Crane Lake Chardonnay Review

How Does Crane Lake Chardonnay Rate?

I've had such good luck with white wines lately, so I couldn't pass up giving this one a try (it doesn't hurt that it was on sale at the time). Something about warm summer days puts me in the mood for a good, chilled, white wine.

Quick Five Finger Rating Breakdown

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Five Fingers: Awesome, drink it now!

Four Fingers: Not bad, share with others.

Three Fingers: Pretty good, but no raving.

Two Fingers: Need a buzz fast? Add some juice.

One Finger: Uh...only if you are already drunk.

Zero Fingers: They call this wine? More like vinegar.

The Wine Goof's Review

I was unexpectedly disappointed with this wine because it lacked one important quality: flavor. While many white wines are ruined by being overpowering in flavor or too sweet, this one was so underpowering that I might as well have been drinking water.

Of course, this wine does contain alcohol, making it a bit different from actually drinking water. That's what makes this wine so perfect for using in mixed wine drinks. Simply add it to juice or use it in a wine smoothie recipe.

I'll give it: 2-½ Fingers

(The ability to use it in mixed drinks is what gives this wine the half finger.)

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Carol 9 years ago

I think Crane Lake is good for what it is. It's cheap wine, so you're just not going to get much depth in a $4 or $5 bottle. When I had it, it met my expectations for a cheap chard. Better than Barefoot for around the same price point.

Stacie Naczelnik profile image

Stacie Naczelnik 9 years ago from Seattle Author

Carol, thanks for your input. That's the thing about wine: everybody's tastes differ! My cheap wine reviews end up with some unexpected, positive surprises, but Crane Lake was not one of them. Maybe it is because I had just had a couple of surprisingly good cheap chards before trying that one!

Shawn 8 years ago

I had the house white at one of my favorite Manhattan restaurants and, when asked, was told it was Crane Lake (@$7.50 a glass!) I couldn't believe my local wine store carries it @$5.99 a bottle. Sorry to disagree with the n egative comments but I thought it was excellent!

Stacie Naczelnik profile image

Stacie Naczelnik 8 years ago from Seattle Author

Hey, everyone's tastes are different--that is what makes it so interesting. I bet with the right food, it would be very good.

carol m 7 years ago

Well, I'm drinking a glass of the pinot noir as we speak (write!) and i am finding it to be one of the tastiest I've had in a while, and I've had some 15.-20. bottles lately...VERY surprising at 3.49 a bottle.

As long as I don't get a headache, I'm hooked.



Matt Warren 6 years ago

I drink it for what it is. 4 bucks a bottle.

Alex 6 years ago

I just bought this and love 2 buck chuck chard ive every had...

Sabrina Sabala 6 years ago

I found this wine at the dollar store off tully rd in Modesto Ca, and I loved it. I then webt back to the same $1 tree store and no more...:( I even called once a week to see if they got anymore in. Nope- not happening... So- now I buy it at Winco for $3.85 a bottle...:) It works be- I drink like 2 bottles a week. So it wrks for me. I enjoy the merlot, Cab-, and chardonnay. Luv and now I really want to visit the winnery SOON!

MarkAse profile image

MarkAse 6 years ago from San Diego, CA

Not sure I would say it was "good" but Crane Lake does a good job considering the price point they work in. I think it's a ton better than Charles Shaw's $2 Chuck

Linda 5 years ago

My brother brought this wine to my house, He usually brings lousy wine over, poor tasting. I was pleasantly surprised with the taste of this wine. I would like to buy another bottle to see if the taste is consitsent. I usually buy Chardonay from the russian river valley or sonoma, Calfornia, usually pay 20 to 30 dollars a bottle.

This wine was good.

Christne 5 years ago

I bought a bottle of Crane Lake, CA Viognier for $3.00 at Big Lots and it was very tasty and would definately buy a case if I can find it.

Victoria 5 years ago

i found the wine at the 99 cent store it is very good- voigneir 750ML

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