Creative Brown Bag Lunches

Boring Lunches?

How many of us have children that are complaining about the same old thing that they get for lunch? How about a husband who does that? How about yourself?

I was tired of hearing it, tired of making the same old thing. So I began a search of something different. There are a lot of sites giving advice but most of it was identical word for word. I started then to take things from each of them and came up with my variations of things. The family is loving it. To make it even better, I created a document that lists out all the different choices that could be had for their lunches and they began to create their own.

Creative Lunch Matrix

The following is a summary of what my topics look like:

Choose the sandwich style you want:

  • Regular bread (store bought, homemade, shaped [cut by cookie cutters – a fun alternative], two-toned[different colored bread cut and “fit” into each other like a puzzle)
  • ·Pita
  • ·Wrap
  • ·Quesadilla
  • ·Roll
  • ·English Muffin
  • ·Bagel
  • ·Pinwheels
  • ·Sub
  • ·Surprise (take a roll, pull a plug out of it, stuff with your sandwich fixings, put plug back in)

Now, choose what you want in your sandwich (the main selection and not the condiments which are listed later):

· Chicken salad

· Ham salad

· Beef salad

· Tuna salad

· Cold cuts

· Cheese



· Taco

· Crab salad

· Cranberry Turkey

· Meatloaf

· Egg Salad

· Hawaiian

· Pizza

· BLT cheese

· Cucumber

· Turkey/Chicken Avocado

· Waldrof salad

· Persian chicken

· PB & Banana

· PB, Honey, Choc Chips

· Hot dogs

· Jelly

· Cream Cheese

· Chicken and Rice

What kind of condiments do you want:

· Mayo

· Mustard

· Ketchup

· Lettuce

· Tomato

· Onion

· Avocado

· Fruit

· Cheese

· Jelly

Then for the sides I list out several options and cross out any that are out of season or just temporarily off the grid:

· Crackers

· Cheese

· Brownies

· Banana

· Apple

· Cherries

· Applesauce

· Pickle

· Olives

· Plum

· Orange slices

· Pasta salad

· Mac and Cheese

· Salad

· Yogurt

· Cucumbers

· Radishes

My sides list is much longer than this, but it gives you idea. When I did this, making lunches became more fun and the family really enjoy their lunches now, even the husband.

Add your own variations to this and go to town. Everyone will enjoy it.

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PamD 4 years ago

In my house, my husband & I are the "kids"! Very useful tips!!

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