Creamy Vanilla Iced Coffee Recipe

Vanilla Iced Coffee

Even better than the vanilla iced coffee from McDonald's the secret that makes this creamy iced vanilla coffee so delicious is real cream and real vanilla along with real organic sugar.

So if you're counting calories this may not be the drink for you, but if you're looking a delicious decadent drink to help you cool down on these hot summer days then look no further.

One the best things about this recipe is that not only is it fast and easy to make, it's also much more economical than going out for your iced coffee.

And if you'd like to make a caramel cream or mocha iced coffee just add a couple of TBS of caramel or chocolate syrup to the vanilla iced coffee recipe. You may also want to adjust or eliminate the sugar otherwise it may be a little too sweet.

creamy vanilla iced coffee recipe
creamy vanilla iced coffee recipe


1 Cup strong coffee
1/4 Cup whipping cream
1/4 Cup whole milk
1 tsp. Pure vanilla extract
Organic sugar

Make a strong cup of coffee and then add your sugar mixing well to make sure that all of sugar dissolves. Next add the vanilla extract , milk and whipping cream and then pour over ice while the coffee is still hot and serve.

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