Chorizo Mexican food greatness

Mmmmmm CHoRIZO !!!

    If you love Mexican Food and have yet to try out Chorizo then you are either, one-crazy, two-only eat Taco Bell, or three-white. Chorizo is a Mexican delicacy that is a huge staple of Mexican Food. It usually comes in a sausage form, but also comes in a patty like ground beef. One of the best ways to eat it is to break it up into scrambled eggs or chopped up potatoes and eat it for breakfast. You can also just keep it in the sausage form and BBQ it and eat it like that. Honestly though, the best way to eat it is to just break it up into something and eat it, it adds such a nice flavor that you will have to come back for more. Some people are turned off by it because it can look a little odd, but honestly you shouldn't knock it till you try it. A lot of good things have odd Hubpages. If it taste good and doesn't hurt you, then what reason do you have not to eat it unless you don't eat meat. In any case, I highly recommend anyone going to a authentic Mexican restaurant and ask for an Egg and Chorizo burrito. To be safe, go in the morning when they are still serving breakfast. If you want, add a little potatoes, beans, and rice, very tasty. 

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James 10 years ago


smoovstella profile image

smoovstella 10 years ago

MMMMmmmmmMMMMMmmmm! YOU ARE NOT LYING, OMBRE! We love this stuff in our kitchen. Especially with scarmbled eggs and potatos, wrapped in a flour tortilla or on bread. It smells so good too! I don't think we have ever gone without this stuff since I was a kid. I grew up with it and now my kids do and lucky hubby (the gringo in the family lol) loves it too. I'm mexican so I agree with you being a staple food lol. My hubby is Irish and can't live without it now......oh my, I'm so hungry now just thinking about it. ACK!

Salim Jaffer 8 years ago

That was wicked and hip

greg admandso 8 years ago

i eat it every day

kiss me 8 years ago


wow 8 years ago

how did you find this stuff out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NorCal D profile image

NorCal D 7 years ago from SF Bay Area & San Diego

Chorizo + eggs + tortillas = the best! Thank goodness there are 24 hour grocery stores :D

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