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Make the Best Copycat Recipes From Your Favorite Restaurants

We've all been there- you go to a restaurant and find a recipe to die for. You start going so often just for that one recipe and it starts putting a big dent in your budget and your loved ones are getting a little annoyed by eating at the same restaurant all of the time.

I've compiled a list of websites that have great copycat recipes from famous restaurant chains like KFC, Chili's, Red Lobster, and more. I also have included links to favorite specific copycat recipes that are the most requested.

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Diane H. 6 years ago

Angela Harris--- Can you recreate Chi Chi's FABULOUS CALYPSO HOUSE SALAD DRESSING for taco salad and their famous MEXICAN PIZZA? Please respond if you will be recreating these recipes. Thanks Diane Hart.

Diane H. 6 years ago

Angela Harris---- Can you recreate the recipe for OFF MAC AND CHEESE and the CHICKEN POT PIE? Please respond if you will be recreating these recipes. Thanks Diane Hart.

Diane H.  6 years ago

Angela Harris---- Sorry, the above comment please omit the word OFF and replace it with KFC. THANKS Diane Hart.

Diane H. 5 years ago

Angela--There was a restaruant in Bexley Ohio named Touchstone Cafe which trained the mentally challenged to serve lunch and dinner. I worked there training them on serving lunch and dinner. Can you recreate their touchstone cafe curry chicken salad on a bed of lettuce. This resteraunt was in business in the early 1990's. Thanks Diane H.

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country woman 5 years ago

Angela Harris--- I have sent 4 comments and have no response from you or no one has respond why ? Diane H.

ako budoy 5 years ago


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