Best Copycat recipes (make restaurant favorites at home)

Copy your Restaurant Favorites

Ever find yourself with a craving for a particular restaurant just because of one minor menu item that you can't get enough of? Well, now you can make many of those items at home instead of heading out to the restaurant, thanks to the hard work of crafty cooks who post recipes all over the internet. There are probably hundreds of copycat recipe websites available online now, but not all of them are worth your time and many of them of horrible, ugly interfaces which make it difficult to find the recipes you are seeking.

Instead of wasting so much of your time surfing from site to site, I've outlined and reviewed what's on offer at some of the best copycat restaurant recipe sites right here, as well as providing you with the latest updates from a couple of the more popular copycat restaurant recipes blogs. I hope you enjoy them!

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Copykat Recipes is my top pick for copycat restaurant recipe sites. All of the recipes are free, the site design is clean and fresh looking and the website is easy to navigate. You can search for specific recipes using the search feature or you can browse by course type (appetizers, entrees, breads, soups, desserts, etc.) or even by level of cooking difficulty. The fact that notes level of cooking difficulty on their recipes is especially useful to someone like me who isn't that great a cook. If it's too hard, then I'm just going to head to the restaurant!

While you can browse all the recipes you like at Copykat without being a member, signing up for a membership lets you use the site to organize your favorite recipes, rate recipes and share recipes of your own with other members. In addition, there's also a very active and friendly message board.

CDKitchen Copycat and Restaurant Recipes

CDKitchen has a vast selection of copycat recipes at their free and easy to use website which features an alphabetical listing of all the restaurants for which they have copycat recipes. They also have a search feature which will help you find recipes you are hunting for specifically. One of the other things I really like about the CDKitchen site is that there are no annoying pop-ups on the page which makes it much easier to surf their site.

Robbie's Recipes

Robbie's Recipes has a copycat restaurant recipes page that is worth checking out. While not nearly as comprehensive as what's on offer at Copykat, Robbie does have a great and easy to navigate selection of some of the top favorite tasty dishes from America's chain restaurants.

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