A-OK... I dunno there in Manila why that has been like that, something has to be done by management, city health dept has also to look on it to ensure clean food and utensils... I cannot also speak for other provincial places

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