Dad Cook Good Recipes for Dinner: Easy Crock Pot Salsa Chicken (slow cooker) Recipe

When I Say Easy, I mean Easy!

One thing for certain is if you are parents in a household who both work outside the home, there isn’t a lot of time to prepare a meal once the dust has settled in the homestead. We get up in the morning, prepare our children for school, drive them there, drop them off, have our 3 goodbye hugs (toddlers), and make our way to work where we spend the next 8 hours of our day focused on anything but what’s for dinner. I, as many men, am not well schooled in the area of cooking, and on top of that, have a very picky palette (I hate vegetables of almost all sorts). Below is an easy Crock Pot recipe that can be started in the morning and served in the evening in a variety of different fashions sure to appease even the most discerning toddler’s taste buds:

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2 Ingredient Salsa Chicken

Base Ingredients:

Boneless Chicken Breast: Amount based on family size (assume one small breast per person)

Salsa: Hot, Medium, or Mild based on your family’s heat tolerance levels in a quantity enough to fully engulf the chicken in your crock pot.


1. Simply put the above mentioned ingredients into your crock pot making sure the chicken is fully immersed in salsa.

2. Set the crock pot to 4 or 8 hours depending on when you need the meal and head on out the door!

The Results

When you arrive home you will be greeted by the wonderful aroma of chicken and salsa, and be pleasantly surprised by the tenderness and flavor of your final result. The best part is that it can be served in a variety of easy ways like:

- Filling for a salsa chicken quesadilla that any Mexican restaurant would envy

- The main ingredient in a salsa chicken omlet that can be eaten any time of day

- Simply served on a plate with a side of Spanish rice, refried beans along with sour cream and salsa

- In any taco, burrito, or enchilada variety

Don’t forget to use the excess salsa from the crock pot for a zesty sauce to serve with your Mexican chicken dinner!

Good luck and I hope you surprise your wife and kids with your simple yet tasteful recipe for parents on the go!

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duffsmom profile image

duffsmom 5 years ago from Pacific Northwest, USA

Fantastic and just up my alley - two ingredients. Can't wait to try it. For a side, you can mash an avocado and add salsa or Pace picante sauce to it and it make a great 2 ingredient guacamole! Thanks for the great recipe.

Peter Leeper profile image

Peter Leeper 5 years ago from Londonderry, New Hampshire Author

thanks duffsmom. It really is pretty good considering how easy it is to make!

alissaroberts profile image

alissaroberts 5 years ago from Normandy, TN

I love easy recipes. My son just recently discovered a love for salsa so I will have to try this one out soon! Thanks for sharing!

Keri Summers profile image

Keri Summers 4 years ago from West of England

I think you should write a "Dad Cook" book if you haven't already! Crock Pots are great.

duffsmom profile image

duffsmom 4 years ago from Pacific Northwest, USA

Tried this - and it was awesome.

Mellypogg profile image

Mellypogg 4 years ago from Bellingham

Sounds amazing and with my limited diet, it's something I can actually eat! I think I just found tomorrows dinner

stanleyreese profile image

stanleyreese 4 years ago from Alabama

This sounds good. I think I'll try it next week! I have several good chicken recipes in my book, "Relax Dad, It's Just The Kitchen".

Peter Leeper profile image

Peter Leeper 4 years ago from Londonderry, New Hampshire Author

Thanks Stanley! Do you have a link to the book?

stanleyreese profile image

stanleyreese 4 years ago from Alabama

Sure, it's

The book is also in the Amazon books listed above in your hub!

Peter Leeper profile image

Peter Leeper 4 years ago from Londonderry, New Hampshire Author

Wow, crazy! I noticed that right after you mentioned it! Have i met celebrity? :)

stanleyreese profile image

stanleyreese 4 years ago from Alabama

No, not quite. Just another Dad who loves his kids and coking.

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