Cooking with bananas

Bananas in World's cuisines

Different parts of the world use the banana in different ways to come up with mouth watering banana delicacies. There are synonymous recipes that feature specific cultures but generally, it is agreeable all over that bananas produce very unique tastes. The preparation of bananas can only equal that of potatoes, which many different cultures across the globe devise different ways of cooking them thanks to their resourcefulness.

Lets start with the common but outstanding cuisines synonymous with known cultures. The Banana Split, is a classic American Dessert which date back to the 1900s. Its first appearance was in Pennsylvania where it constituted a split of banana, few scoops of ice cream, strawberry sauce, chocolate sauce and Americas traditional maraschino cherry spread on top. Another very popular recipe in the western world using bananas is banana bread recipe (check this site for lots of recipes -

In Brazil, you are sure to find a dessert of bananas mashed in with brown sugar, cinnamon or cloves and grated ginger. The mix up is brought to cook slowly over low heat as it thickens. It is left to cool then molded into a roll, sliced and then served.

Another popular banana recipe is the banana fritters of the Caribbean. The fritters consist of chunks of bananas dipped in flour, then dipped into rich batter. They are then flavored with rum. Next, they are deep fried in hot oil until they turn golden and finally sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Next country that has some banana recipes to share and is big on bananas is India. They have quite a few recipes that include bananas so lets mention a few of them. I am sure that you have heard of Lassi, a traditional Indian drink. Of course there is a banana version of it that is called Sweet banana lassi and is made out of (no surprise) bananas and yogurt. Then there is a dessert called Panchamrutham that is made out of bananas, spices and honey and plenty of other recipes.

I am sure that the most widespread use of bananas in cuisine comes from the countries that actually grow bananas. There they have hundreds of recipes that also use bananas. These recipes cover everything from salads to soups to vegetable stews. One of the more known recipes are also different curry dishes that have bananas in them. These are very popular in countries like Philippines, Malaysia or Thailand.

So far we have eaten bananas raw, cooked and fried, now it is time to drink them. To do this we need to go to East Africa where they use them to brew beer! and if you are still not convinced how useful and widespread bananas are in cooking - of all the meals prepared with bananas only 80% are prepared with the fruit itself, all others use other parts of the banana plant, like leaves for instance.

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Trsmd profile image

Trsmd 7 years ago from India

Are you sure you are thinking of bananas, and not plantains? I know there are some recipes which call for the plantain to be cooked with the skin on.

ben.dunn1234 profile image

ben.dunn1234 7 years ago Author

Depends in which recipe, but yes banana plantain is used for beer for instance... I think they are still a sort of bananas.

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