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Are you crazy as much as I do with Trader's Joe Speculoos Cookie Butter?! Hell, yeah! Why not? Flavors are melting in my mouth, i coudn't resist. Just as how craze the people are about 'French Macaroon' same feeling I had with this.

First time I heard about it is through my previous officemate who posted in Facebook her newly bought Trader's Joe Speculoos Cookie Butter while eating ice cream with it, vanilla flavor. It got my attention because of its lovely packaging, am sure it will get your attention too. So i asked what it was and where she bought it. I'm already wanting to buy one even though i havent tasted it yet. Sadly, it's from California and it cannot be bought in any supermarket her in the Philippines. A month after, my boyfriends friend, posted a photo of her Trader's Joe Speculoos Cookie Butter, boom my addiction to have one occured again. I'm thinking, it must be that really good because people are craving to buy it and even asking friends of friend to order one from their source. So I began searching on the web as to where i could buy one and happily i was able to locate one. The sad things is I can't get it right away since demand here in the Philippines and supply is limited only since it came from California. I can only order but I can only get it on August since stock is limited.

So my craving is really high at that point. Then just today after I went to supermarket, I decided to go to Gonuts Donuts. i just wanted to look but not really buy. And then, I saw this add on their table about a new flavor, " Speculoos Cookie Butter Donuts." And from the ad, there's a blurry pic of Traders Joe Speculoos Cookie Butter! Yes, you're right, I bought one just to try. Shocks, its delicious! I couldn't get enough of it so i bought 1 dozen after. Cookie Butter flavor is so yummy, it's melting in my mouth, very smooTh to taste. The best flavor of Gonuts Donuts. My cravings are satisfied, i wont have to wait for months, i can always go and buy cooke butter donuts!

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