Coffee with Cinnamon and Honey

And I liked it . . .

Recently, on one of my renovation projects (drywalling) I was offered a cup of coffee by the owner.  Now she brought me a cup the way I normally take it... Double Double.  However, as I sipped the cup after 3 hours of drywalling, I noticed her watching me. 

As the taste reached my emotional response was what she was looking for. 

"This is wonderful, what's in it?"  I asked as I continued with a second, much larger sip of the delicious cup of joe.

"Well, around here, we make our coffee with a pinch of cinnamon in it.  And as for the sweetener, we add honey.  Cream, well, we still use an 18% creamer but I love to watch peoples reactions.  Everyone likes it. "

It was so good, that I have my wife adding it to our morning perk.   Adding cinnamon to the coffee makes it so nice.  The honey is very good in it too. 

Strangely enough, I had a bit of a cold and it was gone in 2 days.  I feel great each day too. 

I have an ulcer, which I daily take a pill in the evening before bed.  Lately, I have not even been taking it.  The truth be told, I haven't had one in 5 days.  I have had this ulcer for the past 7 years and if I miss my pill in the evening, I can forget about that morning coffee.  But there is something about the cinnamon and honey combination that makes me feel fine.  I have been reading up on cinnamon and honey combination to see if there are other medicinal values and I have found lots.  I'll do what I can to bring you a few of them in other hubs but for now, if you like coffee, then give the cinnamon and honey thing a try.

Have you ever tried adding cinn. to your coffee?

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