Creative Ways To Reuse A Cupcake Stand

Cupcake stands can be a great way to display the cupcakes for your party, be it a simple birthday party or a wedding reception. Since many brides are shying away from the traditional wedding cake, reusable cupcake stands are becoming more and more popular to display their crafted cupcakes. If you opt for such a display at your wedding or other party, you may be wondering what you can do to reuse your elegant stand without it going to waste, especially if you have created it yourself.  Wedding cupcake stands tend to only get used once, but with some creativity you can find tons of extra use for them.

If you have created it yourself, making a stand that is easily unstackable is a great way to use the different pieces in other applications. You may find that the top tier can be a great catch all for things as you come into your home, with keys, pens, paper, and other tidbits finding their way into it, while reminding you of your wonderful day. If your cupcake stand is perfectly stackable, you may find that you can store it to be used for other parties, while occasionally changing the topper to match the theme. This is a great way to get multiple uses out of your stand, without it becoming dull or boring.

Another great alternative are cardboard cupcake stands, which can be bought or created in just a matter of hours. In fact, many well-designed cupcake stands have been created from cardboard. While using cardboard as a material limits the about of re-usability you can get out of your stand, it does cut down on the price, as you can often afford it with the same decorations you would a wooden stand, without paying the price for the wood. Going with a cardboard cupcake stand does not mean you cannot reuse it, if you take good care in your storage of it. In fact, if it is decorated neutrally, you can often reuse it for just about any season, from displaying cupcakes at a party to petifores at a wedding.

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