Cupcakes: The Latest Food Fad

The past few years have been dominated by the cupcake. According to BBC News Magazine, cupcake sales increased by 22% in 2009 and cupcake was the fastest rising recipe search on Google. It is part of a bigger trend; home baking product sales went up by 20% from 2003-2007. A sociologist from City University London thinks the world is yearning for a combination of the contemporary and the nostalgic. Some people believe there is an overall trend reminiscent of 1950s domesticity. People are picking up knitting, sewing, baking, and gardening. 

Without a doubt, the world is obsessed with cupcakes right now. There are cupcake shops, cupcake websites, and cupcake tv shows. People are even getting cupcake tattoos! Maybe they're popular simply because they are little, they are colorful, and they are just plain adorable!


Cupcakes on Television

DC Cupcakes

On TLC's DC Cupcakes sisters Katherine and Sophie run their cupcake shop, Georgetown Cupcakes, together. The shop was voted "Best Bakery" of Washington, DC and their cupcakes have won numerous awards. The sisters and their staff bake 5,000 cupcakes each day.

Cupcake Wars

Food Network is all about the culinary competitions. But Cupcake Wars is their tastiest yet. On each episode, four of the best cupcake bakers compete in three elimination challenges until one baker remains. The winner gets $10,000 and the chance to showcase their sweet masterpieces at a special event. 


Cupcake Tattoos!

Food tattoos in general are becoming pretty popular, but cupcake tats are some of the cutest. Ice cream cones, candy, popsicles, and strawberries are pretty cute too. Check out the links below to browse some other scrumptious body art. These photos kind of make we want one!

Cupcake print by Sandra Juto
Cupcake print by Sandra Juto | Source

Cupcake Art

If you search "cupcake art", tons of websites show up. From posters to hand painted canvases, cupcakes are making their mark on the art world. Etsy, a website where artists and crafters can sell their homemade wares, is chocked full of cupcake art pieces. I would love to decorate my kitchen in cupcake everything.

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