Cupuassu Fruit Wiki and Health Benefits

Cupuassu is a South American native tree which belongs to the family of cocoa. You can find lot of long cupuassu trees all over the forests of Amazon, in Brazil, Argentina and some other North American countries. What’s more special in it is, a cupuassu fruit has its own unique aroma in pulp. Like cocoa, these cupuassu fruits too are widely used in food items like jams, ice creams and pie fillings. Besides, there are many nutritional and medicinal values in this fruit which are making it very popular these days. But the availability of these fruits is not as vast as one can expect, as cupuassu trees are not cultivated but are grown in forests more in number.

This cupuassu fruit is an almond shaped super fruit which has grayish color and harder outer surface. It is pulpy, has a sweeter taste and a stunning aroma in its pulp. Along with unique fragrance and taste, it does have some exceptional nutrients. So let me list down all the uses and benefits of cupuassu.

  • Active substances in cupuassu pulp help controlling blood pressures.
  • Cupuassu fruits contain theograndins which are excellent antioxidants.
  • Cupuassu works as anti aging and anti wrinkle agent, thus giving a younger looking skin.
  • It is extremely good for health of heart and its valves.
  • Cupuassu helps improving resistance to some big diseases like cancer.
  • It increases memory power and mental health.
  • Cupuassu fruits help minimizing bad cholesterol from the body.
  • Some researchers claim that, consumption of cupuassu helps increasing libido in adults.
  • These fruits are one of the best sources of food available to improve immune system naturally.
  • This fruit on longer consumption increases muscle strength and body stamina.
  • Cupuassu mostly is used in jams, jellies, juices and confectionery.

These cupuassu trees don’t fruit throughout the year. Only in the months of January and February we can see cupuassu fruits that too in the forests around North and South America. So you don’t find it generally on shops along with the other super fruits. And also because of commercialization of cupuassu fruit for various food products, the chances even goes low to get it in an affordable price. Best way to buy cupuassu is finding a seller online who sells cupuassu extract or juice. The bottled cupuassu juice is freely available from online shops which cost roughly around 40US$. Well, if you want to buy some raw cupuassu fruits, it might be a tough job especially if you are far away from American continent.

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Ted 4 years ago

I have a cupuassu tree that dropped a fruit today. How much is the fruit worth? I will probably eat this one - I seem to get about one or two fruits annually between December and May.

Also, is there an easy to follow way for someone to make cupuassu chocolate? I know a friend who was making chocolate from cacao but it was gritty. I'd like to know the best way to avoid that, too, if it could be a problem.

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