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Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world, and some people are addicted to its rich taste and aroma.

It is the roasting method that determines the taste and aroma of coffee.

Lower temperatures yield mild and sweet coffee, and higher temperatures produce produce the strong, bitter variety that true coffee connoisseurs seem to prefer.

Coffee is so popular until entire chains of stores are devoted solely to the drink.

Even given the popularity of coffee, many people are still unsure of the different variations of coffee.

If you are one of those people, keep reading so that you will have a better understanding of what to order when you step into your local trendy Starbucks or a Caribou Coffee Shop.


Coffee first appeared in Yemen in the fourteenth century, and by the seventeenth century it had spread all over Europe.

Coffee houses popped up all across England by 1675 - in fact, there were 3,000 coffee houses in England serving the addictive drink at a penny per cup.

The first coffee houses (England) were dubbed "penny universities," because they were a place of "important discussion" about news, politics, and business.

Eventually, coffee was monopolized by the Arabs and Dutch, then plantations began in the East Indies, Haiti, Suriname, Antilles, French Guiana, and finally Brazil.

For a more in-depth history of coffee, check out Jerilee Wei's History of Coffee in the New World.


Espresso is coffee in a highly concentrated form. Espresso is actually the name of the extraction method but many people use the term to refer to the actual drink.

Espresso may be consumed plain, or it may be the base of cappuccinos, lattes and other coffee based drinks.

It is sometimes served in tiny cups due to the strong level of concentration - a couple of sips can deliver a high-voltage jolt.

Espresso is for people who absolutely love the taste of coffee, because it offers such a strong flavor; devotees consider it a religion.


Cappuccino is made by combining equal parts of steamed milk, espresso, and topped with milk froth (steamed milk foam).

After the drink is prepared it it served with shaved chocolate, raw sugar or cinnamon sprinkled on top.


Americano is considered to be A "watered down" version of Espresso.

In fact, Americano, which is also referred to as Cafe Americano, is espresso poured into a cup of hot water.

The popular Americanized coffee drink is still stronger than regular coffee, it is just not as strong as Espresso.


Latte is espresso mixed with hot, frothy steamed milk. Lattes come in many different variations, ie: Mocha Latte is espresso mixed with hot, steamed chocolate milk, Chai Latte is made with Indian Chai spices.

Types of coffee drinks
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luisj305 profile image

luisj305 5 years ago from Florida

Ahh my best friend..Coffee..liquid energy..good thing it leaked away from the Arabs and Dutch, sometimes i can't imagine my day without it!!!

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tammyswallow 5 years ago from North Carolina

I really, really, really love Coffee. I enjoyed this hub and I am going to try some of these. There is no bad coffee. I love Starbucks Sumatra the best.. strong. Thank you for this wonderful hub!

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